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Vitalyte Testimonials

“I have been using the Vitalyte™ every day and in both those events with great success. Almost all my workouts I’ve been using the drink during and also weighing in and weighing out and then replacing my sweat loss with Vitalyte. My recovery and ability to train has greatly improved and my muscles feel much better. I’ve also started really monitoring my carbohydrate intake so the combination of monitoring fluids and carbs seems to have really done the trick.

The best part is that in the last 50km I had no stomach distress at all. In the race at about 17km I was feeling a bit out of it and figured I had not kept up on fluid intake so took in 17 oz on one lap with no problems at all and felt better by the next lap. I’ve determined my sweat rate to be up to 2.5 liters per hour so in-taking large amounts of fluid is pretty important and will likely be more important in summer events. Vitalyte Citrus has worked great as it really goes down easily. So I just wanted to forward you the latest results and let you know how well things are going. I am drinking a lot of the product, so after this weekend’s race I am almost out of powder. Oh, which also reminds me — two cross country flights and no illness – drinking 32 oz plus onboard fluids each flight segment has also really helped the last two trips.

Anyway, thanks so much for all your help and for helping me get back on track. I plan on making Vitalyte a permanent part of my training/racing strategy as it has worked wonders for me.” Thanks, Curt Clausen


US Olympic Race Walking Team, U.S. 50 km Walk Champion, U.S. 15-km Walk Champion

“I find that when I drink Vitalyte™ before a competition that I can compete at a much higher level. In addition, after competition I recover more quickly. While training in the Californian desert Vitalyte was the only thing that could keep me hydrated in the intense heat.

I use Vitalyte during competition, training, and daily life. Living at altitude dehydrates me very quickly, but Vitalyte for me is the best way to stay hydrated. I also prefer the flavors to other sports drinks and/or plain water.”


2004 Olympian Mens Fencing Team; #1 Rated US Men’s Epeeist; Double World Cup Medalist

“Since trying the product several months ago I’ve used Vitalyte™ during all my competitions and training sessions. I’ve been really impressed by the results. Staying hydrated is simply more comfortable and easier with this product. I especially like the absence of artificial flavors and colors, things which have turned me off more mainstream sports drinks in the past.”


2004 Olympian Mens Fencing Team; #1 Rated US Men’s Epeeist; Double World Champion Finalist

“I just started using Vitalyte™. I was amazed at how fast my body recovered from workout to the next while drinking Vitalyte. What impressed me the most was how good I felt after a 2-hour workout. Normally, my legs are sluggish and my energy is very low.

With Vitalyte in my system I feel as though I can go longer. I recover easier and I don’t worry about bonking during the workout. As an Olympic rower I stress my body daily. Our International races last a week in duration. It’s crucial that I am able to recover from one race to the next. I treat Vitalyte as my equipment — I wouldn’t train or race without it.

I am a lightweight rower, which means on race day my partner and I have to average 125.5 lbs. Neither one of us are that low naturally. So we diet pretty hard, and then sweat off a couple of lbs. the morning of weigh in. We weigh – in 2 hours prior to our race. Which means that I have to re-hydrate in a hurry. For Olympic trials I drank a quart of Vitalyte right after weigh in and then after racing. It was amazing how well I felt.”

Thank you again, Lisa Schlenker


2004 Olympic Team, Lightweight Double Indoor World Record Holder, 8 Time National Team Member

“We each drank at least a quart of Vitalyte™ each day…none of our team members ever experienced muscle soreness (even with 100-lb. packs) and we all had good adaptations to hard work in oxygen-rarified atmosphere at 20,000 feet. Vitalyte also played a vital role in the rescue of a survivor of another expedition … he would never have made it if Vitalyte weren’t an ‘Oral I.V.’!”


Mt. McKinley Expedition

“Breathing the dry air in a SCUBA tank used to leave me really dehydrated and with a splitting headache. Now I drink Vitalyte™ before and after dives and finish the day not at all dehydrated, much less fatigued and I don’t have the usual headache afterward. Diving is sure a lot more fun now!”


Scuba Diver

“We have been using your drink on all of our raft and hiking trips for many years. We don’t have to carry as much water with us ‘because our clients satisfy their thirst faster and end up not drinking as much. And they feel really fresh the next morning … lots less fatigue and sore, aching muscles!”.


Canyon Expeditions

I have been rescued and literally brought back to life numerous times thanks to Gookinaid Vitalyte™. I was diagnosed with Addison’s disease four years ago and I’m anemic. Before this diagnosis I was told I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My exhausted adrenal glands were causing my severe fatigue. If I get an infection or the flu this really throws off my electrolytes. I hope to help others discover the benefits of Vitalyte. In Canada. as well as the USA, it appears to be very difficult to diagnose Addison’s disease. Doctors don’t seem to check your adrenal glands. Big thanks to Dr. Carol Ann Ryser in Kansas City, Missouri at the Health Centers of America who strongly recommended your product and has treated me very well. I was truly blessed. I was wondering if you will be introducing a Vitalyte product for those who have sugar sensitivities? I would love to see a Vitalyte product with no sugar, as I am cursed with yeast infections and can have little to no sugar in my daily diet. I only wish I could buy your product in Canada. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and have yet to see your product anywhere.

Thanks for such a wonderful product. Sandy Dow



Hi Gookinaid!

I just wanted to tell you that you saved my Mt. Whitney trip! Our first night at 10,000 feet, I came down with horrible altitude sickness. For a while there we thought we were going to have to descend and six months of training would be down the drain. Luckily, my hiking buddy brought several packets of Vitalyte™ with her. I ended up drinking the entire packet, not realizing there were four servings in it, and after about an hour I felt so much better! Needless to say, our ascent continued and we summitted the mountain two days later. Thanks so much for such a wonderful product. I am now an avid fan!

Shelley Sizemore, Los Angeles



On Friday, July 13, 07, (my 75th birthday) my 13-year-old granddaughter Cassy and I hiked 6.5 miles into Humphreys Basin over Piute pass (11400ft.) in the Sierra Nevada range in California. We carried about 20 pounds each. We also both carried 2-liter water bladders with Gookinaid Vitalyte™ and fruit juice. At 75 years old I never could have done this without the Vitalyte. I also donate Platelets every 2 weeks at “City of Hope” cancer center in Duarte, Ca. The day before going there I drink Vitalyte to make sure I am well hydrated. Thanks to Bill Gookin for developing this product.

Russ Anderson, Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team


Search and Rescue Team My family and I have been using Gookinaid E.R.G.™ for many years.

Just wanted to send a quick note and thank Vitalyte™ for all it’s done the last 9 months (and more)! It has been very helpful when I had morning sickness and now that I am nursing my baby, it works awesome! I used it pre-pregnancy while running and training for the NYC marathon. I also occasionally work at a local running store, where I recommend your great product. Thanks again and feel free to add a new use on the container-for pregnancy and lactating!

Thank you. Erika Mitchell


Runner and New Mother

I never drink anything other than Vitalyte on the court anymore. It tastes great and keeps me really well hydrated in practice and in all my matches. On the court I feel great because of Vitalyte.


Ranked in the top 25 in the world for doubles by the ATP