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  • Chia Seeds Side Effects

    chia seeds


    Chia seeds are not just for making clay pots look like green-haired replicas of dogs, cows and SpongeBob.  Chia seeds are an amazing source of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. In fact, chia seeds have been cultivated for centuries, used to treat illnesses and medical conditions around the world. Let’s dispel some of the mystery behind these super-seeds.

    Chia seeds contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which are known to naturally reduce blood pressure. If you have high blood pressure or are currently taking a medication to lower your blood pressure, see your doctor before adding chia seeds to your diet. He may recommend you consume smaller portions or you may be able to substitute the chia for one of your medications, allowing you to lower your blood pressure in a more healthy and natural way.

    Very few studies have shown to cause negative side effects as a result of the consumption of chia seeds. Some research has linked chia consumption to excess gas, loose stools and cramping in the digestive system, but these side effects were likely caused by the dramatic increase in the level of fiber being consumed. This initial discomfort can result from increasing your fiber intake from any source. Because chia seeds are very high in fiber you should consider starting with smaller servings and building up to a full serving to avoid shocking your system.

    To get the best from your chia seeds, buy certified organic 100% pure seeds. You can reap amazing health benefits from these tiny seeds. Thanks to the high dietary fiber and omega-3s, as well as many other healthful nutrients, chia seeds are used to treat conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, and to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Chia seeds also contain high levels of omega-6, which your body cannot make on its own. This helps with cell growth, regulation of certain body processes, and contributes to great skin, hair and nails. You’ll also find that chia seeds improve muscle function and increase strength and endurance.

    Another amazing attribute of these tiny seeds is their capacity to absorb ten times their weight in liquid, which means you get lots of nutrients in a small package. The low calorie package then expands, making you feel full and requiring less to fill you up. If you haven’t tried chia seeds before, eat a small portion then wait for a few minutes to see if you are full.

    Thanks to its ability to improve endurance and stamina, chia is a great replacement alternative for athletes or other hard working people.  At Vitalyte, we offer a delicious chia gel which provides all of the benefits of chia seeds in a highly potent form. Try our Chia Surge High Endurance Performance Gel today, and see what you have been missing.

  • The Dangers of DMAA


    This recent segment on Rock Center with Brian Williams explored the possibility that DMAA, a so called natural stimulant derived from geraniums and used in the pre-workout product Jackd3d, was to blame for the young soldier’s death. The FDA warns that DMAA is not safe and has sent repeated letters to food manufacturers requesting that they reformulate their products or pull them from the shelves. The FDA says this about DMAA:

    The ingredient, DMAA, is most commonly used in supplements promising weight loss, muscle building and performance enhancement; it can elevate blood pressure and could lead to cardiovascular problems, including heart attack, shortness of breath and tightening of the chest. Given the known biological activity of DMAA, the ingredient may be particularly dangerous when used with caffeine.

    In addition, the FDA has received reports of 86 deaths or illnesses associated with the consumption of products containing DMAA. Due largely in part to the reports surrounding DMAA, none of this comes as breaking news for most people who purchase supplements. What is most disturbing to me in the beginning was the general lack of concern that consumers and retailers had about products containing DMAA. Shortly after watching the segment I was interrupted by a phone call from one of Vitalyte’s professional tennis players asking me to rush ship him a box of Vitalyte products for an upcoming tournament.

    “I can’t make it through a tournament without your stuff,” the player said. Then it hit me. Athletes are creatures of habit and they love results. In spite of all the warnings, an athlete will continue to take something if they feel it gives them a leg up in competition. Why else would someone take steroids?

    Day in and day out the Vitalyte team works relentlessly to bring safe and effective products to the marketplace. By bringing together some of the best scientific minds in the business, by tirelessly researching all aspects of new product development, by being diligent in seeking out the best functional raw ingredients, we have successfully launched some of the greatest sports and lifestyle nutrition products in the market.

    So in an effort to encourage athletes of all levels to stay away from DMAA and tri a product that with similar results without the risk, I am offering 25% off all Tri-Phase Stick Packs. USE CODE TRI25 for 25% off all Tri Phase products through May 16, 2013.

  • Are Chia Seeds a Superfood?

    chia-energy-gelCenturies ago, chia seeds were a staple of Mayan and Aztec diets. Other cultures all over the world also noticed the many benefits and added chia seeds to their regimens. Chia seeds were prohibited from being farmed after the Spanish conquest of Latin America, so the presence of the chia in the Americas became scarce. Today, doctors and nutritionists seeking out ways to provide American diets with the health benefits and nutrients that are lacking have rediscovered this amazing seed.

