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  • What's A Little Chia Between Friends

    By Milena Glusac
    unknown“So how did you meet Taylor?” my roommate Jill asked me as we were heading out the door this past Friday night. We were on our way to meet up with a group of my friends she had not met before.
    “It’s a funny story,” I told her, as a smile came to my face.  “I was running down Pacific Coast Highway one morning last fall and this guy caught up to me and just hung out right behind me.  I was getting frustrated because I couldn’t shake him, even at our six minute mile pace.
    Neither one of us were going to slow down.  Finally he said to me after about two miles, ‘you keep a pretty good pace.’  We started chatting and as it turned out he coached at the local high school, ran in college and we have a ton of friends in common.
    We decided to meet up for breakfast Sunday morning.  “It’s been so hot out,” our friend Greg commented,  “I’m super dehydrated.”  Of course that was my moment to start talking about one of my favorite subjects: the amazing hydrating capabilities of Vitalyte are the perfect way to recover from a hot day, long run or a stellar Saturday night. I’ve lost count of the number of Sunday morning “house calls” I have had to make to friends who had a long and challenging Saturday night... they call me the hangover fairy but I digress...
    When we walked out to our cars after breakfast, I opened my trunk and tossed everyone a few samples of Vitalyte.  I also tossed Taylor a Chia Surge Endurance Gel.  “What’s this?” he asked.  I told him about the amazing benefits of chia seeds and the other great ingredients that set this gel apart from anything else on the market.  “You better bring it with you on our run tonight!”  I told him.  “You aren’t going to run as fast as you were that first day I met you are you?”  Taylor pensively inquired.  “No I'll take it easy but take Vitalyte and bring your chia.  You'll be happy you did.”
    We all went our separate ways for the afternoon and around 6:20pm, when there was a cool breeze and the sun was lazily dangling towards the horizon, Taylor and I met on the corner of Chesterfield and Pacific Coast Highway in Cardiff, chia gel in hand.  We set out for another great run and I really realized what I love about what I do: I've met some pretty amazing people. Some  friends chat over coffee, but my crew chats over an eight mile run and we chat over chia. After all, all of my friends now love Vitalyte so- what’s little chia between friends!
  • Chia Essentials: A Complete Nutritional Revolution or The Ultimate Accessory

    chia-seeds-photo-1024x768Once in a great while man is able to step back from advances in nutritional discoveries, he is able to put down Brazilian rainforest fruit with funny sounding or even unpronounceable names, he is able to step back from the GMO table full of everything artificial and recognize that sometimes the key to complete nutrition and total health lies not in the undiscovered, but in the knowledge that has been available for centuries.

    The Revolution for total health begins with Chia Essentials Complete Nutrition Bar. The Original Chia Bar™ is packed full of whole of whole seed chia for an amazingly nutritious super food blast. Calcium, magnesium, antioxidants, omega’s, and protein are just the beginning. Chia, with its unique properties, helps control blood sugar over an extended period of time, helping burn more calories. Not only is Chia Essentials Complete Nutrition Bar a health revolution, you won’t find a better tasting bar. Seriously, we could have created the healthiest bar in the world (which we did) but if it tastes like cardboard, or something much much worse, then what’s the point. The point is; you really can have it all.


    Chia Essentials Complete Nutrition Bar is the perfect accessory to your healthy lifestyle. You wouldn’t leave the house without your purse, your earrings or your keys, so why would you even think about leaving without the most essential accessory of them all. Chia Essentials. Start your revolution today.

    Click here for Chia Essentials Complete Nutrition Bar.

