Raspberry Chia Surge - 24pack

Raspberry Chia Surge - 24pack

Product code:GELRS24

Chia Surge Energy Gel in all natural raspberry flavor is the first Chia Seed superfood sport performance product that provides the health benefits of Chia seeds in (24) convenient single-serving energy gel packs.

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  • 1. How often can I take Chia Surge? Unlike other gels that require you to talk empty sugars and calories every 30 minutes, Chia Surge is designed to give you prolonged energy. Take Chia Surge every 1.5 hours of heavy exertion for maximum benefit.
  • 2. Why am I tingling? The lactic acid buffering combination of beta alanine and BCAA’s create a tingling sensation in nearly half of all users. This tingling sensation is nothing more than Chia Surge buffering lactic acid and allowing you to push harder, longer and faster. If you are one of the lucky ones that feels the tingle, embrace this pleasant feeling and know that you are passing people on the trail or course who decided on a gel that didn’t allow them to Feel the Surge!
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