    So are chia seeds a superfood? Chia seeds are considered a superfood because of the highly concentrated levels of powerful nutrients that are packed into such a small package. First, the low calorie chia seed can absorb up to ten times its weight in liquid. So as you consume small amounts of chia seeds, they expand in your stomach, allowing you to feel fuller.

    Packed into these small seeds are high levels of omega-3 fatty acids and dietary fiber. Higher levels per serving even than the amount you’ll find in salmon or a bran muffin, respectively. The complex carbohydrate provides increased energy and releases the needed nutrients over an extended period of time to keep you feeling awake and alert. Their nutrients also improve muscle function and increase stamina and endurance, making the chia seed the perfect addition to sports drinks, energy bars and other health and nutrition focused products.

    Chia seeds have been known to provide powerful nutrients to help lower blood pressure, improve conditions such as diabetes, and reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. They contain omega-6, which helps with cell growth and the regulation of some body processes. Omega-6s are important because your body cannot make this important nutrient on its own. In addition to fiber and omega fatty acids, you will also benefit from the calcium, protein and antioxidants served up in a portion of chia seeds.

    Chia seeds do not have to be ground up, chopped, cooked, or altered in any way for you to derive the benefits. However you prefer to consume this amazing superfood, you will reap the nutritional rewards.

    There have been no known allergies directly caused by chia seeds, but some similar symptoms have presented themselves in people who have an allergy to mustard seed. Talk to your doctor first if you wish to add them to your regimen.

    Thanks to its ability to improve endurance and stamina, chia is a great replacement alternative for athletes or other hard working people.  So whether you are working out or just working, Visit Vitalyte today and try Chia Surge High Endurance Performance Gel. Available in raspberry and orange-pineapple, these single-serving energy gels will give you the natural fuel you need to improve your performance in the office or on the court.

  • The Best Sources of Electrolytes, From Vegetables to Vitalyte

    replenish electrolytes easily


    Do you ever feel sluggish in the hours after a rigorous workout, or after a night out on the town? If so, there may be more than exhaustion, dehydration, or a hangover to blame. You may also suffer from an electrolyte imbalance—something you can’t cure by resting or gulping gimmicky sports drinks. This may sound like your mother speaking, but to cure an electrolyte imbalance, you need to take in the right nutrients. Vitalyte’s Electrolyte Replacement Formula has everything you need.

    Great Sources of Electrolytes

    Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals that are found in blood and other body fluids. When you sweat or excrete fluid in other ways, your electrolyte levels decrease. To replenish them, it’s best to ingest foods and liquids that contain a high level of magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium and other electrolytes, such as:

    Spinach – Leafy green vegetables such as spinach, lettuce and kale are great sources of magnesium. They’re also low calorie, so you can eat them in large quantities without fretting about your waistline. If you’re low on magnesium, the vegetable section of your local grocer should be your next destination.

    Peanut Butter – Part of peanut butter’s great taste comes from sodium. The salt it contains enhances the mellow flavor of the butter. But the sodium benefits more than your taste buds. By increasing fluid retention, it helps you recover from strenuous workouts, or lazy sauna sessions where you sweat a river.

    Trail Mix – Trail mix that contains dried bananas and raisins is packed with the electrolyte potassium. Because trail mix tends to be naturally sugary, try to stick with the recommended serving size; and avoid mixes that contain fattening ingredients like candied pineapple, M&Ms and yogurt-covered anything.

    Milk – The American diet is heavy on dairy products, so most of us needn’t worry about getting enough calcium. If dairy products agree with your digestive system, then have fun chowing down on a round of baked Brie or an aged slice of Roquefort. The French diet is heavy on dairy products, too.

    Vitalyte – Vitalyte electrolyte replacement drink is the ultimate solution for curing an electrolyte imbalance fast. Ideal for people who have food sensitivities, or who need a convenient solution for electrolyte replacement, Vitalyte contains delicious natural ingredients, and has less sugar than competing brands.

    Maintaining a Healthy Balance

    Health experts recommend maintaining an electrolyte-rich diet to keep your electrolyte levels high. But if you routinely perform strenuous exercise or engage in other strenuous activities, you may need an extra infusion of electrolytes to stay healthy. Vitalyte electrolyte replacement drink is a great solution.

