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Madison, WI

This is the right stuff - forget the ****aids and the other weird colored stuff. Hydralyte gives you the right amount of potassium, sodium and sugars to keep going when you are working hard in a dry environment.

I have been using it for more than 15 years, from the Grand Canyon to peaks in the Rockies to the Sonoara desert and nothing is better.

As with any other sugar-containing drink, make sure you sanitize your equipment as soon as possible after use - a touch of bleach or strong hydrogen peroxide solution does the trick

Wings 33
Encinitas, CA

I was really sick and was going through heavy treatments for my ovarian problems and he recommended this product to help with my dehydration. IT LITERALLY SAVED MY LIFE! And it got me through the day. Not only did it taste great, but it was great for me. With the almost entire glucose content and sodium/postassium make-up, Vitalyte was exactly what I needed, without all the stuff I didn't need to weigh me down and sit in my stomach. I have been an athlete my whole life and this is by far the most superior product I have ever come across. I am a brand loyalist for life!! It is my mission to tell everyone I can about this product. Thank you Bill Gookin! But, also thank you REI for carrying this product [...] To all who are reading, try it! You won't regret it. Hopefully it will make an impact on your life, as it has on mine. I drink it everyday and will continue for as long as I can. Cheers!!

Mtn. Rope Safety Courses
Signal Mountain, TN

I reccommend this product to rescuers in order to maintain proper electrolyte balance along with hydration! It has revived people on the trail, when they have become dehydrated and help support good hydration for rescuers during long mountain rescues. I like the orange best and drink it all day during the long hot days in the field.


This is the best hydration drink I've used. When I'm thirsty after a hard workout or race, nothing tastes better. Other sports drinks I've tried taste sickly sweet after a long hard run. I tend to trust my body, and I think that means something. Vitalyte is designed for performance, not as a soft drink.

I also use it for another purpose. A few years ago, I caught a bad virus and couldn't eat anything for three days straight. Vitalyte was the only thing my stomach could handle, and it got me through. Ever since, I use it to stay hydrated when I get sick.

Los Angeles, CA

Gookinaide, Hydralyte, Vitalyte....WHATEVER it is is great stuff! My marathon training group used this a few years ago- and by chance I tried it one day. Ever since, I stock up every time I'm in REI. SO much better than G**aide, probably more akin to their endurance blend. Citrus/orange flavors are light and easy when you just can't stand one more sweet thing in your mouth on a long, hot day. Perfect the day-after major training or events to restore your energy. I read on their web page about drining it when you have a cold or flu and now I do that too! I think my recovery time has significantly decreased.

I wish REI didn't always hide this stuff on the bottom shelf!


This stuff works! Unlike maltodextrin based sports drinks which give me severe stomach cramps, I can drink Vitalyte during strenuous exercise here in the deep South with no bad side effects. Vitalyte succeeds because it is glucose based = immediate stomach absorption. It is essential for hot weather exercise! 'Been using Gookinaid, Hydralyte, and now Vitalyte since the 70's.

Original Gatorade is nothing like what is sold in stores today; I ran track at the University of Florida during the original Gatorade developement as a glucose based drink with electrolytes. Now, it is not much more than sugar water with some salt.

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