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  • Yes the “Summertime Blues” Can Really Get You Down

    Summer Time Blues and Vitalyte

    Many of the greats sang a version of it. That feeling when the sun is shining, the days are long and you are stuck working late! Seems like all you want to do instead of being on the job is grab an afternoon at the lake, cruise up the coast or find a rooftop deck to chill out on. Yes the “Summertime Blues” can really get you down. But at Vitalyte we prefer to be optimists. The blues won’t get the best of us and here are a few ways we have found to put that overworked feeling in the rear view mirror.

  • Befriend The Behemoth- You are in a team meeting and suddenly next year’s sales projections on the white board look like the outline of a sunny beach. You could swear the numbers in red closely resemble umbrellas in the sand. And the goal number circled in blue marker oddly could pass for a cooler full of your favorite IPA. This situation is pretty ideal until your sales manager snaps you back to reality by asking you to comment on your territory figures. Daydreaming is a tell tale sign you are long over-due for a few days away. But if an escape isn’t an option right now, try to make peace with your sentiments by doing something fun to escape the usual. Whether it’s a spontaneous night out with friends or a weekend day trip to a place you haven’t been, breaking the monotony is sometimes as good as getting away for a long respite.
  • Keep The Good Vibes Flowing- Remember Eeyore? For every whimsical moment that caused Winnie The Pooh to get his nose stuck in the honey pot it seems Eeyore’s mood took a slide south on the scale of bliss. While we aren’t suggesting throwing all cares to the wind, it’s amazing what lightening up about a situation does! Next time you think you can’t possibly sit for ten more minutes at your desk without frustrating setting in, ease back and try to change your perspective on the situation. Yes vacation would be nice and the grind has got you down but I bet you have at least five things you can be happy about. Recognizing what we are happy about can elevate one’s mood and in turn all sorts of wonderful brain chemical reactions take place to make us feel even better. And that is what keeping the good vibes flowing is all about.
  • Work It Out!!!- Ok this one got some exclamation love because it’s one of our favorites at the office. Situations often times “work them selves out” as I am sure you have experienced. This is what also happens when you exercise, especially if you have stressful events on your mind. Physical exertion can help clear the mind, raise neurotransmitter levels and give us a new perspective on situations. So when the tension mounts and the blues have the best of you, pack your gym bag and beeline it for the basketball court.
  • Fuel Your Fire- When you’re feeling a little low or even bored your entire energy levels seemingly take a dive. You might start eating a little less than normal and drink less water as your appetite decreases. If you want to tell the blues to take a timeout, then make a toast to yourself. With an electrolyte replacement drink that is! Optimal hydration is important for fending off fatigue and low energy.

  • While the above list didn’t include a trip to Tahiti, it is a good place to start if the checkmarks on that whiteboard look like beach towels on the sand to you! We hope you can make some time to enjoy your summer. Whether it’s dipping your toes in the surf on the weekend or getting out to your favorite fishing spot, stay healthy and hydrated this season.

  • Pre-Season Football Nutrition, Hydration and a Electrolyte Replacement Drink

    electrolyte replacement drink football

    It’s the time of year where backyard barbecues and long warm days are on most people’s minds. Grade schoolers are making the most of the the three months they have off before it’s back to math and history. Twenty somethings in the working world are thrilled to start vacation planning. And professional football players are in pre-season preparation. Even though it is summer there is no sleeping in for these athletes. There are no easy days. There is no resting on ones laurels. Days are spent splitting time between running routes on the gridiron and afternoons in the weight room. If you make your living by blitzing and blocking kicks then summer has a different meaning than the rest of us. Of course pro football players enjoy their days off and time spent with family, but summer as most of us know it, is much shorter. Every aspect from sleep to nutrition to hydration with an electrolyte replacement drink has to be optimal. When you rely on your body to get you through the “work day” then tuning it up so it can be at its best is vital. I’ve know many professional athletes who spent more time taking care of themselves off the field than they spent on the field. From cooking organic food to physical therapy to stretching to strength work, most athletes will tell you its the work you don’t see on TV during a Monday night game that really makes the difference in the game score.

    While we all get a little focused on the competitive side of the game we forget that many of the players spend countless hours dedicated to their favorite charities. Whether it’s making appearances at community events or conducting youth summer football camps, these pros really make a positive impact. So next time you put on your favorite team’s jersey and watch a game, remember there are victories you aren’t seeing on the field. To find out more about the charitable organizations players are involved with visit the community page most teams have on their websites.

