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  • Surf City Recap

    Good Evening Ladies and Gents.

    The Surft City Marathon Expo just came to a close here in Huntington Beach, CA where thousands of runners will gather tomorrow morning to run either a half or full marathon. We will be the official on course beverage, as we have for the last few years now but this year, we were proud to introduce 2 new products into the Vitalyte family.

    You may have heard us mention Chia Essentials, the original Chia bar and our break into the bar market. This awesome, all natural bar weighs in at 180 calories and comes in chocolate peanut butter and blueberry vanilla (more flavors to come). The bars were a huge hit today as we sampled and educated runners and friends alike about the amazing health benefits of chia... and a few chia pet jokes.

    Next up on the announcement lineup is... wait for it.... a brand new flavor of Tri Phase Endurance: Mandarin Orange. This revolutionary pre work out product fuels your body in ways you've never experienced and we're thrilled to add this refreshing new flavor to our lifestyle nutrition line.

    We'd like to wish all competitors the best of luck tomorrow, including our Brand Ambassador Laura Conley. We'll let you know how she does as soon as the results are in. Thanks to everyone who stopped by today and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow during the race!

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  • How to Replenish Electrolytes Easily

    replenish electrolytes easily

    Electrolyte replacement is essential not only for athletes, but for anyone who likes to break a sweat. After all, a water-electrolyte imbalance can lead to low blood pressure, muscle weakness, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, cramping, confusion, excessive thirst and abnormal heart function. A deficiency of certain electrolytes, like calcium, can even contribute to seizures in some people. As you can see, maintaining electrolyte balance is more than just a good idea.

    But what are electrolytes anyway? To put it in the simplest terms possible, electrolytes are minerals in your blood that conduct important electrical impulses. Some of the most common electrolytes include potassium, calcium, phosphate, magnesium, chloride and sodium. Without these minerals, your body cannot hope to function normally, but you lose electrolytes when you sweat. That’s why you commonly see athletes drinking sports drinks during and after an event.

    Sports drinks provide the simplest means of replenishing electrolytes quickly and effectively. Liquids absorb the essential nutrients into your body with much greater expediency than solid foods, and are easy to consume. Best of all, sports drinks usually contain delicious fruit flavors, which makes them as appealing as they are beneficial.

    But there is one important caveat that you should heed. Not all sports drinks are created equal, and just because a particular solution advertises itself as an electrolyte drink does not mean that it will promote optimal health. Before shopping, read labels and avoid electrolyte drinks that contain excess sugar and calories. Some electrolyte drinks actually contain 100 calories or more per serving, and that is never necessary. Look for drinks with natural ingredients, 10 grams of sugar or less, and plenty of the essential electrolytes like potassium, calcium and magnesium.

    Additionally, always keep your electrolyte drink handy when engaging in any sort of rigorous activity, including running, working out, playing sports or riding your bicycle. When you start to break a sweat, nourish yourself with your healthy, natural sports drink. It really is that simple to prevent electrolyte imbalance and remain at peak performance.

    If you’d like to replenish electrolytes easily using a beverage that’s both delicious and natural, check out Vitalyte’s Electrolyte Replacement Solutions. Our solutions are low in calories, low in sugar, and made from natural ingredients. Best of all, we have 5 delicious flavors to choose from, including our Zesty Orange, Cool Citrus and Fruit Punch. Try one today and enjoy the maximum electrolyte benefit.

  • Why Chia Seed Gel is Much More Than Just a Fad

    chia seed gel


    Perhaps you’ve heard about the hype surrounding chia seeds and chia seed gel, or perhaps you have become a fan yourself. Granted, there are a lot of nutritional “fads” out there. Remember olestra? And it wasn’t too long ago that every restaurant was advertising low carb options.

    So it’s natural to be skeptical whenever a new food or nutrient starts taking the marketplace by storm. But before you write off chia seed gel as just the latest dietary trend, consider just a few of the reasons why this amazing superfood is different, and then check out our delicious Chia Surge, the ultimate in chia gel nutrition.