  • CHIA SURGE- Energy in a different kind of Gel!

    chia-surge3So I've been training and running for many years and I've seen it all:  sugary energy gels loaded with caffeine, chewy gummy blocks, brick-like bars.  But there's never been a great way to get your energy on a run without suffering in one way or another!  The chewy candy blocks get stuck onto your teeth and suffocate you!  The bars are practically impossible to consume while on the run because I hate chewing and running at the same time!  Then you have the energy gels that give you a blast of sugar and caffeine but 15 minutes later you crash again!  The first time I tried Chia Surge, I didn't feel much of anything at first.  I was waiting for that rush of hyper energy during my race I'm used to getting after consuming a gel.  But Chia energy is different; the chia seeds gave me a slow increase in energy until I started feeling great and then it lasted all the way to the finish line and beyond!  I felt a steady strength and growing energy that never faded or crashed!  Not to mention I climbed the last 3mile up-hill with no burning lactic acid in my legs!  That's when I realized how great CHIA energy gel is!  I didn't even think about eating or feeling fatigue once after consuming that first gel!  The benefits of CHIA seeds are well known amongst endurance athletes all over the world...and now I know why!  Those little seeds are packed full of long lasting energy you can run forever!

    Visit for Chia Surge!

  • How to Survive the Zombie Apacolype on an Island with Only a Seed

    screen-shot-2012-07-25-at-101004-pmMan’s intellectual preparation for impending doom has led to many conversations (some sober, some not so) about what few things a person would take to a deserted island. Having had a few of these conversations (some sober, some not so) in the past, I would like to throw out my list of the most essential things a person would need to survive on that deserted island until help came or the Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse ended.

    #1 – Celebrity Crush of choice. That deserted island is well; deserted so companionship is necessary to avoid talking to a volleyball for years on end. I choose Team Vitalyte member Kellie MacMullan. 

    #2 – Swiss Army Knife – I watched MacGyver do some pretty amazing things with that knife. Granted, I would never expect that I would need to disarm a nuclear warhead with that knife and a chocolate bar, but I imagine that its array of tools would be a godsend on our deserted island.

    #3 – Chia Seeds. This entire conversation borders on the ridiculous, probably why it usually takes place over fermented or distilled beverages, but for the purpose of deciding on subsistence for an extended period of time, I find it might be prudent to have a game plan in place for when the zombies come or my plane crash lands in the jungle. So why Chia? Simply put, there is not a better super food on the planet. It's full of antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, protein, omega fatty acids. Its properties allow it to absorb up to ten times its weight in water and create a time release system delivering a complete nutritional powerhouse. And, it grows fast, is easily harvested and can be prepared in numerous ways, either consumed as tasty edible seed or mixed with local vegetation like a coconut (this statement is a hint at a very exciting upcoming Vitalyte product. Can you guess what it is?). There is a reason Dr. Oz is such a fan. There is a reason that Chia seeds have long been considered the greatest super food on the planet.

    So for future cocktail conversation sake, or in the horrible event that the Zombies come calling and you and your celebrity crush have to high tail it to that remote tropical island, make sure to remember your chia seeds. If past conversations have taught me anything about this topic, it is that nothing will ruin paradise with your celebrity crush like the monotony of pepperoni pizza for every meal, or even worse, the scurvy that will inevitably follow. I can guarantee boys and girls that Angelina Jolie or Matthew McConaughey will not want to make out with you when you start losing your teeth.

  • Blog 3 in a Series of 3 of How I do a Triathlon.

    screen-shot-2012-07-25-at-104119-pmBy Erica Daivs

    We have already covered swimming and biking and now,  to close off this 3 part blog series (see part 1 and part 2), I'll enlighten you all with the wonder that is finishing a tri with my racing chair. It might be hard to imagine by just reading this or even by just seeing the picture, so I'll try my best to explain it to you.

    You saw how I ride and how my body position is in the handcycle. Well, the racing chair is a different ball game entirely. Essentially, my legs are tucked up and under a strap of sorts. This helps my legs up and above my ankles and is a cushion for my butt to sit on.

    When getting into the racing chair, it's a pretty tight squeeze to say the least, so you have to wear pants/shorts that are, you guessed it, tight as well. You have to get one hip in first and then work to shimmy the other side down into the opposite side of the bucket.

    Once you're in there, there's a strap that you put around your waist. Your feet are secured already. In fact, you should be able to look beneath your racing chair and see your toes barely poking out. You can stretch your arms and your back pretty well in this position as well.