    Post is by Milena Glusac who is the VP of Marketing for Vitalyte Sports Nutrition. While she has never blitzed or blocked she did used to train with many pro players when she was a professional track athlete. That is when she learned about the great work off the field many players put in serving their communities.

  • Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement Drink and Combating Fatigue in the 2018 World Cup

    electrolyte replacement drink 2018 world cup

    Every four years soccer fans, I mean football fans, get ready for the much anticipated action and excitement of the World Cup. Aficionados stock up on face paint, flags and temporary tattoos as they prepare to celebrate penalty kicks made, corner kicks deflected and critical goals scored. While as Americans we might not be as familiar with the superstars of “football” teams like we are with the superstars of baseball teams, there is something about the World Cup that impacts even a novice fan. As I have enjoyed watching the incredible footwork and skill of these talented players, I have enjoyed more watching the passion and loyalty the fans play with. I say play because it is as if each Peruvian or Serbian watching in the stands is on the field with their team. Beers flying in the air and the uncontrollable expressions of yellow and blue painted faces when the Swedes advanced was priceless. The sea of green and white t-shirts and jerseys cheering and dancing in unison when Nigeria played was melodic and inspiring. Uruguay, a country of three million people, looked and sounded as if it was a country of thirty million when their team took the field. I love seeing the pride that is in each hand clap and the loyalty in each tear of a dedicated fan. The players compete until they are exhausted physically. But the fatigue can be combated with stretching, ice and an electrolyte replacement drink. How do you tend to a fan who competes with all their heart?

    I think the remedy comes when you see players from countries that used to not get along politically exchange heartfelt hugs and handshakes after a match. Then you know the World Cup is good for the world! Wishing this great tournament took place each year would be like a child wishing Christmas was everyday. The wonder and joy around it would not be what it is when time make us wait. So for the three years and eleven months in between we can treat each other with the respect of those post-match embraces. We can cheer the great goals. We can jeer the poor sportsmanship. And we can remember whether you wear a jersey from Iceland or kit from the UK we are all important and can contribute to a better humanity. Who knew ninety minutes could mean so much?

    Milena Glusac is the VP of Marketing for Vitalyte Sports Nutrition. Her soccer career was short-lived (Kindergarten through second grade). She has cheered for every under dog in this World Cup. She is hooked and plans on watching more “football” even after the tournament is over!

  • Beat The Summer Heat With The Best Electrolyte Drink For Hydration

    best summer electrolyte drink

    Oh summer time! It reminds you of the days when you couldn’t wait for school to be done for the year! It meant 90 days of freedom from math, science and report cards. Long sunny days would now be filled with plenty of bike riding, water gun fights and trips to the local convenience store to stock up on gum, candy and all other necessities a ten year old needs. When June 1 hits the calendar we all seem to dive into the season with wide-eyed optimism and a fully engaged short-term memory when it comes to recalling last year’s dabochal. Who could forget that scorching sunburn that cost you those valuable office “sick days?” That friendly neighborhood backyard barbecue wars that didn’t wind up ending so cordially? Or how about when you thought is was a good idea to host your nephew for a week so your brother and sister-in-law could have a quiet vacation? Let’s face it, the days of the “ten year old summer” are behind us and sometimes our good intentions get the best of us when we are blindsided by nostalgia. While we don’t have a suggestion on how to best make amends with the guy at the end of the cul-de-sac, we do have a few ideas on how to beat the summer heat this year with the best electrolyte drink for summer hydration.

    Tip 1- drink an electrolyte formula early and often! That means don’t wait until you are thirsty to start sipping. Did you know once you start “feeling” thirsty you are already slightly dehydrated? And we don’t like the word “slightly” when it comes to dehydration!

    Tip 2- carry a stocked water bottle with you. Whether you prefer a BPA free plastic bottle, reusable glass bottle or a nifty stainless steel canister, fill it with water, ice and some Vitalyte and bring it with you throughout your day. P.S. we love the fact you are making the green effort!

    Tip 3- know the “times two” rule! We know one of the great things about summer is not having to do math but believe us this is a calculation you will want to make. For each caffeinated or dehydrating beverage you consume (coffee, green tea, black tea, wine, spirits, salty soups and broths) make sure you drink two, eight ounce glasses of water. Keep that calculator app on your phone handy!

