• 30 Days of Awesome - Day 5

    Robert Burns once wrote "The best laid plans of mice and me often go astray," as a way of talking about how discombobulated things can get in a quick hurry. We have all probably had those days where for whatever reason, one simple things starts a downward spiral and redeeming your original plan for your day is impossible.

    Day 5 was a lot like that for me and I found that my best laid plans went out the window at about 6:30 am. Not that this is a bad thing but when it comes to the task of making a full 30 consecutive days awesome, it can be a bit challenging. The weather would not cooperate for a bike ride or water skiing, (not that it has all summer here in CO) conference calls got moved around all day long messing up the schedule and trying to finalize travel plans to Dubai without an assistant is a headache at best.

    In spite of all that though, I was able to help a good friend move some furniture, spend some time with my nephew (he's not really my nephew but a good friends kid) and there is always something about seeing a two year old laugh and smile that will brighten your day, and finally it looks like the Hydropolis Hotel in Dubai might be ready  for my trip out there.This place is a 220 room submarine luxury hotel and looks amazing.

    So back to the best laid plans. Sometimes it's just impossible to get everything done in a day that you originally set out to so the trick for me yesterday was to take pleasure in the simple things, like helping a friend or making a child laugh.

    Instead of spending time outside like I wanted to on the trail or in the lake, I ended up closing out the night with a great book. For those of you out there who have read any of Clive Cussler's books you know they are a great deal of fun to read. The Dirk Pitt series is absolutely fantastic. I finished rereading Atlantis Found, the book that got me addicted to Clive Cussler so many years ago. I won't bore you all with details of the book but if you get a chance go read some of his work. The man is a master at entertaining readers from page 1 all the way through to the end.

    So there it is ladies and gentlemen, and if you are disappointed with today's level of awesome then I humbly apologize and promise that this weekend will be much more entertaining. In the meantime, get out there and enjoy yourselves and tell me about it. We still have the contest going for 25 Vitalyte Stick Packs to the best post for the day.

    For those of you who live in Colorado, or those looking for a last minute getaway, check out the link below. I will be attending the Denver Kids Charity Benefit Saturday night at the Wine Loft.

    One of the biggest problems facing DKI is the ability to simply get the kids into the classroom, so the funds raised at Wine Loft will provide the money needed for transportation (bus passes and tokens) to help middle school and high school students get to school every day. Hope to see you all there.

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