Team Vitalyte Victories

Soren Thompson

2004 Olympian Mens Fencing Team
#3 Rated US Mens Epeeist, World Champion Finalist

Soren Thompson, a native of San Diego and current resident of New York, is a two-time US Olympian, seven-time US World Championship Team Member, and seven-time US National Champion. He graduated from Princeton University in 2005 and is currently an MBA-candidate at Columbia University.

All results below were achieved while hydrating with Vitalyte!

  • Best Individual World Ranking: 7th in 2012
  • Best Team World Ranking: 1st 2012-2013
  • Best Individual results:

  • 1st 2011 Zonal Championships
  • 1st 2012 Zonal Championships
  • 7th 2004 Olympics
  • 8th 2003 World Championships
  • 3rd 2011 Stockholm Grand Prix World Cup
  • 1st 2011 US National Championships
  • 1st 2001 NCAA Championships
  • Best Team results:

  • 1st 2012 Team World Championships (first US men’s fencing team to win a World Championship)
  • 1st 2011 Pan American Games
  • 1st 2011 Zonal Championships

  • Jason Helwig

    US Navy Seal

    I have been using Gookinaid™ products for about seven years now, and I will continue to use them for as long as I can drink from a glass. One instance stands out in my memory, when Gookinaid Vitalyte™ kept me going.

    I was involved in Special Forces Parachute training in the desert Southwest in August. We had completed four combat equipment jumps, starting at 3 am, when the instructors decided to take us for a ten mile run. It was now 2 pm, and the temperature was hovering around 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun was beating down, the air very dry, and guys were dropping out left and right. I managed to stay with the instructor, without cramping up, mainly because I had Gookinaid Vitalyte in my Camelback. When my supply went dry, I lasted about a mile more, then I started cramping up. Luckily, that was the end of the run. I immediately replenished my supply, and even passed the bottle around to help others rehydrate.

    I fully believe Gookinaid Vitalyte sustained me through that evolution. I remained clear headed, hydrated, and energized. This is only one of many times it has kept me going. I have also used it in adventure racing, with the same outstanding results. I will be using Gookinaid Vitalyte for the rest of my life.

    Thank you very much for putting forth a product that performs as advertised.

    Jason Helwig
    U.S. Navy SEAL

    US Olympic Race Walking Team, U.S. 50 km Walk Champion, U.S. 15-km Walk Champion

    “I have been using the Vitalyte™ every day and in both those events with great success. Almost all my workouts I’ve been using the drink during and also weighing in and weighing out and then replacing my sweat loss with Vitalyte. My recovery and ability to train has greatly improved and my muscles feel much better. I’ve also started really monitoring my carbohydrate intake so the combination of monitoring fluids and carbs seems to have really done the trick.

    The best part is that in the last 50km I had no stomach distress at all. In the race at about 17km I was feeling a bit out of it and figured I had not kept up on fluid intake so took in 17 oz on one lap with no problems at all and felt better by the next lap. I’ve determined my sweat rate to be up to 2.5 liters per hour so in-taking large amounts of fluid is pretty important and will likely be more important in summer events. Vitalyte Citrus has worked great as it really goes down easily. So I just wanted to forward you the latest results and let you know how well things are going. I am drinking a lot of the product, so after this weekend’s race I am almost out of powder. Oh, which also reminds me — two cross country flights and no illness - drinking 32 oz plus onboard fluids each flight segment has also really helped the last two trips.

    Anyway, thanks so much for all your help and for helping me get back on track. I plan on making Vitalyte a permanent part of my training/racing strategy as it has worked wonders for me.”

    Thanks, Curt Clausen

    2004 Olympian Mens Fencing Team; #1 Rated US Men’s Epeeist; Double World Cup Medalist

    “I find that when I drink Vitalyte™ before a competition that I can compete at a much higher level. In addition, after competition I recover more quickly.

    While training in the Californian desert Vitalyte was the only thing that could keep me hydrated in the intense heat.

    I use Vitalyte during competition, training, and daily life. Living at altitude dehydrates me very quickly, but Vitalyte for me is the best way to stay hydrated. I also prefer the flavors to other sports drinks and/or plain water.”

    ~ Seth Kelsey

    James Duckworth

    2008 Australia Junior Davis Cup Team; ITF Junior Champion - Malaysia, Philippines

    "As tennis players we follow the summer around the world, therefore we are often playing in hot conditions. I'm a heavy sweater so when you combine that with the conditions I play in I am constantly losing fluids when I'm playing and training. I need the best products to replace all the fluids I'm losing.

