Electrolyte Replacement Drinks vs Fruit Juices

fruit juice vs electrolyte drinks fruit juice vs electrolyte drinks

When you find electrolyte replacement drinks for sale on your local store shelf, what do you see?  Many people view them as nothing more than fancy fruit juices. But there are some very important distinctions to be made between fruit juices and electrolyte drinks. At Vitalyte, we specialize in some of the best, expertly-formulated electrolyte drinks available, like our Complete Recovery and Tri-Phase Endurance. Check them out for yourself and see what sets them apart from your average fruit juices, and even your average electrolyte replacement drinks.

Fruit Juices

A fruit juice is a generic term for any sweet, fruit-flavored or fruit-based drink. Fruit juices must be derived—at least in small part—from natural juices, while fruit-flavored sodas rely on carbonation and artificial flavors. The most prominent ingredients in a fruit juice may be natural or artificial, and may include sugar or artificial sweeteners. In general, a fruit juice may contain a few vitamins or minerals, but it is not specifically designed to promote health or athletic performance. Quite often, fruit juices are just loaded with empty calories, comparable to soft drinks.

Electrolyte Replacement Drinks

Electrolyte replacement drinks, like fruit juices, often rely on fruit flavors, sometimes natural and sometimes artificial. Electrolyte replacement drinks do not require fruit flavoring, but these flavors tend to make the drinks more enjoyable, and natural fruits provide essential vitamins and minerals that promote good health.

Just to be clear, not all electrolyte replacement drinks are the same. One of the reasons why the “electrolyte drinks vs fruit juice” debate is so confusing is because many poor quality electrolyte drinks offer little more than your typical supermarket fruit juice. The only difference is that the electrolyte drinks are specifically equipped with electrically-charged minerals that the body needs, like sodium and potassium. Aside from that, a poor quality electrolyte drink may consist of little more than sugar and water.

Choosing an Electrolyte Drink

When shopping for electrolyte drinks, always check the ingredients. Make sure that the drink has plenty of vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients, and only a minimal amount of sugar. If you need some ideas for high-quality electrolyte drinks, check out our Complete Recovery and Tri-Phase Endurance, both of which have everything you need, and none of the junk that pollutes most commercial energy drinks and sports drinks.

So shop today and get the best in electrolyte replacement drinks. Whether you’re a hard-sweating athlete or just someone looking for a delicious, nutritious beverage, Vitalyte has what you need to stay hydrated and maintain peak performance. Shop now.

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