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  • Surf City Recap

    Good Evening Ladies and Gents.

    The Surft City Marathon Expo just came to a close here in Huntington Beach, CA where thousands of runners will gather tomorrow morning to run either a half or full marathon. We will be the official on course beverage, as we have for the last few years now but this year, we were proud to introduce 2 new products into the Vitalyte family.

    You may have heard us mention Chia Essentials, the original Chia bar and our break into the bar market. This awesome, all natural bar weighs in at 180 calories and comes in chocolate peanut butter and blueberry vanilla (more flavors to come). The bars were a huge hit today as we sampled and educated runners and friends alike about the amazing health benefits of chia... and a few chia pet jokes.

    Next up on the announcement lineup is... wait for it.... a brand new flavor of Tri Phase Endurance: Mandarin Orange. This revolutionary pre work out product fuels your body in ways you've never experienced and we're thrilled to add this refreshing new flavor to our lifestyle nutrition line.

    We'd like to wish all competitors the best of luck tomorrow, including our Brand Ambassador Laura Conley. We'll let you know how she does as soon as the results are in. Thanks to everyone who stopped by today and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow during the race!

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  • Chia Bars on the Bike


    After returning from my trip to Germany, I brought a few Chia bars back with me to try out on my training days.  I have had a lot of problems with other bars and gels during hard workouts because my stomach is extremely sensitive.  I tried them this week and the verdict is in.

    The new Chia Essentials bars prove to be very efficient and easy to eat.  They are the first whole seed chia bar to market, which is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. They didn't break or crumble when I shoved them in my bike's saddle bag.  They were also very neat and easy to chew while on my bike.  The best part is that they never bothered my stomach!  I didn't get any cramps and within 15-30 minutes my energy level was back up and I was riding strong.  I really enjoyed this snack and now I look forward to all my long bike rides because I know I'll get rewarded with a chia bar halfway through!

  • Chia bars navigate Nymphenberg Palace!

    Before my big Munich Half Marathon race, a few of us went out sight-seeing in Germany.  We walked around the entire Nymphenberg Palace in Munich, Germany which has over 130 bedrooms.
    The grounds of the Nymphenberg Palace are so expansive (490 acres!), after only walking to the edge of the garden, all of us started getting a little worn-out and hungry.
    Fortunately, Evan brought some of the new Chia Essentials bars for us to eat.  Not only were these bars great tasting, but they gave us that extra pick-me-up energy we needed to finish the tour and make it back to the train in time.  Of course we also had some refreshing Vitalyte to wash it down!
    This was the perfect energy bar to travel and backpack through Germany with.  They didn't melt in the warm weather or freeze/harden in the cold temperatures either.  I can't wait until they are for sale in the United States!  I plan on hiking the California Mountains with them all winter long.
  • Chia Essentials: A Complete Nutritional Revolution or The Ultimate Accessory

    chia-seeds-photo-1024x768Once in a great while man is able to step back from advances in nutritional discoveries, he is able to put down Brazilian rainforest fruit with funny sounding or even unpronounceable names, he is able to step back from the GMO table full of everything artificial and recognize that sometimes the key to complete nutrition and total health lies not in the undiscovered, but in the knowledge that has been available for centuries.

    The Revolution for total health begins with Chia Essentials Complete Nutrition Bar. The Original Chia Bar™ is packed full of whole of whole seed chia for an amazingly nutritious super food blast. Calcium, magnesium, antioxidants, omega’s, and protein are just the beginning. Chia, with its unique properties, helps control blood sugar over an extended period of time, helping burn more calories. Not only is Chia Essentials Complete Nutrition Bar a health revolution, you won’t find a better tasting bar. Seriously, we could have created the healthiest bar in the world (which we did) but if it tastes like cardboard, or something much much worse, then what’s the point. The point is; you really can have it all.


    Chia Essentials Complete Nutrition Bar is the perfect accessory to your healthy lifestyle. You wouldn’t leave the house without your purse, your earrings or your keys, so why would you even think about leaving without the most essential accessory of them all. Chia Essentials. Start your revolution today.

    Click here for Chia Essentials Complete Nutrition Bar.

  • How to Survive the Zombie Apacolype on an Island with Only a Seed

    screen-shot-2012-07-25-at-101004-pmMan’s intellectual preparation for impending doom has led to many conversations (some sober, some not so) about what few things a person would take to a deserted island. Having had a few of these conversations (some sober, some not so) in the past, I would like to throw out my list of the most essential things a person would need to survive on that deserted island until help came or the Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse ended.

