The Many Benefits of Sports Drinks – Why Sports Drinks Outweigh Water

You may be confused about whether you should be choosing sports drinks or plain water to replace your lost fluids while exercising. If you’re wondering about which to choose you’re certainly not alone. There are all sorts of companies that offer sports drinks and it’s up to you to figure out which is best. So let's start with asking and answering some of the most asked questions: What is a sports drink? What are its benefits? How do I choose the right Sports drink? Well in brief, sports drinks are a combination of water, electrolytes (which are sodium and potassium) and carbohydrates. Sports drinks not only help by maintaining your stamina during intense exercise sessions, but they also offer the required fluids that an active person needs.

To get the right amount of fluids by working out, this is achieved by providing a small amount of carbohydrates to your working muscles. Sports drinks essentially allow your body to absorb the right amount of fluids in your small intestine due to the great amount of sodium and glucose content in them. Therefore, sport drinks are definitely recommended to drink during any rigorous physical activity session. Nonetheless, if you are not exercising for at least one hour a day then there is no need to consume sports drinks and water would be the best fluid of choice for you.

Benefits of Sports Drinks

·Replacing the necessary fluids that are lost: Sports drinks help in replacing fluids, which are lost due to sweating and working out. The main ingredients of sports drink is water, so it works quickly in an effective way.

·Rich in Carbohydrates: Keeping the carbohydrate content in your body at the optimum level is important, especially when you are exercising. Ingesting a good amount of carbohydrates maximizes the overall performance, especially if you compare your performance level to plain water. The entire body is packed with fuel to operate at its maximum levels, especially if the carbohydrates in you body are at its best.

·Protein content: The majority of sports drinks have a high volume of protein, which is not available in water. Carbohydrates and protein work best when put them to work together, since together they will considerably boost the performance of any person while they exercise.

·Electrolytes: This is the element that aids your body in immediate absorption of fluids into the blood. Thus, it helps keep your body fully hydrated.

·Potassium: This works the same way as electrolytes do, by increasing the fluid absorption in the body.

·Sugar-free: Most of the sports drinks available may be rich in sugar but there are a few that are sugar-free. A sugar-free sports drink is ideal for calorie conscious people who do not want to add additional calories to their body or are diabetic.

·Conveniently digestible: Sports drinks are easy to digest in comparison to many kinds of food. Drinking fluids that are rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, potassium, electrolytes and carbohydrates are easily digested by the body. What’s more, your performance will increase at a very fast pace while exercising.

How Do You Pick the Best Sports Drink?

This is a frequently asked questioned by many people who find it difficult to choose the appropriate sports drink, especially since there is a lot of brand names to select from. Choosing a sports drink that is around 50-80 calories and 5-8 % carbohydrates combined with 120-170 mg sodium would be a wise choice. If you’re still in doubt about sports drinks, do your research and remember that the majority of them replace a good amount of water loss in your body while also refueling your body as well. Sports drinks in general are great because they help your body during an intense workout. Plus, they also taste good and make working out all the more achievable.

Sierra is a freelance writer who enjoys working out. In addition to drinking sports drinks during her workouts, she also takes her vitamins regularly from a site called Nature’s Best.

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