Tri-Phase Endurance Mandarin Orange Flavor

Tri-Phase Endurance Mandarin Orange Flavor

Product code:TRIMO001

Our pre-workout endurance fuel drink mix is the first in the world to be made as a 3-stage product to deliver maximum results. The mandarin orange flavor makes boosting your athletic performance even easier!

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  • 1. When to Take – Tri-Phase works best if consumed 30 minutes prior to a workout or competition.
  • 2. Is the Tingle Normal- Paresthesia is a harmless tingling sensation that many people feel after ingesting Tri-Phase Endurance. Many people like the sensation because it helps them feel that the supplement is working.
  • 3. How Does Tri-Phase Work? – Tri-Phase Endurance is the world’s first three stage endurance fuel. By combining B Vitamins and fast acting carbs, beta alanine and histidine to buffer lactic acid, a Palatinose for extreme prolonged energy, Tri-Phase Endurance is the perfect 3 stage endurance fuel to get you off the blocks quick and keep you going mile after mile.
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