    #1 – Celebrity Crush of choice. That deserted island is well; deserted so companionship is necessary to avoid talking to a volleyball for years on end. I choose Team Vitalyte member Kellie MacMullan. 

    #2 – Swiss Army Knife – I watched MacGyver do some pretty amazing things with that knife. Granted, I would never expect that I would need to disarm a nuclear warhead with that knife and a chocolate bar, but I imagine that its array of tools would be a godsend on our deserted island.

    #3 – Chia Seeds. This entire conversation borders on the ridiculous, probably why it usually takes place over fermented or distilled beverages, but for the purpose of deciding on subsistence for an extended period of time, I find it might be prudent to have a game plan in place for when the zombies come or my plane crash lands in the jungle. So why Chia? Simply put, there is not a better super food on the planet. It's full of antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, protein, omega fatty acids. Its properties allow it to absorb up to ten times its weight in water and create a time release system delivering a complete nutritional powerhouse. And, it grows fast, is easily harvested and can be prepared in numerous ways, either consumed as tasty edible seed or mixed with local vegetation like a coconut (this statement is a hint at a very exciting upcoming Vitalyte product. Can you guess what it is?). There is a reason Dr. Oz is such a fan. There is a reason that Chia seeds have long been considered the greatest super food on the planet.

    So for future cocktail conversation sake, or in the horrible event that the Zombies come calling and you and your celebrity crush have to high tail it to that remote tropical island, make sure to remember your chia seeds. If past conversations have taught me anything about this topic, it is that nothing will ruin paradise with your celebrity crush like the monotony of pepperoni pizza for every meal, or even worse, the scurvy that will inevitably follow. I can guarantee boys and girls that Angelina Jolie or Matthew McConaughey will not want to make out with you when you start losing your teeth.

  • Palatinose as the Super Starch of the Century

    1What you should take before, during and after the raceThere is so much hype and so much debate today as to what you should take before , during and after the race. I understand, nutrition itself can be a logistical nightmare. Well I want to help make it very simple for you and give you some information based on twenty years of pure personal experience. It’s time to take the guess work out of running nutrition and for once take control of your cabinets so they are not occupied by thirty different jars, bars and gels. All of which stay unopened or partially used until the best-by-date is more than thirteen months past.

    Let’s start the spring off right and get ready for the your next 10k, half-marathon or marathon in the right way. This is the first blog in a series that will address the stages of fueling and what to take when.

    Let’s start with gels: They are taken during the stages of racing or running when you need portable nutrition and energy to keep up with the caloric output you are creating. My personal experience has been to avoid them like an ex-boyfriend. They may have looked tempting at mile 20 of the New York Marathon when my sugar levels were plummeting and my cognitive focus transient at best. However, I knew my chances of finishing the race would be slim once the gooey concoction hit my stomach.

    What you should take before, during and after the race

    We are talking cramping, spasm and all around agony when the high simple sugar content hit my system. See, when you are running and exerting yourself that hard and you flood your system with a very concentrated refined sugar source that is usually made from fructose corn syrup, the body has to jump to process it. All the blood is going to the working muscles, so the digestive system and organs such as the liver and pancreas are not prepared to handle the metabolic workload. So instead of “laser lime flavored energy enhanced shots” that are likely to send your system into a tailspin instead of delivering the jet fuel they claim, what are your options? Well, after twenty years of competitive running and passing up the little gold packets encapsulating gelatinous torture, I have finally (yes FINALLY) found an alternative. Palatinose.

    What is Palatinose? It is only the super starch of the century! What does it do? It provides the body with an easily digestible source of slow-burning carbohydrate that will offer sustained energy rather than the down and dirty quick hit from those other short-chain saccharides (saccharides are a fancy name for sugars. See Mr. Albritton, I did pay attention in science class). Where can you find it? Vitalyte Sports Nutrition’s “Chia Surge Endurance Gel.” The first gel on the market to utilize this incredible polysaccharide superstar and pair it with the nutritional benefits of the superfood Chia. It’s a match made in heaven. So next time you are perusing the sports nutrition aisle of your favorite bike, running or triathlon store, ask the sales representative to point you to the raspberry-flavored nectar of the running gods we at Vitalyte Sports Nutrition refer to simply as “The Gel.” Believe me, your stomach with thank you, your sugar levels will thank you, and your improved running time will be the proof in the pudding (or in the gel) that this super starch is the stuff that helps make champions.

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