Meet The Brand Ambassadors

Vitalyte Brand Ambassadors are people who radiate Vitalyte energy inside out; they live it, breathe it, sweat it, and show it. Racers, runners, bikers, and more, they are the athletes who cross the finish line and make their marks. You see them standing on podiums, ranking high, and holding medals. Their endurance, agility, and strength are amazing, and if you ask them what contributes to their success, they'll tell you: it's Vitalyte.

Vitalyte Brand Ambassadors are the living proof that our product works, and they want it to make a difference for you, too. Vitalyte replenishes them, and they became Ambassadors to inspire you; and that's the way Vitalyte flows. Ladies and gentlemen, meet our Ambassadors.

Ryan Nolan:

Ryan NolanSince Ryan began racing in 2015 he has accumulated a national and a couple of Midwest regional championships.  This sport has always been more than just a hobby for him, it is a passion and a love. Some of the biggest challenges he faces in racing is maintaining energy and focus. As a racer he needs to have complete concentration and any distraction such as dehydration can be the difference between a victory and a loss. As Ryan says, “That is why I turn to Vitalyte, because I trust it will always work to help me maintain my focus whether I am training or competing.”


After dealing with some obesity through his high school years Ryan decided to become a more active individual.  Once in college he began training regularly. Since then he has continued to train in for many difference sports including weight lifting, swimming, biking, running and obstacle course events. “My personal goal is to always be active and train in various disciplines, so I can go out into the world know that my body is prepared for anything.” Ryan has always had a passion for helping others. That is why he is currently studying to become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Favorite Vitalyte Product: Fruit Punch Electrolyte Replacement



Derek Wimmer:

Derek WimmerDerek started his athletic career as a youth where he focused on competitive wrestling. Later in life he joined the military both to serve, and pursue his calling to medicine.  After twelve years of treating soldiers and jumping out of airplanes (which he loved), Derek retired from the military and pursued his career as an orthopedic physician assistant. It didn’t take him long to find that training for local 5k races was something he really enjoyed.


Within a few months, he started winning his age group. Six months into training, he completed his first sprint duathlon and was hooked. Derek now regularly wins his age group, and is training for the Duathlon National Championships Half Iron distance. “I routinely use Vitalyte to help myself pre-hydrate for my long training sessions and races. I feel doing this greatly improves my endurance and overall performance.” His next goal is to qualify for Team USA and represent his country at the World Championships.

Favorite Vitalyte Product: Grape and Orange Electrolyte Replacement