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  • Good Luck to Our 3 Day Walkers!

    Best of luck to Amanda Daley and her teammates for the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day Walk, taking place this weekend! These amazing ladies will walk 60 miles over the course of three days to find a cure for breast cancer. We're so proud to support them in their amazing journey. vitalyte

  • Electrolytes, Drinks for Energy

    electrolyte hydration electrolyte hydration

    The word “electrolytes” is frequently tossed around in athletic environments as well as nutrition circles, but what exactly is an electrolyte, and what does it mean for you? To sum it up briefly, electrolytes are minerals contained in your blood in other bodily fluids that carry an electric charge, hence the name.

    Why Do I Need Electrolytes?

    Maybe you’ve heard the term “electrolyte replacement.”  When you sweat, your body loses electrolytes, and electrolyte drinks serve the function of replacing those lost electrolytes. Common electrolytes in the body include magnesium, chloride, calcium, phosphorous, sodium and potassium. Electrolytes are essential because they affect the amount of water in your body, as well as the acidity (pH) of your blood and your muscle function.

    If your body has an electrolyte deficiency, it can’t function at peak performance. That’s why you so commonly see athletes drinking sports drinks. Electrolyte replacement ensures that electrolyte levels remain where they should be.  But electrolytes aren’t just important for athletes. As MedicineNet puts it, “the balance of the electrolytes in our bodies is essential for normal function of our cells and our organs.”

    Electrolytes, Drinks That Work

    electrolytes drinks electrolytes drinks

    There are a lot of electrolyte replacement drinks out there, but not all of them offer the same quality ingredients and benefits. At Vitalyte, we devote ourselves tirelessly to developing and manufacturing the tastiest and most nutritiously beneficial electrolyte drinks on the market.

    The Vitalyte story goes back more than 30 years, when long-time marathon runner and biochemist Bill Gookin became disillusioned with the poor quality of sports drinks available. Since that time, Bill has dedicated himself to developing a higher class of electrolyte replacement products, and Vitalyte is the full realization of that vision.

    Whether you’re a professional athlete, a casual runner or just a health-conscious consumer, Vitalyte products have everything you need to keep your electrolytes in balance.

    Try Vitalyte Today

    At Vitalyte, we take great pride in the time and care that we put into each product, because we understand the important of electrolytes, and the importance of good nutrition. Our products are also delicious, and we encourage you to check out the full line. With flavors like Zesty Orange and Cool Citrus, you can find just the right variety to soothe your taste buds while promoting your energy, endurance and vitality. Check out the full line of electrolytes drinks today.

  • Little Known Facts about Chia Seed Gel

    chia seed gel


    Chia seed gel is easily one of the most amazing superfoods on the market. If you’ve spent any time on this site, maybe you already know some of the little known facts about chia seed gel. For example, you may know that the Maya and Aztec civilizations cultivated chia seeds more than 5,000 years ago, and even relied upon them as a staple crop. You may also know that chia seeds are packed with health benefits, including improved energy, carbohydrate absorption and hunger management.

    But there are still quite a few things about chia seeds that you may not know. Here are just a few interesting facts about chia:

    1) Aztec warriors and runners are said to have sustained themselves for an entire day using only a tablespoon of chia.

    2) Chia seeds contain more Omega-3 fatty acids than any other plant food known to man, including flax seeds.

    3) Chia is hydrophilic, capable of absorbing more than 12 times its weight in liquid. When you ingest chia, it can go a long way in helping you to maintain your body hydration, and this is especially beneficial for athletic pursuits like long races and endurance sports.

    4) You can make chia gel simply soaking chia seeds in water. Chia seeds are highly absorbent, so the process takes little time and almost no effort.

    5) Evidence suggests that chia may help to lower blood pressure. This is good news for people who struggle with chronic high blood pressure and hypertension. Chia also offers benefits for diabetics, because it slows the conversion of carbohydrates into sugars.

    6) Some of the nation’s leading doctors are raving about chia. According to Dr. Mehmet Oz, “They just may be one of the healthiest things around,” and Dr. Andrew Weil called them “a healthful and interesting addition to my diet. My prediction? You will begin to see chia being added to more and more commercial products, such as prepared baby foods, nutrition bars, and baked goods.”

    These are just some of the amazing, little known facts about chia seed gel and chia seeds. If you want to experience the wonders of chia for yourself, check out Chia Surge. This is the first authentic chia gel to hit the market, and it’s still the best. Try it for yourself and see what it can do for you.

  • How to Use Chia Seeds

    chia seeds


    If you’re wondering how to use chia seeds, you won’t find any one single answer. That’s because there are many great ways to use chia seeds, and that’s one of the great things about chia.

