• Weekend Warrior Report

    Arizona in November

    At 7 AM this morning, two days before race day, the temperature is 48 degrees.

    By any standard, this is cold for the start of the race. Add that the temperature of the water is only 64 degrees and you start to wonder what your thinking was that you were going to be racing in the heat.

    I don't like cold water. I did Muskoka one year- June in Ontario. The stated water temperature was 54 degrees and this was, if canadians are capable of such things, a lie. I was disoriented when I exited the water.

    This is nowhere near that bad, but swimming without a wetsuit yesterday, I wasn't too happy.

    Of course, the truth is there will be 'heat', which is to say that it will get up into the mid-to-upper seventies during the bike and the run. And with the stronger sun here, it will get hot. I certainly was sweating in the middle of the day while I was standing around waiting for my bike, which TriBike Transport did a great job getting here.

    Overall the village was very well organized and if everyone had not wanted to check in at the athlete registration at 10AM yesterday, which is no fault of the venue, things would have been perfect.

    But the four hours I spent at the village waiting for one thing or another did make it clear- it will be hot. Just not in the water or at the beginning of the bike...

    PS- the race does not climb that hill. It's just a cool hill. Maybe I'd place better if we did climb it

    This Weekend Warrior Report is contributed by Alan MacDougal
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  • Extreme Kellie: Rock Climbing

    It's 50 feet up, but it feels like 500 feet!!!

    I went rock climbing outdoors for the first time and let me tell you... no part of it was easy!  From hiking up a tough trail in Golden...

    To picking the perfect day....

    And finding the perfect rock wall to climb...

    I was scared to pull my entire body weight straight up the side of this huge rock and try to make it to the top! 

    Denver Adventures has certified guides who essentially walk you through the whole experience in a safe way.  We had a blast talking about the sport and working with each other on the climb. 

    They provided all the gear and hooked me up to the lines that are attached to anchors already set in the rock.  One step at a time, I tried to use the "80/20 rule"... use 80% legs and 20% arms to pull myself up. 

    Remember, my photographer has to follow me (with ALL that heavy gear!) to get the great shots.  It was tough for Peter, too!

    I made it all the way to the top!  What an adrenaline rush and an accomplishment to stand that high up and look down from where I started.  All the people and trees and cars seemed like ants from way up there!  If you've ever had the inclination to do this... I highly recommend it and I'd do it all over again. 

    I may see you out there!

    Watch our full story in the coming weeks on The Deuce at 7pm!  

  • Extreme Kellie: Parkour!

    Have you ever seen those guys jumping off of buildings and swinging from railings like Spiderman?  Then you've probably heard of a popular sport called Parkour.

    The official definition from the American Parkour website says, "Parkour is the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one's path by adapting one's movements to the environment."  It's a lot like gymnastics, martial arts, break dancing, track and field, and rock climbing wrapped into one.  Basically, the goal is train your body to be better than it was the day before.

    I met with the owners of Apex Movement in Denver... it's a gym based around learning Parkour moves.  They have climbing walls, pads, balance bars, vaults, you name it!  Ryan Ford told me that they train people using "baby steps" and you basically work your way up to overcome huge obstacles.

    Just to see the kinds of things they can do was amazing!  Running, jumping, climbing, flipping out of windows... unreal!  It takes serious physical endurance, flexibility and a positive mind set.

    I started out on the ground level, doing basic moves like balancing and jumping over hurdles.

    I admit, when I looked at the video I looked pretty ridiculous, but I think over time I could really get the hang of it.  And the best part, it was a great work out!

    Watch our full story (and their super cool moves) Thursday night at 7pm on The Deuce!

  • 30 Days of Awesome - Day 7

    The challenge has been catching on and everyday more and more people are beginning their own 30 day journey, some even winning free Vitalyte. For those of you who have been following this campaign so far we at Vitalyte want to thank you and ask that you help spread the word even more. OK, enough shop talk.

    I am now one week into my own 30 Days of Awesome Challenge and it has been... well it has been awesome. The difficult part is really planning ahead and making sure that there is something fun scheduled for each and every day, or if there is something planned, trying to get the weather to cooperate. It is amazing how quickly time can pass without anyone really knowing it. Next thing you know the summer is over and you're left wondering what happened to all the plans you made but never got to. I have certainly done that on more than one occasion and this challenge has really made a big difference in my summer.

    Take the challenge - there is still plenty of summer left.

    So back to Day 7. I recently tore all the ligaments in my foot in a freak mud wrestling accident. Ok, it was really a softball game but the mud wrestling sounds so much better don't you think? Anyway, the damage is done and I have to have surgery, which I have postponed till after the summer where I'm hoping I will have enough time to recover before ski season begins. Anyway, as a result of this injury my summer sports schedule has suffered a bit. Yesterday was one of the first decent days I have had on the water since the injury and is hence my topic for the day.

    The lakes in Colorado tend to fill up quickly on the weekends and so if you desire to get anything resembling decent water, you need to be on it by 7:00am. Any time after that and you'll be skiing or boarding in what can only be described as tsunami like swells, complements of the vast number of boats they allow on the lake. (Way to many in my opinion) Luckily we were out early,  got some decent water and I had a great couple of runs, bad foot and all. The really great part of the day was watching two people who just began boarding this season really start to make some progress, and seeing a good friend hit his first 360 in the water. Congratulations Larry, Tami and Brian.

    The weather held, surprisingly enough, my friends had an awesome day and even as the day wore on and the water turned more to ocean chop than Colorado lake water, we all had some great runs. Wakeboarding is a lot of fun but part of that fun is really spending time with friends outdoors on the lake enjoying the day. And even if you have a bum foot, maybe you end with a photo worthy jump you can post on your blog the next day.

    So as I mentioned before, there is still a lot of summer left and I highly encourage you all to start your own 30 Days of Awesome, take some pictures and send them to me. I want to know how its going out there for you all.

    Have an awesome week everyone!

  • How to Get Rid of Hangovers?

    How to get rid of hangovers?I got introduced to Vitalyte a few years ago when I first started designing a website for them. I was lucky enough to bring home a box of free products when I started working with them and I must admit I have not had a traditional hangover since. Now I've really gone out and killed some brain cells a few nights and somehow remained coherent enough to mix a glass of Vitalyte before hitting the bed. I'll be straight up with you, while I still feel a little run down the next morning, I have no headache, and no "I want to die" feeling. This stuff really works, I've got all my friends hooked on it. I promise this will be the last shameless plug on here, but if I can save a few of you a bed ridden day - Why not?

    Looking forward to sharing some interesting things about art, design, music and all the other things that keep me moving. Thanks for stopping by!

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