    Next, you want to put your glasses on because the last step is your gloves, which are like mittens with a lot of padding. Once you're suited up, you ball your hands up as much as possible and because of the position you're in, you have no choice but to lean forward with your chest on your knees and arms back. Basically, you're making a punching motion on the rims of the chair. Lather, rinse, repeat  and keep on trucking until you cross that finish line.

  • What Not To Eat When Training for a Race

    images-1By Milena Glusac
    Food being one of my favorite topics, I thought it appropriate I blog about what to eat and probably most importantly, NOT eat, prior to training and racing.  Granted, this is insight coming from someone whose Facebook post this morning read, “A stop at Leucadia Donut Shoppe this morning before heading out for work and a day of tennis.  Not a bad way to start the day.”  I will put aside my glazed twist obsession for now and offer you unbiased nutrition tips.
    Here are my top three nutrition tips during training and racing.
    1. Keep it simple- Your body needs time to digest and start to be able to use what you intake.  When you're training and racing, your digestive system slows down because blood is being shunted to other areas of the body.  Focus on easy to digest foods.  That means pass on the T-bone and go for a half a bagel toasted with a little cream cheese instead.  Good news for all you Vitalyte fans.  The new Chia Surge Endurance Gel is the perfect go to fuel source prior to training.  So easy to digest and an amazing source of fuel and nutrition, Chia Surge can be taken a half hour prior to training and also every 45 minutes during training.
    2. Follow the four hour rule- Your body will not like you so much if you decide to partake in a Denny’s Grand Slam and then head out for a training session.  Eat protein meals no less than four hours prior to training.  Leave the Moon’s Over My-hammy and eggs over easy for the days you need a little hangover help.
    3. Balance the blood sugar- Your body can’t perform if it is not properly fueled.  During training and racing, you must keep your blood sugar balanced while giving your body fuel that it can utilize.  What are your options other than some sugary soupy gu that makes your blood sugar rise and then crash, leaving you feeling lethargic?  Vitalyte’s Chia Gel is the perfect option.  The carbohydrate source that is in the gel provides you with a steady burning fuel source.  Chia seeds offer a great source of fatty acids for optimal nutrition.
    Good luck with your training and racing.  Don’t forget to give Chia a chance and you can still have a bear claw...just leave it for after the 5k!
  • Chia Energy Gel Review

    chia-surge2By Laura Conley
    So, last weekend I was out for a training bike ride with a few of my friend's racing team called P5.  We rode approx. 20miles up the coast and then stopped at our turnaround point to regroup and head back.  At this point everyone pulls out their nutrition source (i.e. Energy Gels, Bars, etc.)  I grabbed my favorite Chia Surge and of course my friend Chris screams "CHIA SEEDS!"  Because he know the multitude of chia seed benefits such as sustained energy, no crash, and plenty of omega 3's.
    So then of course, we had to explain to everyone on P5 what this Chia Seed Gel is and where to buy it.  I had a couple of extra gels on me so I gave them to two teammates.  They both loved them and felt great because when we returned to our cars, we all ran 1hr40min down the beach to complete our brick workout!  The best part is we didn't need to eat anything else because we had so much energy!  I love sharing such a great product!!!! :)
  • Chia for Runners.

    By Laura Conley
    One sunny day I was out for a run with my friend Phil.  We usually run for about 1hr30min-2 hours but halfway through the run, Phil started slowing down and dragging!  He said he "ran out of gas" and had no more energy to keep running.  I had my usual supply of Chia Gel on me so I offered him one-  (promising he would feel better shortly and finish the run if he ate it).
    This may have been a mistake on my part because in about 15 minutes Phil took off and sprinted up the hill ahead of me!  He ran the entire way home at a 6:15min/mile pace and I couldn't keep up with him!  The benefits of Chia seeds were obvious that day!  Pure Chia energy and speed in Phil's case!  So I warn everyone be careful giving CHIA Seed gel to an opponent....they may beat you from now on!
    If you're interested in stocking up on chia energy gel for your next run, then click here to visit the Chia Surge energy gel page.
  • 5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Chia


    When I mention chia seeds to the non savvy consumer, their first reaction is, "wait, like the chia pet?" Yes ladies and gents - EXACTLY like the chia pet. What you don't know though is that chia seeds have been alive and kicking since far, far before the 90s and they're not going anywhere anytime soon.