    Historical Significance

    Chia seed gel isn’t some wild frankenfood that was whipped up in a lab. Chia seeds, even in their gel form, have been cultivated for about as long as civilizations have existed. The ancient Aztec and Maya civilizations consumed chia as a staple food more than 5,000 years ago, and would soak the seed in water to create the familiar gel. Chia gel requires no chemical processes or artificial cooking methods. The seeds are so highly absorbent that they require nothing more than water.

    Nutritional Value

    Let’s face it. Most nutritional fads are questionable at best. That’s why they don’t stand the test of time. Sooner or later, people get wise to the sometimes severe health ramifications. But there is no question about the nutritional value of chia seed gel. Chia seed gel is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. The gel also aids in digestion, and helps the body to more effectively metabolize carbohydrates, slowing their conversion into sugar. Chia seed gel can enhance your energy, mood, stamina and focus, and due to the ample amount of fiber, can even help you to manage your appetite.

    Universal Praise

    Diet fads and nutrition fads are always controversial, because where some medical professionals see value, others see immense danger. But leading medical professionals are in agreement about the benefits of chia seed gel. Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Andrew Weil, The New York Times, and Time Magazine are just some of the sources that have spoken about the immense wonders of chia.

    Shop Today

    Looking to get the best chia seed gel? Buy Chia Surge, the original—and still the best—commercial chia gel product.

  • Electrolyte Replacement Drinks vs Fruit Juices

    fruit juice vs electrolyte drinks fruit juice vs electrolyte drinks

    When you find electrolyte replacement drinks for sale on your local store shelf, what do you see?  Many people view them as nothing more than fancy fruit juices. But there are some very important distinctions to be made between fruit juices and electrolyte drinks. At Vitalyte, we specialize in some of the best, expertly-formulated electrolyte drinks available, like our Complete Recovery and Tri-Phase Endurance. Check them out for yourself and see what sets them apart from your average fruit juices, and even your average electrolyte replacement drinks.

    Fruit Juices

    A fruit juice is a generic term for any sweet, fruit-flavored or fruit-based drink. Fruit juices must be derived—at least in small part—from natural juices, while fruit-flavored sodas rely on carbonation and artificial flavors. The most prominent ingredients in a fruit juice may be natural or artificial, and may include sugar or artificial sweeteners. In general, a fruit juice may contain a few vitamins or minerals, but it is not specifically designed to promote health or athletic performance. Quite often, fruit juices are just loaded with empty calories, comparable to soft drinks.

    Electrolyte Replacement Drinks

    Electrolyte replacement drinks, like fruit juices, often rely on fruit flavors, sometimes natural and sometimes artificial. Electrolyte replacement drinks do not require fruit flavoring, but these flavors tend to make the drinks more enjoyable, and natural fruits provide essential vitamins and minerals that promote good health.

    Just to be clear, not all electrolyte replacement drinks are the same. One of the reasons why the “electrolyte drinks vs fruit juice” debate is so confusing is because many poor quality electrolyte drinks offer little more than your typical supermarket fruit juice. The only difference is that the electrolyte drinks are specifically equipped with electrically-charged minerals that the body needs, like sodium and potassium. Aside from that, a poor quality electrolyte drink may consist of little more than sugar and water.

    Choosing an Electrolyte Drink

    When shopping for electrolyte drinks, always check the ingredients. Make sure that the drink has plenty of vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients, and only a minimal amount of sugar. If you need some ideas for high-quality electrolyte drinks, check out our Complete Recovery and Tri-Phase Endurance, both of which have everything you need, and none of the junk that pollutes most commercial energy drinks and sports drinks.

    So shop today and get the best in electrolyte replacement drinks. Whether you’re a hard-sweating athlete or just someone looking for a delicious, nutritious beverage, Vitalyte has what you need to stay hydrated and maintain peak performance. Shop now.

