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Kids Electrolyte Drink

Kids Electrolyte Drink

If you thought whether you should sign your kid for a sport or not, it’s time to stop thinking now, because the answer is – yes, yes you should. Practicing a sport will teach your kid the value of teamwork, respect, humility, and determination and it will train his self-confidence and sportsmanship, qualities which will help him later in life. These are all essential aspects of sports, but there is one more we, at Vitalyte Sports Nutrition are more interested in – electrolytes.

A kids’ electrolyte drink comes with all the biological support the little ones need to remain active and, most importantly, safe. The problem with electrolytes and their effects are that they are not obvious. Most parents don’t know what electrolytes are, what roles they have, the benefits and risks of having too little or too much regarding quantity or the symptoms by which to identify deficiencies.

And among those that do know what they are, a good portion of them believe you can make your electrolyte drink at home, with just a bit of salt, sugar, some water, and some fruit juice. And that’s not how it works, because salt (sodium) is not the only electrolyte the body needs. Others are equally important, and they need to come in the right amounts for the body to function correctly.

The main electrolytes and their importance

A kids’ electrolyte drink should contain several key components, depending on the body’s needs:

1. Calcium

As a common knowledge, approximately 99% of all the calcium in the human body resides in the bones. So, where’s the rest of 1%? What’s not common knowledge is that calcium is also crucial for ensuring the proper functioning of the nervous system, improve and sustain muscle activity and prevent blood clotting, to only name the most important benefits.

2. Potassium

Potassium is one of the major components that work in ensuring the health of the nervous system, and it works in conjunction with sodium to support and maintain proper muscular functioning.

3. Chloride

This is another critical element whose effects depend on the levels of sodium as well. Its primary role is to regulate the pressure of various bodily liquids, including the blood and the extracellular and intracellular fluids.

4. Sodium

It can be found primarily in the blood and the lymph fluid, and it is a vital element for all living beings. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to control our levels of body water, our blood volume or our nerve and muscle functioning.

5. Magnesium

This element is needed to keep the immune system in check, protect the heart and contribute to the skeletal and teeth formation. One we simply couldn’t live without.

6. Phosphate

The second most common element in the human body, following calcium and with similar properties like supporting hair and bone growth, but also stimulate regenerative properties at the tissue level.

Naturally, a kids’ electrolyte drink, as those offered by us, at Vitalyte Sports Nutrition, needs to deliver a nutritional mix, containing the essential minerals and electrolytes, not only for improving and maintaining health but also for promoting athletic performances and brain functioning at the same time. Two things kids, in particular, need more than anything else.

Kids Electrolyte Drink
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Kids Electrolyte Drink Kids Electrolyte Drink

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