    Chia seeds have been cultivated for centuries, and some of the earliest human civilizations relied on them as a staple food. Chia seeds not only provide a form of inexpensive sustenance. They also provide some amazing health benefits, including increased energy, appetite management and blood sugar management. Chia seeds are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, and are low in calories, making them the perfect superfood.

    Even high-profile medical professionals like Dr. Oz and Dr. Weil have sung the praises of chia seeds. One of the greatest things about chia is its versatility. While most foods are limited in their uses, chia seeds can provide a new, unique experience with each experience. In fact, there are almost innumerable ways to enjoy chia seeds:

    1) Add them to your favorite foods. Chia seeds can enhance the flavor and nutritional value of some of your favorite foods. Sprinkle them over a wide variety of foods or add them to your favorite baking recipes. Add them to your favorite yogurt, mix them into your soup, and use them to thicken your stews. You can make meatballs by mixing them with ground beef. Chia seeds complement sweet as well as savory flavors, and the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

    2) Eat them by themselves. While chia seeds absolutely have the potential to enhance other foods, they also taste great right out of the bag. Chia seeds have a delicious nutty flavor, and they just may become your next big addiction. If you mix the seeds in water and add lime juice and sugar, you can make a drink known in Mexico and Central America as "chia fresca."

    3) Drink them. When properly moistened, chia seeds form a firm gel that can be harnessed into a nutritious drink. Chia gel drinks are perhaps the quickest and easiest way to harness all of the health benefits of chia seeds. Best of all, chia gel is really delicious!

    There are many ways to enjoy chia seeds, and each is nutritious and enjoyable, but chia gel is especially beneficial. Chia seeds cause a reaction to take place in the stomach, according to Dr. Andrew Weil, and this reaction “slows the process by which digestive enzymes break down carbohydrates and convert them into sugar.”

    So while there’s no single answer to the question of how to use chia seeds, your best bet may be to start with a delicious gel. If you’d like to start experiencing the many benefits of chia gel, check out Vitalyte Chia Surge. Not only is Chia Surge the first chia-based energy gel ever to hit the market; it’s still the best. Try it today!

  • Chia Bars on the Bike


    After returning from my trip to Germany, I brought a few Chia bars back with me to try out on my training days.  I have had a lot of problems with other bars and gels during hard workouts because my stomach is extremely sensitive.  I tried them this week and the verdict is in.

    The new Chia Essentials bars prove to be very efficient and easy to eat.  They are the first whole seed chia bar to market, which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. They didn't break or crumble when I shoved them in my bike's saddle bag.  They were also very neat and easy to chew while on my bike.  The best part is that they never bothered my stomach!  I didn't get any cramps and within 15-30 minutes my energy level was back up and I was riding strong.  I really enjoyed this snack and now I look forward to all my long bike rides because I know I'll get rewarded with a chia bar halfway through!

  • Chia bars navigate Nymphenberg Palace!

    Before my big Munich Half Marathon race, a few of us went out sight-seeing in Germany.  We walked around the entire Nymphenberg Palace in Munich, Germany which has over 130 bedrooms.
    The grounds of the Nymphenberg Palace are so expansive (490 acres!), after only walking to the edge of the garden, all of us started getting a little worn-out and hungry.
    Fortunately, Evan brought some of the new Chia Essentials bars for us to eat.  Not only were these bars great tasting, but they gave us that extra pick-me-up energy we needed to finish the tour and make it back to the train in time.  Of course we also had some refreshing Vitalyte to wash it down!
    This was the perfect energy bar to travel and backpack through Germany with.  They didn't melt in the warm weather or freeze/harden in the cold temperatures either.  I can't wait until they are for sale in the United States!  I plan on hiking the California Mountains with them all winter long.
  • Brand Ambassador Eric Cito Silberman: Farmer's Classic Recap

    By Eric Silberman, Brand Ambassador

    It's a sunny morning in Southern California for a change, we're kind of weather-spoiled here. I can’t believe I am about to step into the center court of the Farmers Classic 2012. This is the same court that the professionals are playing the semifinals and will play the finals of this tournament.

    I was invited to participate at the Southern California Tennis Association (SCTA) Super Excellence Clinic held at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). The six top ranked players 10 and under were invited. Therefore, we had 6 boys and 6 girls at the clinic. It was a lot of fun and great competition.

    I am the one with the black shirt ready to hit the forehand. Yes, The Tennis Channel and others were around to get some live shots. Later in the day some of my friends called me to let me know they saw me on TV!


    After the clinic and our exhibition drills, we got to stay and see the semifinals matches. It was awesome.

    As I bonus I was able to meet and talk to the “to be champion” of the tournament Sam Querrey. I am sure that Frank Giampaolo, our Mental Training Coach, will like to see this picture with two generations of his students together. Frank, enjoy this picture buddy!