  • The Best Uses for Electrolyte Drinks

    electrolyte drinks


    Electrolytes in your body are essential for the metabolism of your cells, and electrolyte drinks allow you to replace those essential electrolytes—like sodium and potassium—that you lose while sweating.  Electrolyte drinks come in a wide variety of flavors and concentrations, and everyone—not just athletes—can benefit from these nourishing beverages. The trick is finding the right electrolyte drink and knowing when to consume it.

    Choosing an Electrolyte Drink

    Not all electrolyte drinks are created equal. When choosing an electrolyte drink, be aware of high sugar content. Look for drinks that are low in sugar and carbohydrates, and that use natural ingredients. Vitalyte Complete Recovery and Tri-Phase Endurance are great options, because they’re loaded with natural ingredients, electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, and are low in sugar. Best of all, they taste delicious.

    Most of your supermarket electrolyte drinks are nothing more than glorified, sugary fruit juices, so be very careful and always read labels. Your electrolyte replenishment drink should have enough vitamins and minerals to promote your good health, whether you’re running a marathon or just relaxing around the house.

    The Best Uses for Electrolyte Drinks

    When it comes to electrolyte drinks, many people picture familiar scenes of children drinking at soccer games and professional athletes appearing in Gatorade commercials. It’s true that electrolyte drinks have widely been marketed toward athletes, because athletic exercise causes the body to lose a tremendous amount of electrolytes. And while electrolyte drinks are hugely beneficial for athletes during and after a rigorous activity, electrolyte drinks have important benefits for all people.

    For example, even a person with a sedentary lifestyle can benefit from a healthy, vitamin-rich electrolyte drink like Vitalyte Complete Recovery. The vitamins and minerals found in Complete Recovery can help you to meet your daily vitamin requirements while maintaining a healthy electrolyte balance. And if you’re only moderately active but tend to sweat, our drinks are great for electrolyte replacement.

    Shop Now

    Electrolytes are important for every body, and Vitalyte has gone to great lengths to develop the ultimate in electrolyte drinks. So if you’re looking for healthy electrolyte recovery, or you just want to add some delicious nutrients to your daily routine, check out Vitalyte Complete Recovery and Tri-Phase Endurance today. You won’t be disappointed.

  • Santa To The Sea


    I raced a 5K in Oxnard, CA yesterday "Santa to the Sea" and killed myself trying to win (but got second place). I ran an 18:19 - which is a better time than expected since I've been focusing more on long distance rather than speed lately.

    Thought you all might enjoy a few shots from the event so take a look and Happy Holidays!

    Laura Conley

    Brand Ambassador

  • The Digestive Benefits of Chia Energy Gel

    chia-energy-gelWhen people hear the word “chia,” many think of that amusing cultural phenomenon known as the Chia Pet. But chia is so much more than a source of grassy hair. In fact, you should probably be consuming chia on a daily basis to promote your good health. The benefits are innumerable, and the flavor is pretty delicious.

    Chia seeds have experienced a huge resurgence in popularity in recent years, and are often heralded as the perfect superfood. It should come as no surprise. Chia seeds are loaded with fiber, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, calcium, vitamins, antioxidants and even protein. When it comes to superfoods with healthy fatty acids, chia seeds even have the edge over flax seeds.

    Chia and Digestive Health

    But perhaps the greatest benefits of chia are the ways in which they aid in digestion. Digestive health is crucial to overall wellbeing, and chia offers numerous digestive benefits. For instance, chia seeds are loaded with fiber, and fiber helps to slow digestion by soaking up fluid and expanding in your digestive tract. This also allows you to feel fuller longer, so you eat less.

    But that’s not the only digestive benefit of chia. When chia seeds are placed in water for 30 minutes, they form a thick gel, due to their highly absorbent consistency. Dr. Andrew Weil points out that chia gel slows the process by which digestive enzymes break down carbohydrates and convert them into sugar. This makes chia a great nutritional solution for diabetics as well as anyone who wants to maintain healthy blood sugar and minimize insulin spikes.