    Vitalyte is also a great option for lactose intolerant individuals, who can’t get their supply of calcium from dairy products, and people with food allergies that prevent them from eating electrolyte rich fruits or vegetables. Regardless of why you need an electrolyte boost, delicious Vitalyte drink mix is a healthy way to get it. Try our delicious Electrolyte Replacement Formula today.

  • Electrolyte Imbalance Symptoms

    electrolyte-drinks-for-2013Remember the old V-8 commercials, where people who didn’t get their proper nutrition walked around on a slant, while everyone else stood up straight? Not getting your Vitamin C isn’t the only thing that can make you feel like those people looked. Receiving low doses of electrolytes can throw you off balance, too.

    The Importance of Electrolytes

    Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals that are found in blood and other body fluids. You probably know lots of them by name, such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and sodium. Responsible for important body processes such as water retention, muscle function, and the maintenance of blood acidity, electrolytes are excreted in sweat, and need to be replaced as they exit the body.

    This means that after you finish a hard work out, dance for hours on Friday night, or spend Saturday evening processing beer into bodily waste, you need to flood your blood with electrolytes. Otherwise, you could end up feeling sluggish, achy, dizzy, and nauseous – and that’s just the beginning. If an electrolyte imbalance becomes severe, a person can experience mental changes and a rapid heartbeat, and need to be hospitalized.

    That’s no way to leave the gym, much less a happening dance club.

    Maintaining a Healthy Balance

    Maintaining a healthy balance of electrolytes can be done in two ways: eating foods that are flush with the minerals, and ingesting a formula that provides a full burst of electrolytes when you need them most. Ideally, you should eat an electrolyte rich diet, and use special formulas like the ones available from Vitalyte when you need an extra infusion of electrolytes, which may be every day.

    Eating vegetables such as corn, carrots, green beans, fruits such as dark berries, and dairy products such as milk and cheese is a great way to keep your blood stocked with electrolytes. But you may need an extra boost of the minerals if you’re someone who regularly works, plays, or exercises in a way that makes you loose lots of fluid in a short period of time, such as a:

    · Construction worker

    · Long distance runner

    · Frequent club goer

    · Daily beach goer

    Even an activity like sitting in the sauna at your health club could make you a candidate for one of Vitalyte’s specially formulated electrolyte drinks.

    The Bottom Line

    Like many health problems, electrolyte imbalance begins as a minor malady, but can quickly become serious if you leave it unaddressed. Remember, if you participate in any work of leisure activity that makes you loose lots of fluids—even if it’s just sitting on your duff and sipping micro brews—you need to replenish your electrolyte count to avoid health complications that could spiral out of control.

    For most people, the easiest way to replace electrolytes is to mix up a serving of Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement Formula. With tasty flavors like Grape, Zesty Orange and Fruit Punch to choose from; and a list of ingredients that doesn’t begin with sugar, Vitalyte is a great supplement for the health conscious. Shop for Vitalyte today!

  • Chia Seeds Nutrition Facts

    chia seed gel


    Chia seeds have been harvested from the chia plant (a.k.a. salvia hispanica) for centuries. The Aztec culture considered them a major food source, and South Americans still use them in indigenous recipes. For North Americans, chia seeds are most familiar as an ingredient in popular health foods such as smoothies and granola bars. If you’ve ever ordered a healthy smoothie and found that it contained small, crunchy granules about the size of poppy seeds, there’s a good chance that you were chomping on seeds from a chia plant.

    Health Benefits

    According to scientists and holistic health practitioners, eating a daily serving of chia seeds has a bevy health benefits that you can’t get from just any food. While the seed isn’t a cure all, it does produce some amazing effects that help sustain your overall health, including:

    Blood Sugar Stabilization – The soluble fiber in chai seeds stabilizes blood glucose levels by slowing down the rate at which complex carbohydrates are digested and assimilated into the blood. This results in a feeling of sustained energy.

    Anti-Inflammatory Effect – Chia seeds have a high concentration of Omega-3 that produces an anti-inflammatory effect in the body. Omega-3 helps lubricate joints, and has a pain relieving effect for those with certain types of joint problems.

    Weight Loss Promotion – Unlike some health conditions, the presence of obesity is obvious. Chia seeds help slim one’s waistline by increasing metabolism and lean muscle mass.

