• For Two Weeks in September in the Big Apple, the US Open

    Team Vitalyte and the US Open

    Ah Flushing Meadows! That iconic spot where on an early fall day you can catch a cool, crisp breeze that carries interludes of the salty Atlantic with freshly cut grass from adjacent Citi Field. Only in the Big Apple can world-class tennis and America's favorite pastime share such close quarters. And just as the waking giant due north wipes the dreariness from its eyes after last night's extra-innings game, the gates open at "Flushing" and tennis is center stage. For those two weeks in September, America's pastime quietly steps aside for the. Sure home runs are cracked over center field and double plays are made. The grass stains are the same as fourteen days prior and the raspberries from the red clay sting just as much, but no one's complaining. The game is played with the world' best and the bows are taken, but the roses are thrown to those competing at a different sport. New Yorkers love their boys of summer, but they pay their respects to those visitors coming to test their craft on the hard courts. And so it is that slides are taken and slams hit and grunting feats of athletic prowess echoed. But during this time of year it isn't about the diamond. Blevins, Colon and Familia are chanted and applauded starting in April. But they are happy to quietly play and excel while the grounds to the South are filled with the reverberating names of Angie, Andy and Novak. Giving those that love the game of tennis a chance to see the greats in one of the greatest sporting venues of all time, the US Open. And we are one of the many who love tennis! When we created our electrolyte replacement drink for tennis it was our way of saluting those players who slice and lob, dig and dive. Those players who strive for greatness. Those players who at the end of the day, when even the city that never sleeps takes a power nap, are thinking about how to be better.

    So whether you are a USTA league player or a WTA superstar, good luck! Know that you have a champion on your side of the court. Oh and to the boys of summer, you can guarantee we will be eagerly watching those triple plays just as soon as the champions are crowned at Arthur Ashe Stadium!

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  • My Time at Indian Wells 2012


    My experience at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, CA has been amazing. As the account executive for Vitalyte Sports Nutrition, my purpose of being at the tournament has been to provide athlete support to the numerous top ranked ATP and WTA players that use our products.

    I have been an avid tennis fan since age three when my dad put an old, cut-down-to-size, wooden racquet in my hand and took me to the courts at San Marcos High School where he was the principal. Little did I know that in the next few years the quick and agile boy that was out there everyday on the court next to me with him dad, mom and brother would grow up to be the youngest ever French Open Champion.

    You have probably heard of Michael Chang. I knew him as the boy whose dad talked really fast and used to give me lessons while my dad gave lessons to Michael. My dad was a former professional player, so he really wanted my sister and I to take up the sport. My sister was really talented but gravitated to team sports like soccer while me, the steady one, loved the self-directed nature of tennis. So I grew up spending most of my youth at a tennis academy. Then one day I discovered I was pretty darn good at running. I still continued to play and played in college. My love of the game has only grown over the years. I used to make the pilgrimage to this tournament every year with my mom to watch our favorite players.

    Now I am sitting in the player’s lounge. I think that was Milos Raonic that just walked by. I’m actually having coffee with Janko Tipsarevic’s trainer and I just had my picture taken with thelegendary Vic Braden. Ok I am a tennis nerd I totally admit it. Because we work with so many professional players, my boss keeps telling me to keep it on the down low and be professional.

    So I guess running up to Andy Roddick and asking for his shirt is totally against company protocol! Anyways, the atmosphere out at the tennis tournament is amazing if you have never had a chance to experience it. The barren brown mountains in the background are an amazing contrast to the green courts and lush grounds of the tennis gardens. Plus the weather is out of this world. Eighty five and sunny. Ok more than sunny. Try really hot. But seriously it is March and it is twenty degrees in some parts of this country. I’m not complaining. And I’m definitely not complaining that I got to see Novak Djokovic, the number one player in the world, practice this morning. Well this tennis dork is off to watch another match and bring some Vitalyte to the players. I wonder if I’d really get in trouble if I asked Nadal for a lock of hair?

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