    I have tried lots of different electrolyte drink mixes and I have found vitalyte to be the best. Vitalyte contains all the essential electrolytes I need whilst also having a sensational taste."

    ~ James Duckworth

    Rajeev Ram

    10 ATP World tour titles

    Rajeev Ram was born March 18, 1984 in Denver, Colo., and began playing tennis with his dad at age 4. Rajeev soon became a talented junior player. He spent most of his childhood living and training in Carmel, Ind., where he played on the Carmel High School tennis team and won a state singles title. Rajeev also traveled the world playing junior tournaments. He won nine national titles and played in all four Grand Slam junior events. He and Brian Baker were junior doubles finalists at Wimbledon in 2002.

    After high school, Rajeev accepted a tennis scholarship to the University of Illinois. He helped the Illini go 32-0 and claim the NCAA team title. He and his doubles partner, Brian Wilson, also won the NCAA doubles title. He left Illinois after one semester and turned pro in 2004.

    Rajeev has won 10 ATP World Tour Titles — eight in doubles and two in singles — and has held top-100 rankings in singles and doubles. He also has won seven ATP Challenger Tour singles titles and 27 ATP Challenger Tour doubles titles. Rajeev has reached the doubles quarterfinals of the Australian Open, Roland Garros and Wimbledon, and in 2014, he reached the doubles semifinals of the U.S. Open. One of his career highlights was winning both the singles and doubles titles at the 2009 Campbell’s Hall of Fame Tennis Championships in Newport, R.I. During that tournament, he accomplished another rare feat: winning four pro tennis matches in one day. He again won the singles title at Newport in 2015.

    When he’s not playing on the tour, Rajeev splits his time between Indiana and California. He likes to spend time with his family and friends and play golf. He also does volunteer work for his charity, EntouRaj for Kids.

    ~ Rajeev Ram

    Treat Huey

    Ranked in the top 25 in the world for doubles by the ATP

    I never drink anything other than Vitalyte on the court anymore. It tastes great and keeps me really well hydrated in practice and in all my matches. On the court I feel great because of Vitalyte.

  • Top 100 doubles player
  • Big star in the Philippines
  • Great Personality
  • ~ Treat Huey

    Ishe Smith

    Nickname: Sugar Shay

    Proud Las Vegas, Nevada native Ishe “Sugar Shay” Smith is a junior middleweight fighter who carries the burden of boxing excellence on his back having grown up in the boxing mecca of the world.

    A talented counter-puncher with first-rate defensive skills, Smith’s professional career began on July 29, 2000 by way of TKO against Jose Meraz in round three of four. He would fight 14 more times before facing Randall Bailey on January 15, 2004 for the vacant WBC Continental Americas welterweight, vacant USBA welterweight, and vacant WBO NABO welterweight titles. Bailey would get knocked down in round two, ultimately solidifying Smith’s UD victory at the Chumash Casino in California. In addition, Smith competed on the first season of popular reality TV show “The Contender” in 2004 and fought 13 more opponents racking up a 23-5 record before he would get his opportunity at distinction.

    As a free agent in 2012, Smith would frequent the Mayweather Boxing Gym, often inquiring about opportunities in which he could showcase his talents. His persistence and ambition to realize his potential eventually culminated in a career altering call from famed trainer caretaker at the gym, Cornelius “Boza” Edwards. Boza offered Smith a chance to be Floyd’s sparring partner for his upcoming May 5, 2012 fight against Miguel Cotto. While sparring, Floyd immediately noticed Smith’s boxing acumen, remarking that he didn’t understand how Smith wasn’t a champion already. Soon thereafter, he signed Smith to Mayweather Promotions and promised to get him his shot at boxing glory.

