Tales from the Wave ... A Chia Surge Story

What's up ladies and germs. Josh here. I know what most of you are thinking - I'm a marathon runner/triathlete/sprinter/body screen-shot-2012-05-30-at-70958-pmbuilder/insert bad ass sport here - what can this grom teach me? That my friends is why I'm here - to enlighten you and open your eyes to the wild wonder of chia surge and how it can help you kick butt - no matter your sport of choice.

I started surfing when I was a kid and basically haven't stopped since. It's not seen as an endurance sport - shock gasp - but let me tell you, when you're out there for 4 hours day in day out, let me tell you, endurance plays a roll. I got hurt a few months back and had to lay off the waves for a while and when I finally got back out there - I was truly surprised at how slowly my body seemed to respond. I was exhausted in a fraction of the time I used to be and I won't lie to you - I was beyond frustrated.

After having lunch with a good friend of mine - who happens to be a die hard cyclist and a huge Vitalyte advocate, he threw some of this stuff called Chia Surge my way and told me to take it before hitting the waves the next day. Aside from not thinking about Chia in any other form than the pets of yesteryear, I had never taken anything to keep my body going while surfing or doing anything really. Regardless, I was desperate so I tried it.

I'm not a believer in this type of thing and honestly, aside from thinking twice that I coincidentally had an awesome day the day I took chia surge - I wasn't convinced. Two days later, I went out again - sans surge - and was horribly tired and even more frustrated. The third time - this time with chia - I became a believer.

This stuff is all natural and kicks in immediately. You feel it enhancing the natural awesomeness you were born to share and that's what I'm looking for. Be it on the road, in the gym, or tearing up the waves, Chia Surge is my new thing and you should probably give it a whirl.

To the surf and seeds,


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