Extreme Kellie Update

Extreme Kellie: Roller Derby Girls!


These are the toughest girls I've ever met... but they're also a ton a fun! 

I got to hang out with the Rocky Mountain Roller Girls as part of my "Extreme Kellie" series.  I put a message out on Facebook asking for ideas, and a TON of you requested I do this... I thought I was going to break my leg (or my face!) but I survived... and I had a great time!

There are two roller derby teams here in Denver: The Rocky Mountain Roller Girls and Denver Roller Dolls.  Both are extremely talented... both kick some serious tail and have placed nationally, year after year.  Let me tell you, it takes experience, strength, guts, and attitude to pull this off and I'm so glad they let me into their inner circle, even if for only a few hours.

The Roller Girls practice out near the Coliseum in a warehouse, on a big track.  They practice on a flat, plastic surface... and let me tell you, it's extremely hard when you fall on it, it doesn't matter how many pads you're wearing!

They tried to teach me the moves... how to get the jammer to the front of the pack (without getting all bruised up!)  Trying to play both offense and defense.. and trying to just stay up on eight wheels... it was ridiculous!  I have a whole new respect for these girls.  

I still think the best part was getting my new Roller Girl name!  You'll have to watch on Thursday night at 7pm to find out what it is!

If you want to meet the players yourself, check out their bios on their website, or get to their next bout on Saturday, December 5th against Detroit Derby Girls

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