    They are naturally gluten and grain free, have more than a glass of milk's worth of calcium, oodles of Omega-3s (more than salmon), and more antioxidants than, wait for it, blueberries. Sounds pretty amazing right? I'd like to introduce you all to the world's next (even though it's been around for hundreds of years) superfood.

    Now they're being used for a bunch of things these days but some items on that laundry list include: aiding nutritional and medicinal healing, aiding regularity, increasing endurance for athletes, suppressing your appetite, for weight loss, and leveling blood sugar.

    Now that you know about these chia nutritional benefits, you want to know what to do with them eh? Allow me to enlighten you.

    1. Make your soup thicker by adding a few tablespoons of chia seeds instead of cornstarch or another thickener.

    2. To thicken meatballs - instead of using bread crumbs - just add a few tablespoons and you'll be good to go!. Make your own sprouts- you know when you were a kid and you had to grow plants? Kick it old school and do it again. Simple pour some water over your seeds and in a few days you'll have home grown sprouts for your salads and sandwiches.

    3. Make your own sprouts- you know when you were a kid and you had to grow plants? Kick it old school and do it again. Simple pour some water over your seeds and in a few days you’ll have home grown sprouts for your salads and sandwiches.

    4. Start your day right with a few spoonfuls washed down with some coffee - if you're hard core. Otherwise just add them to smoothies, yogurt,whole grain toast with avocado, you name it. You'll notice the energy for hours.

    5. During your workout, pack one chia surge gel, the first whole seed chia gel to market

    and notice 2 hours of sustained energy.  You can buy our chia seed gel at any of our retailers, including REI or on the Vitalyte website.

    Want to know more about Chia gel and chia seed concoctions? Stay tuned. There's plenty more where this came from.

  • 3 Drinks You Should NEVER Drink... and one you should. #YOLO

    1. Squeezits:


    I know these take you back to yesteryear but let's be smart about this. Remember that sticky/tangy feeling on your tongue afteryou popped the top off one of these? Well - there's a reason for it.

    Ingredients: Contains 11% of Fruit Juice, Cherry(ies) Chucklin Juice (What on earth is this?):, Water, Corn Syrup High Fructose (note the re arranged to fool the simple-minded consumer), Pear(s) Juice From Concentrate, Malic Acid (yum), Citric Acid (yum), Potassium Sorbate (Preservative) , Red 40 (how fun- they put red in here- what color was it before), Flavor(s) Artificial (what are we speaking Spanish with the adjective after the noun?), Berry B. Wild Juice :, Water, Corn Syrup High Fructose (again), Pear(s) Juice From Concentrate, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative) , Flavor(s) Artificial, Blue 1 (well thank god it wasn't blue 2).


    2. Kool-aid - Ohh Yeaaaaa-

    Now I know the big Koolaid guy is awesome and provided some solid entertainment for we kids of the 90s buttake a look at... well, whatever the hell is in it.


    3. Tang:

    In my flagrant attempt to find the ingredients of tang, I received entirely too much information and made the executive decision to NOTunknown-1enlighten you all with the boring details. The important point is this: if you don't know what it is, it has a number on the end of it, if it takes more than 1 minute to list the ingredients.... it's probably not great for you.

    To support this theory, here are just a few of the Tang ingredients: Yellow 5, Yellow 6 (no I'm not kidding), Artificial Color, Natural Flavor, Orange Juice Solids, and Calcium Phosphate (which prevents caking).

    Everyone, yourselves a favor and remember that wonderful but slightly altered quote by Mark Twain:

    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you did drink than by the ones you did. So throw out the tang. Sail away from the Kool-Aid. Catch the trade winds while sipping your Vitalyte. Explore. Dream. Discover.

    Or in the words of the modern renaissance man/woman: #YOLO... Drink Vitalyte.

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