• CHIA SURGE- Energy in a different kind of Gel!

    chia-surge3So I've been training and running for many years and I've seen it all:  sugary energy gels loaded with caffeine, chewy gummy blocks, brick-like bars.  But there's never been a great way to get your energy on a run without suffering in one way or another!  The chewy candy blocks get stuck onto your teeth and suffocate you!  The bars are practically impossible to consume while on the run because I hate chewing and running at the same time!  Then you have the energy gels that give you a blast of sugar and caffeine but 15 minutes later you crash again!  The first time I tried Chia Surge, I didn't feel much of anything at first.  I was waiting for that rush of hyper energy during my race I'm used to getting after consuming a gel.  But Chia energy is different; the chia seeds gave me a slow increase in energy until I started feeling great and then it lasted all the way to the finish line and beyond!  I felt a steady strength and growing energy that never faded or crashed!  Not to mention I climbed the last 3mile up-hill with no burning lactic acid in my legs!  That's when I realized how great CHIA energy gel is!  I didn't even think about eating or feeling fatigue once after consuming that first gel!  The benefits of CHIA seeds are well known amongst endurance athletes all over the world...and now I know why!  Those little seeds are packed full of long lasting energy you can run forever!

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  • Palatinose as the Super Starch of the Century

    1What you should take before, during and after the raceThere is so much hype and so much debate today as to what you should take before , during and after the race. I understand, nutrition itself can be a logistical nightmare. Well I want to help make it very simple for you and give you some information based on twenty years of pure personal experience. It’s time to take the guess work out of running nutrition and for once take control of your cabinets so they are not occupied by thirty different jars, bars and gels. All of which stay unopened or partially used until the best-by-date is more than thirteen months past.

    Let’s start the spring off right and get ready for the your next 10k, half-marathon or marathon in the right way. This is the first blog in a series that will address the stages of fueling and what to take when.

    Let’s start with gels: They are taken during the stages of racing or running when you need portable nutrition and energy to keep up with the caloric output you are creating. My personal experience has been to avoid them like an ex-boyfriend. They may have looked tempting at mile 20 of the New York Marathon when my sugar levels were plummeting and my cognitive focus transient at best. However, I knew my chances of finishing the race would be slim once the gooey concoction hit my stomach.

    What you should take before, during and after the race

    We are talking cramping, spasm and all around agony when the high simple sugar content hit my system. See, when you are running and exerting yourself that hard and you flood your system with a very concentrated refined sugar source that is usually made from fructose corn syrup, the body has to jump to process it. All the blood is going to the working muscles, so the digestive system and organs such as the liver and pancreas are not prepared to handle the metabolic workload. So instead of “laser lime flavored energy enhanced shots” that are likely to send your system into a tailspin instead of delivering the jet fuel they claim, what are your options? Well, after twenty years of competitive running and passing up the little gold packets encapsulating gelatinous torture, I have finally (yes FINALLY) found an alternative. Palatinose.

    What is Palatinose? It is only the super starch of the century! What does it do? It provides the body with an easily digestible source of slow-burning carbohydrate that will offer sustained energy rather than the down and dirty quick hit from those other short-chain saccharides (saccharides are a fancy name for sugars. See Mr. Albritton, I did pay attention in science class). Where can you find it? Vitalyte Sports Nutrition’s “Chia Surge Endurance Gel.” The first gel on the market to utilize this incredible polysaccharide superstar and pair it with the nutritional benefits of the superfood Chia. It’s a match made in heaven. So next time you are perusing the sports nutrition aisle of your favorite bike, running or triathlon store, ask the sales representative to point you to the raspberry-flavored nectar of the running gods we at Vitalyte Sports Nutrition refer to simply as “The Gel.” Believe me, your stomach with thank you, your sugar levels will thank you, and your improved running time will be the proof in the pudding (or in the gel) that this super starch is the stuff that helps make champions.

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