Meet The Brand Ambassadors

Vitalyte Brand Ambassadors are people who radiate Vitalyte energy inside out; they live it, breathe it, sweat it, and show it. Racers, runners, bikers, and more, they are the athletes who cross the finish line and make their marks. You see them standing on podiums, ranking high, and holding medals. Their endurance, agility, and strength are amazing, and if you ask them what contributes to their success, they'll tell you: it's Vitalyte.

Vitalyte Brand Ambassadors are the living proof that our product works, and they want it to make a difference for you, too. Vitalyte replenishes them, and they became Ambassadors to inspire you; and that's the way Vitalyte flows. Ladies and gentlemen, meet our Ambassadors.

Kyle Trudeau:

Kyle TrudeauKyle Trudeau has always been drawn to the outdoors and athletic activities. When he was young he raced motocross for ten years before making the switch to cycling. He particularly enjoys mountain bike racing and his results speak for themselves. This 2015 Single Speed Cross Country Mountain Bike National Champion says that “Vitalyte has played a major role in the success I have had while competing at the highest level.” Vitalyte is happy to be the electrolyte formula Kyle reaches for when he needs that make that push over the final hill!

Favorite Vitalyte Product: Fruit Punch Electrolyte Replacement



Anthony and Kobi Lambert:

Anthony and Kobi LambertThe father/daughter duo of Anthony and Kobi Lambert (KOR Racing) are making a big impact on the the sportbike racing scene! Between them they hold several National Championship and Midwest titles. Anthony love’s being able to share his passion of racing with his daughter. The 19 year old Kobi is a freshman in college and when she isn’t studying graphic design, she is busy training. Most of the time she competes against men. “Racing with the boys can be challenging, but I never worry about them. I just push hard every race and Vitalyte has helped me to keep my energy and focus during training and competition.” Often times Anthony and Kobi race is 90 degree plus temperatures, with the heat on the track reaching over 110 degrees. Dressed in full racing leathers, helmets, gloves and boots, dehydration is one competitor this dynamic duo always has to watch out for. “Vitalyte has played an important role on our team. It is our go to liquid fuel to prevent heat casualty injuries,” says Anthony. Vitalyte is proud to be KOR Racing’s electrolyte replacement drink of choice!

Favorite Vitalyte Product: Grape and Orange Electrolyte Replacement