    Antioxidant Effect – Antioxidants boost brain function and fight free radicals that may cause cancer. Chia seeds contain more antioxidants per mass than blueberries. If you want your diet to have a big time anti-oxidant effect, the seeds are what you need.

    These are just some of the benefits that come from consuming chia seeds or a chia rich product like Chia Surge Energy Gel from Vitalyte. If you don’t have much time to cook or make your own smoothies, taking chia nutrition in the form of Chia Surge is a great idea. In addition to containing chia nutrients, the gel also has Beta Alanine that reduces lactic acid and replenishes glycogen.

    Get Healthier Today

    Everyone wants to be healthier to live a longer life, but if you tried every health product that’s sold on store shelves, you’d be pushing up daisies before you sampled them all. How do you separate great products from mediocre ones, gimmicks from ones that are genuinely good for you?

    It helps to start by targeting products that offer what you need, and then gauge their effectiveness by reading customer reviews. If you need the waist slimming, joint soothing, braining enhancing effects of chia nutrition in a convenient product that gets rave reviews, Chia Surge from Vitalyte is a great choice in terms of taste, convenience, and all around nutrition. Shop today!

  • How Healthy Electrolyte Drinks Can Boost Your Performance

    healthy-electrolyte-drinksYou have probably heard a lot about so-called “electrolyte drinks,” but what exactly do they do? And more importantly, how can you separate the healthy electrolyte drinks from the less nutritional varieties? When it comes to electrolyte drinks, it’s very important to read labels and ensure that you know what you’re getting.

    What are Electrolyte Drinks Anyway?

    An electrolyte drink, or electrolyte replacement drink, is a beverage that allows you to replace the important nutrients lost through physical activity and sweating. If you want to get extremely technical about it, electrolytes are substances that give ions when dissolved in water, and are separated into acids, bases and salts. But all you really need to understand is that your body requires certain electrolytes, such as sodium, chlorine, calcium, potassium, phosphate and magnesium.

    Electrolyte drinks contain these important ingredients, and when you drink them during or after a period of physical activity, your body is better able to maintain healthy electrolyte levels. Since your body loses electrolytes—especially sodium and potassium—through sweat, this is extremely important.

    Why are Electrolytes So Important?

    Electrolytes help to regulate essential body functions like nerve reaction, heartbeat and muscle function. As your electrolytes are depleted, you become vulnerable to weakness, muscle spasms, convulsions and even nervous system disorders. That’s why it’s so important to maintain healthy electrolyte levels in order to boost your performance, stay at the top of your game and –most importantly—maintain your optimal health.

    How to Find Healthy Electrolyte Drinks

    As previously emphasized, not all electrolyte drinks are created equal. When comparing electrolyte drinks, the first thing to consider is the amount of sugar present. Some electrolyte drinks contain 20 grams of sugar or more. Look for low sugar varieties, and avoid drinks that are high in calories. In the long run, these refreshments will cause more harm than good.

    Additionally, look for electrolyte drinks that use natural ingredients. Avoid artificial ingredients and preservatives as much as possible, and always read labels carefully before making a purchase. The ingredients list should be dominated by real electrolytes, like sodium bicarbonate, calcium citrate and beta carotene, as well as natural flavors.

    Find the Best Healthy Electrolyte Drinks at Vitalyte

    If you would like to try a truly superior, specially-formulated healthy electrolyte drink today, check out our full line of products today. At Vitaltye, we take quality very seriously, and we go to great lengths to provide a truly superior class of sports energy drinks.

  • The Surf City Marathon: A Lesson.

    By Laura Conley

    The Surf City Half Marathon was a big lesson for me!  I learned to listen to my body and give it more than enough rest!!!  I had been sick the week prior to the race with the stomach flu and after drinking lots of Vitalyte to replace electrolytes and fluid lost I thought I was better. I knew that my digestive system was still not quite right, but I thought I could push through and be ok. Long story short - boy was I WRONG!!!  I started out the race very conservatively and then picked up the pace as the miles flew by.  Around mile 6-7 though, my stomach decided that enough was enough!  I started cramping and having to make frequent bathroom visits.  I think the running really churned things up in my gut all over again.  I was so disappointed that I couldn't keep running strong, but I never quit.  I just kept jogging/walking/bathroom visiting until I reached the finish line.  By some miracle I finished in about 1:30ish!  Still, I will always remember that race because it was a reminder that I am human and I should listen to the my body when it needs to rest.  I can't wait to come back next year nice and healthy to race a new Personal Record!!! :)

  • The Best Electrolyte Replacement Products for 2013

    electrolyte-drinks-for-2013The New Year is upon us, and there is no better time to get serious about improving your health. There are plenty of great ways to stay in shape, whether you’re a sports enthusiast, bicycle lover or marathon fanatic. The key is to just get out there and be active every single day, and while you’re sweating away those calories, you’re going to need a truly superior electrolyte drink to keep you going.

