Why Chia Seed Gel is Much More Than Just a Fad

chia seed gel


Perhaps you’ve heard about the hype surrounding chia seeds and chia seed gel, or perhaps you have become a fan yourself. Granted, there are a lot of nutritional “fads” out there. Remember olestra? And it wasn’t too long ago that every restaurant was advertising low carb options.

So it’s natural to be skeptical whenever a new food or nutrient starts taking the marketplace by storm. But before you write off chia seed gel as just the latest dietary trend, consider just a few of the reasons why this amazing superfood is different, and then check out our delicious Chia Surge, the ultimate in chia gel nutrition.

Historical Significance

Chia seed gel isn’t some wild frankenfood that was whipped up in a lab. Chia seeds, even in their gel form, have been cultivated for about as long as civilizations have existed. The ancient Aztec and Maya civilizations consumed chia as a staple food more than 5,000 years ago, and would soak the seed in water to create the familiar gel. Chia gel requires no chemical processes or artificial cooking methods. The seeds are so highly absorbent that they require nothing more than water.

Nutritional Value

Let’s face it. Most nutritional fads are questionable at best. That’s why they don’t stand the test of time. Sooner or later, people get wise to the sometimes severe health ramifications. But there is no question about the nutritional value of chia seed gel. Chia seed gel is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants. The gel also aids in digestion, and helps the body to more effectively metabolize carbohydrates, slowing their conversion into sugar. Chia seed gel can enhance your energy, mood, stamina and focus, and due to the ample amount of fiber, can even help you to manage your appetite.

Universal Praise

Diet fads and nutrition fads are always controversial, because where some medical professionals see value, others see immense danger. But leading medical professionals are in agreement about the benefits of chia seed gel. Dr. Mehmet Oz, Dr. Andrew Weil, The New York Times, and Time Magazine are just some of the sources that have spoken about the immense wonders of chia.

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