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    As fall approaches many of us make a commitment to shake off the lazy days of summer by spending more time in the gym, on the court, or running the trail. While we always support a re-dedication to fitness, don’t forget that recovery is often the “forgotten” component of a truly effective workout. See if your typical post workout routine includes kicking off your sneakers, grabbing your favorite adult beverage and falling asleep to some early season football, you’re probably not reaping all the workout rewards you could. It’s important within thirty minutes of completing cardio or strength training to intake both carbohydrates and protein. The carbohydrates will help replenish your glycogen stores and the protein will get to work fast repairing muscle. That’s why we created Complete Recovery. Packed with amino acids, the building blocks of protein, and a long-chain carbohydrate source to refuel effectively, this recovery sports drink will have you back at your best in no time. So next time you walk in the door and head for the refrigerator, mix up Complete Recovery before nap time sets in.

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    VitaLyte: The After Workout Recovery Drink of Champions

    As a strength training enthusiast, getting in the right electrolytes after an intense workout is extremely important. It is common knowledge that failing to let your body recover after working it to its limit can cause all sorts of scary issues like dehydration and damage in the muscles and joints. For the first few years of strength training, I struggled with finding the right after workout recovery drink. This is when I found VitaLyte recovery sports drink and this is why I'm still using it to this day.

    after workout recovery drinkEverything I had tried from local supermarkets and health supplement stores just didn't do it for me, they all left me feeling more worn out than I did right after my workout. There are many products out there that have the ability to replenish the electrolytes, but VitaLyte is the one that works the best for me because it makes me feel completely replenished and back at full-strength right away. It has changed the way I look at post-workout or after workout recovery. Unfortunately, I had neglected my fitness recovery in the past and I found out the hard way that not giving myself the proper recovery nutrients can easily lead to injury and lack of progress. Now, if I have an especially intense workout planned, I will even take a short break in the middle and replenish with a VitaLyte to keep myself at peak performance.

    VitaLyte has the right amount of electrolytes and glucose to aid in recovery. Some drinks on the market have way more sugar than they do electrolytes which left me still feeling sore and added a jittery feeling on top of that, not fun! I could tell the first time I drank VitaLyte that I had found my after workout soulmate. I instantly felt the soreness in my muscles ease up and the slight dehydration dissipate. I liked the effects of VitaLyte so much that I started telling my gym buddies about it and now everyone is drinking them! One of them completed an entire marathon armed with just a couple bottles of VitaLyte to keep his energy up and finished with his best time. I had been considering lowering intensity on my strength training simply because of the extreme muscle soreness I was experiencing, but since switching to VitaLyte for my after workout recovery drink needs, I no longer have them. Participating in excessive fitness can be bad for your body, but preparing correctly is the key to getting maximum results and minimal negative impact. VitaLyte has changed my fitness ambitions so much, I feel like I can do anything!

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