What Vitalyte Are You

It's 6:00pm and your hopes of making it to your 6:15pm spin class are quickly fading as your inbox is feeling the insurgence of rapidly incoming "urgent" messages from your boss. You haven't left your cubicle yet today and it was dark when you unlocked the office door this morning, so you are starting to feel you are more suited to play in one of the upcoming Twilight movies rather than your current role as account executive. Work can have its challenges but keeping a healthy routine while still tending to all that your career demands doesn't have to be. Vitalyte offers the perfect natural sports drink for the work environment. Packed with all the essential electrolytes to keep you properly hydrated, and free from any artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, our electrolyte drink mix can bring something healthy to your long day behind the computer. So even if you can't make "Cardio Challenge and Arm Sculpt"; tonight, you can chill out knowing that your hydration needs are met the right way. Now back to the "urgent" emails.

Natural Sports Drink Work