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  • Chia Seeds Nutrition Facts

    chia seed gel


    Chia seeds have been harvested from the chia plant (a.k.a. salvia hispanica) for centuries. The Aztec culture considered them a major food source, and South Americans still use them in indigenous recipes. For North Americans, chia seeds are most familiar as an ingredient in popular health foods such as smoothies and granola bars. If you’ve ever ordered a healthy smoothie and found that it contained small, crunchy granules about the size of poppy seeds, there’s a good chance that you were chomping on seeds from a chia plant.

    Health Benefits

    According to scientists and holistic health practitioners, eating a daily serving of chia seeds has a bevy health benefits that you can’t get from just any food. While the seed isn’t a cure all, it does produce some amazing effects that help sustain your overall health, including:

    Blood Sugar Stabilization – The soluble fiber in chai seeds stabilizes blood glucose levels by slowing down the rate at which complex carbohydrates are digested and assimilated into the blood. This results in a feeling of sustained energy.

    Anti-Inflammatory Effect – Chia seeds have a high concentration of Omega-3 that produces an anti-inflammatory effect in the body. Omega-3 helps lubricate joints, and has a pain relieving effect for those with certain types of joint problems.

    Weight Loss Promotion – Unlike some health conditions, the presence of obesity is obvious. Chia seeds help slim one’s waistline by increasing metabolism and lean muscle mass.

    Antioxidant Effect – Antioxidants boost brain function and fight free radicals that may cause cancer. Chia seeds contain more antioxidants per mass than blueberries. If you want your diet to have a big time anti-oxidant effect, the seeds are what you need.

    These are just some of the benefits that come from consuming chia seeds or a chia rich product like Chia Surge Energy Gel from Vitalyte. If you don’t have much time to cook or make your own smoothies, taking chia nutrition in the form of Chia Surge is a great idea. In addition to containing chia nutrients, the gel also has Beta Alanine that reduces lactic acid and replenishes glycogen.

    Get Healthier Today

    Everyone wants to be healthier to live a longer life, but if you tried every health product that’s sold on store shelves, you’d be pushing up daisies before you sampled them all. How do you separate great products from mediocre ones, gimmicks from ones that are genuinely good for you?

    It helps to start by targeting products that offer what you need, and then gauge their effectiveness by reading customer reviews. If you need the waist slimming, joint soothing, braining enhancing effects of chia nutrition in a convenient product that gets rave reviews, Chia Surge from Vitalyte is a great choice in terms of taste, convenience, and all around nutrition. Shop today!

  • How Healthy Electrolyte Drinks Can Boost Your Performance

    healthy-electrolyte-drinksYou have probably heard a lot about so-called “electrolyte drinks,” but what exactly do they do? And more importantly, how can you separate the healthy electrolyte drinks from the less nutritional varieties? When it comes to electrolyte drinks, it’s very important to read labels and ensure that you know what you’re getting.

    What are Electrolyte Drinks Anyway?

    An electrolyte drink, or electrolyte replacement drink, is a beverage that allows you to replace the important nutrients lost through physical activity and sweating. If you want to get extremely technical about it, electrolytes are substances that give ions when dissolved in water, and are separated into acids, bases and salts. But all you really need to understand is that your body requires certain electrolytes, such as sodium, chlorine, calcium, potassium, phosphate and magnesium.

    Electrolyte drinks contain these important ingredients, and when you drink them during or after a period of physical activity, your body is better able to maintain healthy electrolyte levels. Since your body loses electrolytes—especially sodium and potassium—through sweat, this is extremely important.

    Why are Electrolytes So Important?

    Electrolytes help to regulate essential body functions like nerve reaction, heartbeat and muscle function. As your electrolytes are depleted, you become vulnerable to weakness, muscle spasms, convulsions and even nervous system disorders. That’s why it’s so important to maintain healthy electrolyte levels in order to boost your performance, stay at the top of your game and –most importantly—maintain your optimal health.

