Vitalyte Helps Hydrate During Pregnancy and Morning Sickness

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Pregnancy and Vitalyte In 1974, I was taking questions after speaking at a running symposium, when Chuck Smead, a world-class marathoner, and his wifeCarol told me "We've got a new use for Gookinaid for you!" I'd heard so many new uses by that time that I was certain that I'd heard them all, but I was going to act surprised to make them feel good. When Nancy said "morning sickness!" my jaw dropped. But, after a few seconds of thought, it sank in that it made sense. The hormone changes of pregnancy are causing changes in electrolyte balance, especially potassium, and fluid retention so that the mother is losing fluids to the tissues and effectively removing it from circulation.This, plus a disinclination to drink too much because of the pressure on the bladder, results in chronic dehydration, one of the symptoms of which is nausea. The developing fetus is pulling glucose from the mother's system and, by morning, she is dehydrated and has low blood sugar. No wonder she's nauseous!

Carol said that she had morning sickness so bad that she couldn't keep anything down until she'd been nibbling on crackers and sipping weak tea until noon. Even at that, she was almost non-functional all day. She recalled that Chuck had used Gookinaid to settle his stomach when he had the flu and that he had recovered really fast, so she tried some. Not only did it stay down but, after two or three glasses, she said that she felt well enough to have some scrambled eggs. When I tell this to birthing classes, the expressions on the faces of the mothers-to-be tells me what they think of the thought of scrambled eggs in their condition!

When she went into labor, Carol took along Vitalyte and, after checking the ingredients, the doctor agreed that it would be just what she needed; like an oral IV. Since then, thousands of women have reported wonderful success with Vitalyte, in reducing, or even completely quelling the nausea and malaise of morning sickness and making them much more functional. Many have also had great success with Vitalyte keeping them hydrated during labor. They have had very positive results, even in some very prolonged situations where they would ordinarily have needed intravenous fluids.

But, don't take my word. Here is what a few ob-gyn doctors, nurses and midwives have to say:

"I continue to be impressed with the results of electrolyte replacement drink in pregnancy (both for pre-eclampsia ... and for nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy). Highly recommend Vitalyte as the best available."

~ Dr. Maissa Glamadar, MD, Ob-Gyn

"I am very impressed with the successful use of Vitalyte for fluid and electrolyte replacement in labor, often in cases in which the only recourse would have been intravenous fluids"

~ Dr. Jonathan McCormick, MD, Ob-Gyn

"We have now successfully used Vitalyte for treating morning sickness (including hyperemesis with twins), pre-term labor (by correcting fluid and electrolyte imbalance) and pre-eclampsia (for increasing fluid volume and sodium intake). I am very pleased, don't care if we ever create an RCT to "properly" study it all, am willing to go with limited "N" and the good results we keep getting!"

~Marla Hicks, RN, midwife

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