Vitalyte Green - Natural Electrolytes are Just the Beginning

Vitalyte™ was founded on the premise of helping people stay hydrated, making it to finish lines, achieving personal victories and just getting through life. Today the same mission still stands. In fact, we recently stopped, took a deep breath and made some changes to how we operate as a company, as consumers and as people. Because in todays world it’s more apparent than ever that what comes around, goes around.

Vitalyte wants to make a difference and give back — doing something bigger than ourselves, and our little company. So, we’re proud to announce that we’re going green. We have decided to use recyclable containers and recycled paper in printing. Our employees have vowed to ride their bikes or run/walk to work at least once a week. We now use energy efficient lightning and have opted to bear Mother Nature without air conditioning. Little stuff we know, but our philosophy…every little bit helps. These little things in the end we hope inspire big things. Maybe motivate others to think about consumption and waste and do their part to reduce both. Or better yet, to help save the world and lives, all while doing what we love.

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