    How to Find Healthy Electrolyte Drinks

    As previously emphasized, not all electrolyte drinks are created equal. When comparing electrolyte drinks, the first thing to consider is the amount of sugar present. Some electrolyte drinks contain 20 grams of sugar or more. Look for low sugar varieties, and avoid drinks that are high in calories. In the long run, these refreshments will cause more harm than good.

    Additionally, look for electrolyte drinks that use natural ingredients. Avoid artificial ingredients and preservatives as much as possible, and always read labels carefully before making a purchase. The ingredients list should be dominated by real electrolytes, like sodium bicarbonate, calcium citrate and beta carotene, as well as natural flavors.

    Find the Best Healthy Electrolyte Drinks at Vitalyte

    If you would like to try a truly superior, specially-formulated healthy electrolyte drink today, check out our full line of products today. At Vitaltye, we take quality very seriously, and we go to great lengths to provide a truly superior class of sports energy drinks.

  • The Surf City Marathon: A Lesson.

    By Laura Conley

    The Surf City Half Marathon was a big lesson for me!  I learned to listen to my body and give it more than enough rest!!!  I had been sick the week prior to the race with the stomach flu and after drinking lots of Vitalyte to replace electrolytes and fluid lost I thought I was better. I knew that my digestive system was still not quite right, but I thought I could push through and be ok. Long story short - boy was I WRONG!!!  I started out the race very conservatively and then picked up the pace as the miles flew by.  Around mile 6-7 though, my stomach decided that enough was enough!  I started cramping and having to make frequent bathroom visits.  I think the running really churned things up in my gut all over again.  I was so disappointed that I couldn't keep running strong, but I never quit.  I just kept jogging/walking/bathroom visiting until I reached the finish line.  By some miracle I finished in about 1:30ish!  Still, I will always remember that race because it was a reminder that I am human and I should listen to the my body when it needs to rest.  I can't wait to come back next year nice and healthy to race a new Personal Record!!! :)

  • The Best Electrolyte Replacement Products for 2013

    electrolyte-drinks-for-2013The New Year is upon us, and there is no better time to get serious about improving your health. There are plenty of great ways to stay in shape, whether you’re a sports enthusiast, bicycle lover or marathon fanatic. The key is to just get out there and be active every single day, and while you’re sweating away those calories, you’re going to need a truly superior electrolyte drink to keep you going.

    But not all electrolyte replacement products are the same. Some are loaded with sugar and artificial flavors, and will only provide you with temporary relief before the sudden crash hits. That’s why it’s so important to read labels and choose carefully. At Vitalyte, we continuously dedicate ourselves to improving and perfecting the electrolyte replacement formula, and we believe strongly that electrolyte replacement products should conform to a higher standard.

    Take, for instance, our Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement Solution. Available in five delicious flavors, our electrolyte replacement kilo jars are loaded with essential electrolytes like potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and chloride. Our electrolyte drinks also contain healthy vitamins and minerals, and are low in sugar.

    These products will help you to restore the electrolytes lost through sweat while you engage in rigorous activities, thus ensuring that you remain at peak performance and avoid common injuries associated with physical exertion. But healthy electrolyte drinks aren’t just ideal for use during periods of physical activity. Electrolyte replenishment is also highly recommended when you’re struggling with illness or battling a hangover. And Vitalyte kilo jars are always delicious and low in calories.

    If you still aren’t sure, consider the value. A single jar of our Fruit Punch, Natural Lemonade or Cool Citrus can make up to 5 gallons of liquid. Just add water, stir and go. A 20-ounce bottle of sugary Gatorade can run you more than $2.00, but you can enjoy a full 5 gallons of our flavorsome electrolyte drink for only $16.99. The value is unbeatable, and you may quickly find yourself hooked. If you would like to sample our products before making a large purchase, check out our Stick Packs and find your ultimate flavor.

    Vitalyte is revolutionizing the world of sports drinks, and if you’re looking for the best electrolyte replacement products for 2013, you have come to the right place. The New Year promises great things, and Vitalyte has just the replenishment you need to complement your active lifestyle. Shop today.