    Choosing the Right Chia Products

    You can find chia seeds in your local health food store, and they are great for a variety of uses, but there are also other ways to enjoy chia, aside from ingesting seeds. Since we have already established the benefits of chia gel, consider trying chia energy gel in a bottle. Chia energy gel absorbs quickly into the body and provides the full digestive benefit, along with all of the fiber, protein, calcium, acids and antioxidants that you need to promote optimal health.

    If you’d like to check out the original chia energy gel in a bottle, try our Chia Surge. Chia Surge is a groundbreaking nutritional drink that utilizes all that chia has to offer. This delicious, energy-boosting refreshment is just what you need for your daily pick-me-up. Try it today.

  • Why It’s So Important to Choose an All-Natural Sports Drink

    all-natural-sports-drinkStores are filled with all types of sports drinks, often adorned with flashy pictures of physically fit athletes jogging or cycling, a glorious sunset shown in the distance. But that’s all marketing hype. The fact is, most popular sports drinks aren’t worth the plastic that holds them. Loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients, these products are just sugary fruit juices that do little—if anything—to promote athletic endurance or overall health.

    Choosing a Better Sports Drink

    That’s not to say that all sports drinks should automatically be avoided. After all, sports drinks can offer real benefits, at least when the right ingredients are present. The trick is to find a good, all-natural sports drink, containing the kinds of essential ingredients that allow you to achieve the optimal athletic benefit without compromising your health. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a good, all natural sports drink in your local market, so you sometimes have to shop around or look online.

    What to Look For in an All Natural Sports Drink

    The key is to avoid artificial ingredients. These include artificial sweeteners, flavors and colors. Such ingredients offer no nutritional value to your body, and can actually hinder your athletic performance. That’s why it’s so important to choose a sports drink with natural ingredients, including essential vitamins and minerals.

    Other Considerations

    “All-natural” is a great start, but it isn’t the full equation. When reading the label on a sports drink product, always check the amount of sugar, sodium and carbohydrates. Sports drinks with high levels of these ingredients can hinder your athletic performance and gradually impair your health. When choosing an all-natural sports drink, try to stick with low sugar, low sodium varieties, containing less than 10 percent of your daily recommended carbohydrates.

    Choose the Best All Natural Sports Drink

    At Vitalyte, our experts have spent years crafting and perfecting the ultimate all-natural sports drinks. Our Tri-Phase Endurance and Complete Recovery contain all of the natural ingredients that you need to remain at peak performance. With healthy amounts of electrolytes to keep your body replenished, and vitamins like D, B6 and B12 to keep your body adequately nourished, you can drink with the utmost confidence and assurance. Best of all, these products contain very little sugar.

    Check out our products today and experience what it means to have a delicious, nutritious sports drink, far superior to your supermarket varieties. Your body will thank you.

  • What to Look For in a Sports Drink

    sports-drinkSports drinks come in all shapes, sizes and even colors, but when you’re strolling down the aisle at your local market in search of the perfect athletic replenishment, how can you sift through all of the flashy labels and bold health promises, and actually choose the ideal product for you? When choosing a sports drink, there are a few key things you need to look out for:

    Electrolytes: You’ve heard the term “electrolyte replacement” at one time or another. Electrolytes are chemical substances, found in your body, that are essential to the metabolism of your cells. When you engage in rigorous activities and start to sweat, your body loses electrolytes, and that’s why electrolyte replacement is so important. A sports drink with electrolytes can help you to stay charged even when you’re working at peak performance. When shopping for sports drinks, this should be your number 1 consideration.

    Sugar content: Even when a sports drink promises to supply you with electrolytes, vitamins and a wealth of other important nutrients, it may still be bad for your health. Sports drinks high in sugar can deplete your of your energy, fill you with empty calories and contribute over time to a variety of different health problems. Americans consume way too much sugar, and this overconsumption has contributed to a seemingly unstoppable obesity epidemic. Avoid sports drinks with a high sugar content.

    Artificial ingredients: Along with sugar, you need to look out for artificial ingredients. In addition to being nutritionally unsound, artificial ingredients offer no value to your body. That’s why our Vitalyte products are made using the finest natural ingredients, ensuring optimal absorption and the maximum nutritional value to your body.