    But not all electrolyte replacement products are the same. Some are loaded with sugar and artificial flavors, and will only provide you with temporary relief before the sudden crash hits. That’s why it’s so important to read labels and choose carefully. At Vitalyte, we continuously dedicate ourselves to improving and perfecting the electrolyte replacement formula, and we believe strongly that electrolyte replacement products should conform to a higher standard.

    Take, for instance, our Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement Solution. Available in five delicious flavors, our electrolyte replacement kilo jars are loaded with essential electrolytes like potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and chloride. Our electrolyte drinks also contain healthy vitamins and minerals, and are low in sugar.

    These products will help you to restore the electrolytes lost through sweat while you engage in rigorous activities, thus ensuring that you remain at peak performance and avoid common injuries associated with physical exertion. But healthy electrolyte drinks aren’t just ideal for use during periods of physical activity. Electrolyte replenishment is also highly recommended when you’re struggling with illness or battling a hangover. And Vitalyte kilo jars are always delicious and low in calories.

    If you still aren’t sure, consider the value. A single jar of our Fruit Punch, Natural Lemonade or Cool Citrus can make up to 5 gallons of liquid. Just add water, stir and go. A 20-ounce bottle of sugary Gatorade can run you more than $2.00, but you can enjoy a full 5 gallons of our flavorsome electrolyte drink for only $16.99. The value is unbeatable, and you may quickly find yourself hooked. If you would like to sample our products before making a large purchase, check out our Stick Packs and find your ultimate flavor.

    Vitalyte is revolutionizing the world of sports drinks, and if you’re looking for the best electrolyte replacement products for 2013, you have come to the right place. The New Year promises great things, and Vitalyte has just the replenishment you need to complement your active lifestyle. Shop today.

  • How to Find Drinks with Electrolytes Online

    electrolyte-drinks-onlineIf you’re less than satisfied with the so-called electrolyte drinks that line supermarket and convenience store shelves, you aren’t alone. In our increasingly health-conscious society, more and more people are growing wise to the fact that many of these sports drinks are nothing more than sugary fruit juices, loaded with artificial flavors and devoid of essential nutrients.

    Perhaps your disenfranchisement with common commercial sports drinks has led you to search the Internet for something more substantial. At Vitalyte, we understand, and we have gone to great lengths to create superior electrolyte drinks for that very reason.

    The Rundown on Electrolytes

    Any electrolyte drink will provide you with certain nutrients. Electrolytes are just ionized solutions like phosphate, calcium, bicarbonate, potassium, chloride and sodium, which your body needs in order to function properly. During periods of rigorous activity, your body loses electrolytes and fluids through sweat, and must then recover those lost nutrients. An electrolyte deficiency can be dangerous, and electrolyte drinks allow you to restore the electrolytes lost.

    What’s Wrong with Supermarket Sports Drinks Anyway?

    Popular commercial sports drinks do contain important electrolytes, but they also contain a lot of ingredients that you don’t need, such as excess sugar and artificial ingredients. They’re not all bad, but you need to read the labels carefully before buying. If you can’t pronounce—let alone understand—the ingredients, keep shopping. Also notice the amount of sugar and calories. For best results, stick with drinks that contain 10 grams of sugar or less, and under 50 calories. Empty calories and excess sugars will ultimately do you more harm than good.

    Find Drinks with Electrolytes Online

    One of the great things about the Internet is that it enables you to look far beyond your local supermarket shelves and compare superior products. Vitalyte is emerging as a 21st century leader in sports drinks, because our products are specially formulated to give you the maximum benefit without any needless filler. Our electrolyte replacement solutions are loaded with healthy vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients, and best of all, they taste delicious!

    Shop Today

    If you’d like to try one of our irresistible electrolyte replacement solutions today, check out our full line of products:

    But we don’t just sell online. You can also click here to find a handy list of local retailers in your area. Get the best from Vitalyte, and give your best athletic performance every time!

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