  • How to Find Drinks with Electrolytes Online

    electrolyte-drinks-onlineIf you’re less than satisfied with the so-called electrolyte drinks that line supermarket and convenience store shelves, you aren’t alone. In our increasingly health-conscious society, more and more people are growing wise to the fact that many of these sports drinks are nothing more than sugary fruit juices, loaded with artificial flavors and devoid of essential nutrients.

    Perhaps your disenfranchisement with common commercial sports drinks has led you to search the Internet for something more substantial. At Vitalyte, we understand, and we have gone to great lengths to create superior electrolyte drinks for that very reason.

    The Rundown on Electrolytes

    Any electrolyte drink will provide you with certain nutrients. Electrolytes are just ionized solutions like phosphate, calcium, bicarbonate, potassium, chloride and sodium, which your body needs in order to function properly. During periods of rigorous activity, your body loses electrolytes and fluids through sweat, and must then recover those lost nutrients. An electrolyte deficiency can be dangerous, and electrolyte drinks allow you to restore the electrolytes lost.

    What’s Wrong with Supermarket Sports Drinks Anyway?

    Popular commercial sports drinks do contain important electrolytes, but they also contain a lot of ingredients that you don’t need, such as excess sugar and artificial ingredients. They’re not all bad, but you need to read the labels carefully before buying. If you can’t pronounce—let alone understand—the ingredients, keep shopping. Also notice the amount of sugar and calories. For best results, stick with drinks that contain 10 grams of sugar or less, and under 50 calories. Empty calories and excess sugars will ultimately do you more harm than good.

    Find Drinks with Electrolytes Online

    One of the great things about the Internet is that it enables you to look far beyond your local supermarket shelves and compare superior products. Vitalyte is emerging as a 21st century leader in sports drinks, because our products are specially formulated to give you the maximum benefit without any needless filler. Our electrolyte replacement solutions are loaded with healthy vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients, and best of all, they taste delicious!

    Shop Today

    If you’d like to try one of our irresistible electrolyte replacement solutions today, check out our full line of products:

    But we don’t just sell online. You can also click here to find a handy list of local retailers in your area. Get the best from Vitalyte, and give your best athletic performance every time!

  • Surf City Recap

    Good Evening Ladies and Gents.

    The Surft City Marathon Expo just came to a close here in Huntington Beach, CA where thousands of runners will gather tomorrow morning to run either a half or full marathon. We will be the official on course beverage, as we have for the last few years now but this year, we were proud to introduce 2 new products into the Vitalyte family.

    You may have heard us mention Chia Essentials, the original Chia bar and our break into the bar market. This awesome, all natural bar weighs in at 180 calories and comes in chocolate peanut butter and blueberry vanilla (more flavors to come). The bars were a huge hit today as we sampled and educated runners and friends alike about the amazing health benefits of chia... and a few chia pet jokes.

    Next up on the announcement lineup is... wait for it.... a brand new flavor of Tri Phase Endurance: Mandarin Orange. This revolutionary pre work out product fuels your body in ways you've never experienced and we're thrilled to add this refreshing new flavor to our lifestyle nutrition line.

    We'd like to wish all competitors the best of luck tomorrow, including our Brand Ambassador Laura Conley. We'll let you know how she does as soon as the results are in. Thanks to everyone who stopped by today and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow during the race!

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  • How to Replenish Electrolytes Easily

    replenish electrolytes easily

    Electrolyte replacement is essential not only for athletes, but for anyone who likes to break a sweat. After all, a water-electrolyte imbalance can lead to low blood pressure, muscle weakness, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, cramping, confusion, excessive thirst and abnormal heart function. A deficiency of certain electrolytes, like calcium, can even contribute to seizures in some people. As you can see, maintaining electrolyte balance is more than just a good idea.

    But what are electrolytes anyway? To put it in the simplest terms possible, electrolytes are minerals in your blood that conduct important electrical impulses. Some of the most common electrolytes include potassium, calcium, phosphate, magnesium, chloride and sodium. Without these minerals, your body cannot hope to function normally, but you lose electrolytes when you sweat. That’s why you commonly see athletes drinking sports drinks during and after an event.