    Tip 4- if you sweat it out, you gotta add it back! Whether it’s a day on the links, an hour spin class or a hot afternoon when the AC is broken, sweating is our body’s way of helping us cool down. So help it a little more by adding much needed electrolytes back in. Mix in a scoop of Vitalyte with eight ounces of cool water when your internal thermostat rises!

    Tip 5- know your limits! Maybe during cooler weather a five mile hike has you feeling a little winded but rejuvenated. However when the mercury hits ninety that same hike might not be such a great idea. It’s ok to pull back on activity when the temps soar. Or even better head inside for some time at the gym in a climate controlled environment. Just remember to listen to your body and don’t push it for the sake of sticking to your routine!

    We hope we didn’t rain on your summertime parade but instead inspired you to have a safe and enjoyable few months. We can’t promise we won’t make you do any more math but we can promise you will love our product. Stay healthy and hydrated this summer!

  • Vitalyte is The Ideal Electrolyte Replacement Drink for Yoga

    vitalyte electrolyte replacement yoga

    Om, downward dog and child pose all add up to one thing for you and that’s Zen with a capital Z! It’s the only way you have found to combat the morning traffic to the office, countless emails and the laundry list of responsibilities that could all equate to frustration. Fortunately your Tuesday Vinyasa Flow class and Thursday Sculpt Yoga class have a great way of nicely telling any mounting irritability to go sit in the corner and chill for a while! At Vitalyte we are yoga fans too. While we haven’t quite perfected the Trikonasana we have perfected helping you stay hydrated! With all the movement involved in class and sometimes hot temps in studios we know Vitalyte is the ideal electrolyte replacement drink for yoga. Formulated with non-GMO ingredients and made with nothing artificial, Vitalyte is an easy way to make sure calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium are replaced after activity. With so many options on the market for an electrolyte formula what makes Vitalyte perfect for yoga? Well here are just a few reasons:

    1) Isotonic Formula- Vitalyte is isotonic meaning the osmolality of our product matches the osmolality of your blood. This equates to rapid absorption. While many commercial sports drinks and even “healthy” beverage that are too high in sugar, sodium or potassium may take up to two hours to be absorbed, Vitalyte takes just minutes to be utilized.

    2) No Stomach Discomfort- Because Vitalyte gets absorbed in just minutes, it won’t sit in your stomach and cause distress. We all know there is nothing worse than a tummy ache while you are trying to relax in Savasana pose at the end of class!

    3) Gluten-Free- Some say it’s a “fad” and in “your mind” but we know many of our customers swear by going “gluten free.” So if it works for our customers it works for us! We use only gluten free ingredients. Budget Friendly- After all who doesn’t want a great product at a great value. We are proud that our formula is priced better than any competitive product on the marketing. That leaves you with some extra dollars to spend on some cool yoga gear!

    4)Eco Friendly- We know eco friendly is very eco chic right now. But we lowered our footprint not to fit it but because it is the right thing to do.

    So while we may never be a yogi master we are happy knowing we provide the yoga community with a healthy beverage option. Here’s to spreading some zen to the universe! Cheers!

  • This Electrolyte Sports Beverage is Free From Anything Artificial

    Electrolyte Sports Beverage

    There’s so much chitter chatter about a “bucket list” these days. With all the hashtags and posts it seems as if the lists are bolder and mightier than ever. The other day I saw something like “Just checked off running 20 marathons in 20 days in 20 states.” Yikes, it’s exhausting just hearing about the extraordinary accomplishments people are posting about. Call me simple or laid back but I’m a proud under achiever. I mean there must be a place in this social media exposed world for those of us who are excited when we make it to the car wash on a sunny Sunday! At Vitalyte we are proud of our “under achievements.” In a marketplace where a commercial electrolyte sports beverage may have a much bigger ingredient list, we fall a little short. And we are so happy we do!

    The Vitalyte formula is free from anything artificial. Yep you heard that right. I mean no artificial colors. No artificial flavors. No artificial sweeteners and non-GMO ingredients. We have learned over our forty plus years in business to be really good at saying “No.” And we know what we say “no” to makes a big difference in the quality of product we offer our consumers. Our isotonic formula is not only rapidly absorbed but has no aftertaste and is easy on the stomach. That is why so many professional athletes trust Vitalyte on and off the field. When hydration can make the difference between winning that last set in a tiebreaker or packing up and heading home, we are confident Vitalyte serves up the best.