  • The Best Day in Triathlon

    In less than a week, the La Jolla Cove will be the scene for an event expected to raise over one million dollars. It’s not a rock concert-though celebrities will surely be present.  It’s not a “find a cure” event - even though it is about finding another way. And it’s not a high priced art auction where the prize goes to the highest bidder - even though everyone will come away holding a better perspective.
    On October 21st, the 19th Annual San Diego Triathlon Challenge will once again encourage you to find ways to give. Sponsors, celebrities, professional athletes, the world’s finest challenged athletes and spectators alike will come together at the shores of the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla, CA to not only raise money to help provide special prosthetics and training opportunities for challenged athletes, but to really show how the gift of sport can change lives.
    As you witness the hundreds of athletes competing, it might be a good time to ask yourself, “How can I give?” Our answer: the options are endless. Sponsors like us provide product to fuel the athletes through the swim, bike and run at this annual event. Volunteers, who arrive at the Cove well before the sun, give of their time. The competitors in the event have spent hundreds of hours training and raising awareness about The Challenged Athletes Foundation.
    If you decide to witness this potentially life changing event, be prepared. Be prepared to ask yourself a lot of questions about how you can get involved. Be ready to want to know more about this fantastic organization. And be in the mindset to be inspired.
    In the mean time, find out how your purchase of Vitalyte Sports Nutrition products directly benefits the Challenged Athletes Foundation by going to You can also visit our preferred CAF retailers, The Triathlete Store and The Running Center for more information. And of course, visit to read more about the organization and ways to become involved.
  • Take the Ultimate Athlete Challenge


    At Vitalyte, we believe in complete nutrition for your mind, body and spirit. While we do our best to encourage fulfillment of the mind and spirit, the wellbeing of your body is truly our mission. Our entire product line caters to what we like to call the 'modern athlete'. We consider that anyone engaging in physical activity and living a healthy lifestyle - ranging from a pro football player or marathon runner, to a busy parent, yogi, or an extreme hiker.

    We want everyone to bring their best game to whatever it is they do best. As a result of this mission, we strive to fuel your body before, during and even after a workout, thereby giving you what you need to preform at your best and annihilate competition in every way, shape and form.

    This 4 step process includes:

    1. Pre: a pre workout drink called Tri Phase Endurance, designed to make you feel like a million bucks during your workout.

    2. During: an electrolyte replacement beverage to replenish the vital balance in your system that depletes during physical activity

    3. During: the first whole seed chia (yes like the pet) gel to market designed to keep you fueled and going strong through endurance training.

    4. After: a complete recovery beverage intended to buffer lactic acid, thereby helping your muscles recover faster, preventing soreness and prepping you to do it all over again... tomorrow.

    The icing on the metaphorical cake is that all of our products are all natural, don't contain caffeine, won't upset your stomach, and are scientifically designed to do their job on a cellular level. We challenge you to try the Ultimate Athlete Challenge with the Ultimate Athlete Package. Try it to see, feel and live the difference.

    Learn More

  • Vitalyte Powers My Training At Work and At Play….

    By Jeff Foy - Brand Ambassadorimg_2689

    Part 1

    I was introduced to Vitalyte a couple months ago when my fire department decided to make a switch from our old electrolyte replacement to a healthier option and Vitalyte fit that need. I was using the single serve sticks and definitely seeing results, without all the side effects and crashes other products offer. I hadn’t done any research as to how it all worked - I just knew I felt better.

    I finally decided I wanted to learn more and it was just in time. The following weekend headed out to the Desert to attend a rescue class on the river in 110+ degree weather. Lucky me. I went to a local Vitalyte retailer and stocked up on Chia Surge, Tri-Phase and Complete Recovery. The class went from first thing in the morning until after midnight the first day and all day the second. I’m convinced that my ability to keep from keeling over directly correlates with my use of Vitalyte.

    You can guess that, as a firefighter, we participate in pretty intense physical training on a regular basis. We spend between 4-8 hours a day of training. Just doing our job alone is draining, but add all the protective gear in addition to the heat, and you can infer the importance of staying on top of our electrolyte balance. My crew and I go through 1-3 stick packs per day, per person, depending on the intensity of the climate. From climbing a 107-foot ladder to training for wildfires, stick packs and chia surge have become the staples to keep us going.

    As for our fitness at work, it can last up to 2 hours; lifting weights, followed by either a few mile run or putting our bikes on stationary trainers and riding for 30-60 min. We follow all that up with circuit training using body weight exercises, kettle bells, tractor tires and sledge hammers. I think I need a chia surge just thinking about doing all that. I like to take Tri-Phase about 30 min before we start, I have a water bottle or 2 filled with a stick packs (lately grape or lemonade) that I drink throughout the workout, and lastly I usually have a chia surge in the middle of the cardio portion of our training. Of course post training I include complete recovery.

    I have noticed a significant difference in my training at work and at play and I thank Vitalyte for the positive change.

    Stay tuned for part 2

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