Vitalyte’s electrolyte replacement drink formula contains the perfect combination of glucose and electrolytes that gives Vitalyte an absorption rate faster than any other drink on the market, including water.


Tri-Phase Endurance is the World's FIRST 3 stage endurance fuel formulated for MAXIMUM results. With a healthy mixture of amino acids, electrolytes, and our unique blend of fast and slow acting carbs, Tri-Phase keeps you going mile after mile.


Complete Recovery redefines what recovery means post workout or competition. Complete Recovery provides fast acting muscle recovery, glycogen and electrolyte replacement, advanced joint recovery and immune support.


Electrolyte Replacement Drink Runner

Electrolyte Replacement Drink Runner

Most people are well familiarized with the notion of hydration, but only a few of them know what electrolytes are, how they function and why they are essential to our daily functioning. There is no question that an active lifestyle goes a long way regarding both immediate and future health benefits, but there are entirely a few aspects that need to be taken into account when it comes to optimizing the process. Vitalyte Sports Nutrition is interested in promoting one of the best strategies for increasing physical performance – electrolytes.

An electrolyte replacement drink for a runner is the perfect addition to an intense, physically active sports schedule, not only for keeping you safe from dehydration and its impending side-effects but also for allowing you to increase your performances efficiently. And you need electrolyte replacement whenever sustained physical activity is involved.

Runners especially are in need of constant hydration and electrolyte intake, because, when subjected to high temperatures or intense mechanical effort (or both) the body will begin to eliminate sodium and other salts through sweat. Drinking only water may not be enough, especially when the sodium loss is accentuated. Only an electrolyte solution could restore the balance, allow muscles to recover and regain their efficiency and prevent and treat symptoms of dehydration.

Hydrate your body like a pro

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to develop a healthy, fit body, remain healthy for more extended and harness more stamina, resilience, strength, and energy. But all of your efforts (carefully planned workout schedule, a balanced nutritional plan, a well-organized sleeping program and so on) will pale when lacking an effective electrolyte replacement drink for a runner.

Running is probably the most popular way of losing weight, gaining endurance and stamina and remaining active until old ages. But, despite being a common, apparently accessible to abide-by activity, running does take a toll on our organisms. Especially when we tend to be careless about essential aspects like the proper liquid intake.

The main problem with dehydration and insufficient electrolyte levels are that, at first, the symptoms are not as noticeable. Experiencing a mild thirst and a drier-than-usual mouth is familiar with early signs of dehydration, but most people tend to ignore them, especially when involved in against-the-clock activities like running, cycling or competing in any physically demanding sport.

But ignoring the symptoms can quickly cause several impediments, including:

- Increased fatigue and a feeling of muscle weakness

- Muscle spasms or cramps

- Abdominal pain

- Irregular heartbeat and a faster heart rate

- Confusion and excessive sweating

These are just the minor ones, without mentioning more severe side-effects like convulsions, diarrhea and vomiting and even cardiac and neurological problems, culminating with coma and death. So, yes, an electrolyte replacement drink for a runner is crucial for not only maintaining overall health but for promoting an increased physical functioning as well.

Our bodies cannot function without electrolytes and we, at Vitalyte Sports Nutrition, aim to spread the news among the amateur athletes as well, those who, despite not being competitive, do aspire to gain more out of their efforts, as well as to stay healthy and active for longer.

Electrolyte Replacement Drink Runner
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Electrolyte Replacement Drink Runner Electrolyte Replacement Drink Runner

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