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  • Extreme Kellie: Flying an Airplane

    Over the past few months, I've gotten the opportunity to get off the ground... testing my fear of heights and getting into machines I never thought I'd have the guts to fly.  With the new year, I thought what a better way to kick off 2010's "Extreme Kellie" series with flying an airplane!

    I learned on a simulator at Tailwind Aviation at Centennial Airport.  They paired me up with flight instructor Bruce Vogel who has 27,000 hours of flying under his belt... I knew I was in good hands!  His crew gave me all the confidence that I could do this!!!

    Once they got me familiar with the process, they put me in this. A twin engine Beachcraft... a great starter plane for a starter like me!

    When Bruce said I'd be the pilot, he wasn't kidding!  As difficult as I thought it would be, nothing could prepare me for getting in the pilots seat.  Not only did I learn what all the gears do, but I learned how to talk to air traffic control, drive down a runway, take off, fly AND land... all on my own!  Bruce literally gave me full control.  What was he thinking?!?!

    Once I got over my fears (and I could finally feel my legs again after we got off the ground) I couldn't stop smiling.  The views were spectacular!  The Rocky Mountains looks amazing with a fresh coating of snow...

    Downtown Denver looked crystal clear... you just can't get a better view than this!

    I went through a national company called "Let's Go Flying" who works with flight schools all across the country and their goal is to get you up in the air in no time!  I found out that anyone can fly an airplane... all you need is a little time, some patience and a great flight instructor.

    Catch our full story Thursday night at 7pm on The Deuce... you won't believe how scared I looked (and my photographer Noah thought he was going to die!!!)

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