Our Name

Your name is just as important as the products it represents. A company name becomes more than just a title, but a way of life — a philosophy to live by. We were looking for a name that truly represented our products, our mission, and our customers. Why we chose the name “Vitalyte™”. A fitting name being that we replenish electrolytes — the most vital components in the hydration equation.

In the spirit of health and hydration, remember: “Life is calling. Answer with Vitalyte.™

Things to love about Vitalyte:

  • No Artificial Flavor and No Artificial Coloring No Preservatives and No After Taste

  • Low Calories, Low Sugar, Low Sodium

  • Light on the stomach and less sweet than other sport drinks

  • On-the-go convenient packets fit perfectly in bottled water

  • Made almost entirely of glucose sugar for super fast absorption

  • Isotonic drink with the perfect sodium/potassium blend

  • Environmentally and community conscious company

  • One taste and you’ll be a customer for life…