    Other factors: Nutrition expert Mitzi Dulan advises that a sports drink should contain no more than 8 percent carbohydrates, no more than 80 calories and no more than 170mg of sodium. Vitalyte Complete Recovery contains only 50 calories, 39mg of sodium and 4 percent of your daily recommended carbohydrates.

    Looking for a better quality sports drink? Vitalyte was created because founder Bill Gookin realized that the sports drinks on the market were sorely lacking in terms of nutritional benefit and in terms of what they could offer to athletes, and Bill believes that athletes deserve a better option for their performance needs. Shop Vitalyte today and enjoy all of the electrolyte replacement benefits in the form of a refreshing, delicious sports drink.

  • The Many Benefits of Sports Drinks – Why Sports Drinks Outweigh Water

    You may be confused about whether you should be choosing sports drinks or plain water to replace your lost fluids while exercising. If you’re wondering about which to choose you’re certainly not alone. There are all sorts of companies that offer sports drinks and it’s up to you to figure out which is best. So let's start with asking and answering some of the most asked questions: What is a sports drink? What are its benefits? How do I choose the right Sports drink? Well in brief, sports drinks are a combination of water, electrolytes (which are sodium and potassium) and carbohydrates. Sports drinks not only help by maintaining your stamina during intense exercise sessions, but they also offer the required fluids that an active person needs.

    To get the right amount of fluids by working out, this is achieved by providing a small amount of carbohydrates to your working muscles. Sports drinks essentially allow your body to absorb the right amount of fluids in your small intestine due to the great amount of sodium and glucose content in them. Therefore, sport drinks are definitely recommended to drink during any rigorous physical activity session. Nonetheless, if you are not exercising for at least one hour a day then there is no need to consume sports drinks and water would be the best fluid of choice for you.

    Benefits of Sports Drinks

    ·Replacing the necessary fluids that are lost: Sports drinks help in replacing fluids, which are lost due to sweating and working out. The main ingredients of sports drink is water, so it works quickly in an effective way.

    ·Rich in Carbohydrates: Keeping the carbohydrate content in your body at the optimum level is important, especially when you are exercising. Ingesting a good amount of carbohydrates maximizes the overall performance, especially if you compare your performance level to plain water. The entire body is packed with fuel to operate at its maximum levels, especially if the carbohydrates in you body are at its best.

    ·Protein content: The majority of sports drinks have a high volume of protein, which is not available in water. Carbohydrates and protein work best when put them to work together, since together they will considerably boost the performance of any person while they exercise.

    ·Electrolytes: This is the element that aids your body in immediate absorption of fluids into the blood. Thus, it helps keep your body fully hydrated.

    ·Potassium: This works the same way as electrolytes do, by increasing the fluid absorption in the body.

    ·Sugar-free: Most of the sports drinks available may be rich in sugar but there are a few that are sugar-free. A sugar-free sports drink is ideal for calorie conscious people who do not want to add additional calories to their body or are diabetic.

    ·Conveniently digestible: Sports drinks are easy to digest in comparison to many kinds of food. Drinking fluids that are rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, potassium, electrolytes and carbohydrates are easily digested by the body. What’s more, your performance will increase at a very fast pace while exercising.

    How Do You Pick the Best Sports Drink?

    This is a frequently asked questioned by many people who find it difficult to choose the appropriate sports drink, especially since there is a lot of brand names to select from. Choosing a sports drink that is around 50-80 calories and 5-8 % carbohydrates combined with 120-170 mg sodium would be a wise choice. If you’re still in doubt about sports drinks, do your research and remember that the majority of them replace a good amount of water loss in your body while also refueling your body as well. Sports drinks in general are great because they help your body during an intense workout. Plus, they also taste good and make working out all the more achievable.

    Sierra is a freelance writer who enjoys working out. In addition to drinking sports drinks during her workouts, she also takes her vitamins regularly from a site called Nature’s Best.

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