    So we are going to live vicariously through all of our Vitalyte loyalists. We applaud all the Mt. McKinley summits you have made. We cheer you on during your long-distance triathlons. And we sing your praises when you coach back to back games on tournament weekends. Your dedication and enthusiasm to the activities you take part in inspires us. While the lack of check marks on our bucket list may not show it, just know we make our product still the same way because of you. Hmmm, I wonder what time the car wash closes today?

    Photo: Milena Glusac is VP of Marketing for Vitalyte Sports Nutrition. She is a self-proclaimed under achiever. While you won’t see any photos of her ascending a mountain peak, you can find her at the Vitalyte office with feet kicked up and thinking of items to add to our bucket list.

  • Stay Hydrated with a Continual In-Take of Our Electrolyte Replacement Drink

    Here at Vitalyte we are busy! Phones ringing, shipments going out, supplies coming in and emails flying everywhere. We love it! But let’s face it, all this “here there and everywhere” can sometimes start to get to even the most talented multi-taskers. So how do we keep our cool around here? Well it starts with practicing what we teach! Stay hydrated with a continual in-take of our electrolyte replacement drink during the day. That being said we want to give you a sneak peek into the lives of some of the stellar athletes who fight off the fatigue with Vitalyte!

    Rising tennis star Sam Shropshire stays hydrated on the court with his favorite Cool Citrus Vitalyte. This 2017 Northwestern University graduate knows that keeping his electrolyte levels balanced is one of the keys to his success. Sam is steadily climbing the ranks of the ATP by reaching the quarterfinals of two tournaments this past October.

    Asia Muhammad always has a bottle filled of Vitalyte. Whether she is practicing her serve or holding a victory trophy, the 26 year old Las Vegas native knows her nutrition off the court greatly influences her on court performance. Asia recently won the ITF Morgan Run Woman’s Open.

    Joe Frank just doesn’t race his bicycle fast, he races it very far. This ultra-endurance athlete is in training for the Race Across America (RAAM). He will compete for the title of the first rider to reach Annapolis, Maryland. Did we mention the race begins in Oceanside, CA and the distance in between is covered by the fastest riders in just under eight days. Fortunately Lemon Vitalyte will be fueling Joe along the way!

    Talking about all these fantastic athletic achievements is making us feel a little, well let’s just say, under-trained. Hey we are pros at multi-tasking and keeping our cool. That has to count for something. Until next time, stay healthy, stay hydrated and Electrolyte it up.

  • At Vitalyte We Have Celebrated Over 45 Birthdays

    cool citrus electrolyte replacement

    There’s something about a birthday that everyone loves! Maybe you love the layers of decadent frosted cake? Perhaps the gathering of friends to celebrate the occasion warms your heart? Or let’s face it, you are all about the gifts. Gifts galore! Whatever a birthday means to you, it’s ok. After all it is your day! At Vitalyte we have celebrated over 45 birthdays and each year we are thankful for the same thing, our loyal customers. Our seasoned consumers have many options when it comes to an electrolyte replacement drink and they continue to add our product to their cart. And that is what we celebrate year after year.

    electrolyte replacement drinkSee when our founder, Bill Gookin, mixed the first batch of “Gookinaid” in his garage some four and half decades ago, his intention was to fill a missing niche amongst his running friends. There weren’t many options for sports drinks in the early 70’s and the options that were available were very high and sugar and sodium. Bill wanted his friends to be able to run as far and fast as they wished without getting dehydrated or sick from a heavy commercial beverage. After a few trials and getting his formula “just right” he knew he was onto something as his friends continued to ask for some of that “Gookin Stuff.” Despite the thought process of the day (“more sugar and more sodium is better”) taking root in the sports community, Bill continued to make his product. He held the belief that one day science would catch up with commercials and consumers would start to see that an isotonic sports drink was the best way to stay hydrated. And that is just what happened.

    Many teams, professional athletes and search and rescue organizations started using our product. The Rangers at the Grand Canyon started using Vitalyte (yes we changed our name in the early 2000’s) to administer to those hikers suffering from dehydration. In fact one of those Rangers emailed us recently saying, “We saved lives, literally, with Gookinaid.” Bill’s motivation to continue in business was exactly testimonials such as these. Stories like these come through our email daily and we are so fortunate our consumers share their experiences with us. We know with each product shipment that goes out of our warehouse we are helping people stay hydrated and safe and that is the best way to celebrate any birthday!