    Sports drinks provide the simplest means of replenishing electrolytes quickly and effectively. Liquids absorb the essential nutrients into your body with much greater expediency than solid foods, and are easy to consume. Best of all, sports drinks usually contain delicious fruit flavors, which makes them as appealing as they are beneficial.

    But there is one important caveat that you should heed. Not all sports drinks are created equal, and just because a particular solution advertises itself as an electrolyte drink does not mean that it will promote optimal health. Before shopping, read labels and avoid electrolyte drinks that contain excess sugar and calories. Some electrolyte drinks actually contain 100 calories or more per serving, and that is never necessary. Look for drinks with natural ingredients, 10 grams of sugar or less, and plenty of the essential electrolytes like potassium, calcium and magnesium.

    Additionally, always keep your electrolyte drink handy when engaging in any sort of rigorous activity, including running, working out, playing sports or riding your bicycle. When you start to break a sweat, nourish yourself with your healthy, natural sports drink. It really is that simple to prevent electrolyte imbalance and remain at peak performance.

    If you’d like to replenish electrolytes easily using a beverage that’s both delicious and natural, check out Vitalyte’s Electrolyte Replacement Solutions. Our solutions are low in calories, low in sugar, and made from natural ingredients. Best of all, we have 5 delicious flavors to choose from, including our Zesty Orange, Cool Citrus and Fruit Punch. Try one today and enjoy the maximum electrolyte benefit.

  • Why Chia Seed Gel is Much More Than Just a Fad

    chia seed gel


    Perhaps you’ve heard about the hype surrounding chia seeds and chia seed gel, or perhaps you have become a fan yourself. Granted, there are a lot of nutritional “fads” out there. Remember olestra? And it wasn’t too long ago that every restaurant was advertising low carb options.

    So it’s natural to be skeptical whenever a new food or nutrient starts taking the marketplace by storm. But before you write off chia seed gel as just the latest dietary trend, consider just a few of the reasons why this amazing superfood is different, and then check out our delicious Chia Surge, the ultimate in chia gel nutrition.

    Historical Significance

    Chia seed gel isn’t some wild frankenfood that was whipped up in a lab. Chia seeds, even in their gel form, have been cultivated for about as long as civilizations have existed. The ancient Aztec and Maya civilizations consumed chia as a staple food more than 5,000 years ago, and would soak the seed in water to create the familiar gel. Chia gel requires no chemical processes or artificial cooking methods. The seeds are so highly absorbent that they require nothing more than water.

    Nutritional Value

    Let’s face it. Most nutritional fads are questionable at best. That’s why they don’t stand the test of time. Sooner or later, people get wise to the sometimes severe health ramifications. But there is no question about the nutritional value of chia seed gel. Chia seed gel is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. The gel also aids in digestion, and helps the body to more effectively metabolize carbohydrates, slowing their conversion into sugar. Chia seed gel can enhance your energy, mood, stamina and focus, and due to the ample amount of fiber, can even help you to manage your appetite.

    Universal Praise

    Diet fads and nutrition fads are always controversial, because where some medical professionals see value, others see immense danger. But leading medical professionals are in agreement about the benefits of chia seed gel. Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Andrew Weil, The New York Times, and Time Magazine are just some of the sources that have spoken about the immense wonders of chia.

    Shop Today

    Looking to get the best chia seed gel? Buy Chia Surge, the original—and still the best—commercial chia gel product.

  • Electrolyte Replacement Drinks vs Fruit Juices

    fruit juice vs electrolyte drinks fruit juice vs electrolyte drinks

    When you find electrolyte replacement drinks for sale on your local store shelf, what do you see?  Many people view them as nothing more than fancy fruit juices. But there are some very important distinctions to be made between fruit juices and electrolyte drinks. At Vitalyte, we specialize in some of the best, expertly-formulated electrolyte drinks available, like our Complete Recovery and Tri-Phase Endurance. Check them out for yourself and see what sets them apart from your average fruit juices, and even your average electrolyte replacement drinks.

