Vitalyte’s electrolyte replacement drink formula contains the perfect combination of glucose and electrolytes that gives Vitalyte an absorption rate faster than any other drink on the market, including water.


Tri-Phase Endurance is the World's FIRST 3 stage endurance fuel formulated for MAXIMUM results. With a healthy mixture of amino acids, electrolytes, and our unique blend of fast and slow acting carbs, Tri-Phase keeps you going mile after mile.


Complete Recovery redefines what recovery means post workout or competition. Complete Recovery provides fast acting muscle recovery, glycogen and electrolyte replacement, advanced joint recovery and immune support.


Electrolyte Replacement Drinks

Electrolyte Replacement Drinks

Whether you are a professional athlete, or an amateur trying to live a healthier, more active lifestyle, regular physical activity is precisely what you need. However, despite you being neither a professional nutritionist nor an expert in physical workouts, you do need to be aware of the main factors that could contribute to both your success and your demise. This is where we, at Vitalyte Sports Nutrition come in.

There is no doubt that adequate nutrition can make you or break you when it comes to adopting a schedule with regards to working our regularly and electrolyte replacement drinks are a crucial addition to the list. Electrolytes are substances that, when mixed in a solvent (especially liquid), create an electrically charged solution. It is this solution our bodies need in order to transfer electrical signals from the brain to the muscles.

Both the muscular cells and the neurons function pretty much the same. With regards to muscles, electrical signals are sent between the cells, causing a chain reaction and allowing the neurons to instill electrical signals into the muscles, commanding them to contract or relax, depending on the case. If the level of electrolytes is too low, the communication between the neurons, between the muscle cells and between the neurons and the muscle cells will malfunction, leading to muscle spasms and painful cramps.

But these are not the only side-effects. At a larger scale, electrolyte deficiency can even lead to death, when the favorable conditions are being met.

Using electrolytes to increase and maintain physical performance

Professional athletes use electrolyte replacement drinks every time they need to go through intense sessions of physical activity. This is what cyclists drink from those plastic recipients you see them throwing away afterwards. That’s because the main cause for electrolyte deficiency is dehydration. Dehydration is the process by which the body loses enough water for side-effects to become visible.

Depending on the degree of dehydration, the side-effects can be mild to severe, including: intense thirst, dry mouth, headaches and dizziness, fatigue, low urine output, with a more yellowish color to it, elevated heart rate, lethargy and coma and, in the last stage, seizures, shock and death.

This is why drinking water during intense workouts, especially in hot weather conditions, is not enough. What you actually need is an electrolyte solution to keep your muscles and brain functioning in peak conditions and protect you from the dangerous side-effects of dehydration.

The golden rule of a healthy, active lifestyle

During excessive physical activity, we may lose between 4 and 10 liters of water and approximately 3.500 to 7.000 mg of sodium. Restoring these values, when the situation isn’t urgent, can be easily done by means of adopting a normal eating and drinking diet. But if we need to do it urgently, in less than 24 hours, then electrolyte replacement drinks are a must.

With regards to their benefits, electrolyte drinks are simply vital, regardless whether you’re a professional athlete or a regular Joe. Vitalyte Sports Nutrition promotes performance and health, 2 notions often times intertwined and inseparable.

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Electrolyte Replacement Drinks Electrolyte Replacement Drinks

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