Complete Recovery 24 Count Stick Pack Box

Complete Recovery 24 Count Stick Pack Box

Product code:RECSP024

Complete Recovery redefines what recovery means post workout or competition. By understanding the many needs of the Ultimate Athlete, Vitalyte Sports Nutrition has designed the most advanced Recovery Formula on the market.

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  • 1. When to Take – Take immediately after a workout or competition for best results.
  • 2. Why isn’t there any protein in Recovery – Although protein is essential to the recovery process, protein synthesis cannot begin until your body has replaced muscle glycogen and balanced electrolytes. VSN’s Complete Recovery helps do just that and so much more. By flushing lactic acid, controlling inflammation with SuperOxide Dismutase and repairing joint and ligament damage with a vegetarian source of glucosamine, Complete Recovery is the fastest most effective way for your body to recover after a heavy workout or competition.
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