    Fruit Juices

    A fruit juice is a generic term for any sweet, fruit-flavored or fruit-based drink. Fruit juices must be derived—at least in small part—from natural juices, while fruit-flavored sodas rely on carbonation and artificial flavors. The most prominent ingredients in a fruit juice may be natural or artificial, and may include sugar or artificial sweeteners. In general, a fruit juice may contain a few vitamins or minerals, but it is not specifically designed to promote health or athletic performance. Quite often, fruit juices are just loaded with empty calories, comparable to soft drinks.

    Electrolyte Replacement Drinks

    Electrolyte replacement drinks, like fruit juices, often rely on fruit flavors, sometimes natural and sometimes artificial. Electrolyte replacement drinks do not require fruit flavoring, but these flavors tend to make the drinks more enjoyable, and natural fruits provide essential vitamins and minerals that promote good health.

    Just to be clear, not all electrolyte replacement drinks are the same. One of the reasons why the “electrolyte drinks vs fruit juice” debate is so confusing is because many poor quality electrolyte drinks offer little more than your typical supermarket fruit juice. The only difference is that the electrolyte drinks are specifically equipped with electrically-charged minerals that the body needs, like sodium and potassium. Aside from that, a poor quality electrolyte drink may consist of little more than sugar and water.

    Choosing an Electrolyte Drink

    When shopping for electrolyte drinks, always check the ingredients. Make sure that the drink has plenty of vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients, and only a minimal amount of sugar. If you need some ideas for high-quality electrolyte drinks, check out our Complete Recovery and Tri-Phase Endurance, both of which have everything you need, and none of the junk that pollutes most commercial energy drinks and sports drinks.

    So shop today and get the best in electrolyte replacement drinks. Whether you’re a hard-sweating athlete or just someone looking for a delicious, nutritious beverage, Vitalyte has what you need to stay hydrated and maintain peak performance. Shop now.

  • The Best Uses for Electrolyte Drinks

    electrolyte drinks


    Electrolytes in your body are essential for the metabolism of your cells, and electrolyte drinks allow you to replace those essential electrolytes—like sodium and potassium—that you lose while sweating.  Electrolyte drinks come in a wide variety of flavors and concentrations, and everyone—not just athletes—can benefit from these nourishing beverages. The trick is finding the right electrolyte drink and knowing when to consume it.

    Choosing an Electrolyte Drink

    Not all electrolyte drinks are created equal. When choosing an electrolyte drink, be aware of high sugar content. Look for drinks that are low in sugar and carbohydrates, and that use natural ingredients. Vitalyte Complete Recovery and Tri-Phase Endurance are great options, because they’re loaded with natural ingredients, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, and are low in sugar. Best of all, they taste delicious.

    Most of your supermarket electrolyte drinks are nothing more than glorified, sugary fruit juices, so be very careful and always read labels. Your electrolyte replenishment drink should have enough vitamins and minerals to promote your good health, whether you’re running a marathon or just relaxing around the house.

    The Best Uses for Electrolyte Drinks

    When it comes to electrolyte drinks, many people picture familiar scenes of children drinking at soccer games and professional athletes appearing in Gatorade commercials. It’s true that electrolyte drinks have widely been marketed toward athletes, because athletic exercise causes the body to lose a tremendous amount of electrolytes. And while electrolyte drinks are hugely beneficial for athletes during and after a rigorous activity, electrolyte drinks have important benefits for all people.

    For example, even a person with a sedentary lifestyle can benefit from a healthy, vitamin-rich electrolyte drink like Vitalyte Complete Recovery. The vitamins and minerals found in Complete Recovery can help you to meet your daily vitamin requirements while maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance. And if you’re only moderately active but tend to sweat, our drinks are great for electrolyte replacement.

    Shop Now

    Electrolytes are important for every body, and Vitalyte has gone to great lengths to develop the ultimate in electrolyte drinks. So if you’re looking for healthy electrolyte recovery, or you just want to add some delicious nutrients to your daily routine, check out Vitalyte Complete Recovery and Tri-Phase Endurance today. You won’t be disappointed.

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