Tri-Phase Mandarin Flavor, 24ct Stick Pack Box

Tri-Phase Mandarin Flavor, 24ct Stick Pack Box

Product code:TRIMSP024

Vitalyte Tri-Phase Pre-Workout Endurance Fuel Drink Mix in watermelon flavor is the world's first 3-stage endurance fuel formulated for MAXIMUM athletic performance.
Tri-Phase Endurance is a scientifically designed formula to help the modern athlete achieve success in practice and competition. With a healthy mixture of amino acids, electrolytes and our unique blend of fast and slow acting carbs, Tri-Phase keeps you going mile after mile. When it comes to nutrition other sports drinks contain excess sugar and empty calories, but you can have confidence in knowing that Vitalyte promotes peak performance without any added junk.
What it does
Vitalyte Tri-Phase Pre-Workout Endurance Fuel Drink Mix helps you buffer lactic acid for improved performance and faster recovery, and with a potent dose of B vitamins you can be sure to stay focused and mentally tough. The patented blend of ingredients allows muscles to push longer, harder and faster, all while delivering the necessary blend of electrolytes and free radical terminating antioxidants.
Combine 1 stick of Vitalyte Sports Nutrition’s Tri-Phase Endurance with 16 oz of cold water and mix until completely dissolved. For best results, consume 30 minutes before workout or competition.

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  • 1. When to Take – Tri-Phase works best if consumed 30 minutes prior to a workout or competition.
  • 2. Is the Tingle Normal- Paresthesia is a harmless tingling sensation that many people feel after ingesting Tri-Phase Endurance. Many people like the sensation because it helps them feel that the supplement is working.
  • 3. How Does Tri-Phase Work? – Tri-Phase Endurance is the world’s first three stage endurance fuel. By combining B Vitamins and fast acting carbs, beta alanine and histidine to buffer lactic acid, a Palatinose for extreme prolonged energy, Tri-Phase Endurance is the perfect 3 stage endurance fuel to get you off the blocks quick and keep you going mile after mile.
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