    True to Floyd’s word, Smith would get his chance when he faced Conrnelius Bundrage in the IBF Light Middleweight title fight on February 23, 2013 in Detroit. Smith capitalized, winning the bout by UD and making history in the process. “No one can ever take the history we made away, you can rewrite a lot of things, but you cannot rewrite history, we made history on that night in February. I became the first native of Las Vegas to win a world boxing championship,” Smith exclaimed. Nevertheless, being a champ comes with onerous responsibility of defending your belt. Well-credentialed fighter Carlos Molina challenged Smith in a hard-fought brawl for his newly earned title on September 14, 2013 and succeeded by way of split decision. Smith might admit disappointment, but a defeat as close as the one he experienced either makes you quit or makes you stronger; he chose the latter. Although he fought hard in the WBA World Super Welterweight title fight on December 12, 2014, Smith was unable to overcome his opponent Erislandy Lara. Smith didn’t focus on the loss or what could have been. Instead he prepared for his next opportunity. On April 30, 2015, Smith bounced back from his defeat and reigned victorious in the 10-round brawl against Cecil McCalla where he won by unanimous decision. He made two appearances in the ring since his bout against McCalla, the first did not end in his favor when he lost by majority decision against Vanes Martirosyan at the MGM Grand on September 12th, 2015. In true “Sugar Shay” fashion, he once again took that defeat and used it as motivation to come back stronger by stopping his next opponent, Tommy Rainone, by unanimous decision in a 10 round showdown at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, NV on December 18th, 2015.

    A devoted Christian who wears Psalm 27 on the back of his trunks as well as on his neck, Smith is inspired by two main goals: to provide for his family and to do Gods work. As a father of six children, he spends his free time partaking in their zest for life or he’s at the local high school coaching youth football acting as agent of change in a young person’s life. Smith says he would be playing soccer or be an endurance jogger – he can run for hours – if he wasn’t a boxer. One might find it interesting that Smith prefers to wear all of his socks inside out. Why you may ask? Because he is certain that they are just more comfortable that way!

    In addition, Smith also enjoys giving back to the community and has avidly worked on continuing his charity work over the years—a commitment earning him his own city-wide day of service. On February 23, 2013, Ishe Smith was advised by Regina Coward-Holman of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department and President of the Black Police Association that, on behalf of the City of Las Vegas, that February 23rd would officially be named “Ishe ‘Sugar Shay’ Smith Day. Ever since, Smith devotes his day to servicing the community.

    Presently, Ishe Smith is trained by Eddie Mustafa Muhammad and is confident that the momentum he has forged thus far will yield even more opportunities that boxing historians will inscribe into their books.

  • Nickname: Sugar Shay
  • Stance: Orthodox
  • D.O.B: July 22, 1978
  • Residence: Las Vegas, NV
  • ~ Ishe Smith

    Asia Muhammad

    WTA Doubles Ranking of 44 in the World

    Asia Muhammad is our newest Team Vitalyte member. This 26 year old Las Vegas, Nevada resident holds a career high WTA doubles ranking of 44 in the world. Asia started playing tennis at the young age of 9 and hasn’t looked back since the day she picked up a racquet. Her tennis idols include Andre Agassi and Serena Williams. Her brother, Shabazz Muhammad, plays in the NBA for the Minnesota Timberwolves while her younger brother Rashad plays basketball for the University of Miami. We’d say sports are in the family! Good luck this season Asia.

    ~ Asia Muhammad

    Tristan Boyer

    Tristan Boyer
    One Of America's Top Ranked Juniors

    Tristan Boyer is one of America’s rising tennis stars. At just 16 years of age, this Southern Californian has an ITF junior world ranking of 200. He was also the youngest American to qualify for the 2017 junior Australian Open, and was a member of the 2017 US Junior Davis Cup team. Not too many sophomores in high school can say they have traveled to eleven countries in the last year playing tournaments. While Tristan is no doubt a standout player, he is not the only one in the Boyer family with athletic prowess. His sister was a PAC-12 Champion in the high jump for the UCLA Bruins.

    When Tristan is not on the court, he is working hard taking care of his body and studying at Stanford Univeristy’s On-line High School. He is also a huge advocate for athlete nutrition and follows his parents advice, “You are what you eat.” This up and coming tennis sensation enjoys Vitalyte because “It has given me the energy I need to sustain me through my long training days, but also to still feel energetic and focused enough for my rigorous online classes.”

    ~ Tristan Boyer

    Beau Treyz

    Beau Treyz
    Ranked #1502 in the ATP World Rankings

    Beau is a professional tennis player from Jacksonville, Florida ranked #1502 in the ATP World Rankings. He graduated from the University of Nebraska, where he won the 2014 Big Ten Doubles Championship, and has been playing professionally ever since. While at Nebraska he started his podcast, “What Do You Get?”, because he wanted athletes to be seen in a new light. Focusing on the person and not their results, “What Do You Get?”, has guests from all sports and different levels of success including Rich Gannon, former NFL MVP and Andrew White III, shooting guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers. Beau records a new episode each week, so listening is a great way to keep up with his career and travels as well as learning more about the personal life of your favorite athletes!

    ~ Beau Treyz