  • Official Electrolyte Drink of Play TGA Beach Cities Summer Camp 2018

    TGA Beach Cities Summer Camp 2018

    Vitalyte is proud to be the official electrolyte drink of TGA Beach Cities 2018 summer camps! TGA Beach Cities offers seven sports programs your child can participate in. Campers are not only taught the sports skills they need to excel, but also learn important lessons to promote sportsmanship and leadership. The “Blueprint For Fun” includes Teach, Grow and Achieve. Camps are designed around a variety of activities including game based instruction, STEAM labs and sports training. Each year TGA Beach Cities strives to improve the summer camp experience for its campers. They have added new sports, handpicked the most professional coaches and updated their daily station lessons and games. This year they have expanded their efforts to include quality food and drink choices to be served. Vitalyte electrolyte replacement drink will be available to all campers to help insure a safe and enjoyable experience in the summer sun. For more information on TGA Beach Cities including sports offered, registration and session times please visit

  • Road Trip With Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement

    Gage Brymer Vitalyte

    As the weather is starting to warm up and summer is just over the ridge, we thought it was a great time to share with you some stories about Vitalyte on the road. Whether it is a day drive up the coast or a long trip for some much needed expansion and exploration, Vitalyte can be your electrolyte replacement drink of choice. After all you will need to stay fueled for the adventure ahead!

    Gage Brymer is one our Team Vitalyte members whose work takes him to many corners of the globe. As a professional tennis player, this recent UCLA graduate asks his body to be at its best even under less than ideal heat situations. Grinding out a three set match when temps are near 100 degrees on the court isn’t ideal but he knows it is part of the job description. And with the help of his favorite grape Vitalyte the Southern California native doesn’t let the rising mercury get the best of him. Gage is currently traveling playing tournaments. From Greece to Egypt and places beyond he’s earning coveted ATP points and putting in some miles as his home is where his tennis shoes take him for the next eight weeks.

    Team Vitalyte member Joe Frank chooses his bike over a plane as his way to see some new terrain. A former Navy Seal candidate, Frank suffered two broken legs when he was in a car that was hit by a drunk driver. Wheelchair bound for several months during the recovery, the San Diegan was determined to return to sports. Currently training for one of the most grueling ultra endurance events in the world, The Race Across America, Joe will race from Oceanside, California to Annapolis, Maryland starting June 12th and finishing June 25th. Now that’s a lot of miles in twelve days and cool citrus Vitalyte will be fueling Joe all 3000 of them!

    Beau Treyz takes his road trips through the words of others so to speak. This Team Vitalyte member played NCAA Division 1 tennis at the University of Nebraska. Always being one who liked to know more about his favorite athletes, this Florida native started a podcast called “What Do You Get” ( ). Beau shares his interviews with sports personalities both known and not known so well. What they all have in common is a story behind their success and the impact they have had not only on their sport but in their communities. Beau will take you down some exciting and thought-provoking roads and show you some “hidden scenery.”

    James Leitner VitalyteVitalyte friend and humanitarian James Leitner has had a somewhat “unconventional” way of seeing some twists and turns in the states. The 24 year old from Scotch Plains, New Jersey is the founder of Mission Clean Water. James developed the non-profit to bring awareness to the number of people in developing countries who don’t have easy access to clean water. In 2017 Leitner walked a 143 day journey from New Jersey to San Francisco. He walked a marathon each day while pulling ten gallons of water behind him in a small buggy. The ten gallons was not a random number. Instead James picked it precisely as it represents the average amount of water a family in Tanzania needs daily. The 3000 miles represents the average number of miles someone will walk in Tanzania each year just to get clean water. You can read more about James’ journey to raise awareness at or visit the Vitalyte blog about his actions that have created a global ripple at

    So if that sun strewn street is tempting you to follow it a little further this time of year, grab your favorite flavor of Vitalyte, some inspiration from the Vitalyte friends you just read about and head out that door! If you’re inclined to share your story with us we encourage you to visit our website and submit it. We look forward to hearing how you road trip with Vitalyte!

  • Here are Some of the Athletes who use Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement Drink

    Asia Muhammad Team Vitalyte

    Vitalyte would like to introduce you to some of the fantastic athletes who use our electrolyte replacement drink as part of their training and competition routines. Being the top of your class takes dedication, long practice hours and a commitment to excellence so we salute each of them.

    James Duckworth has been ranked as high as 82nd on the ATP tour. The Aussie has been recuperating from foot surgery and looks to be back on the court as soon as he heals. He is a big rugby fan and his favorite team is the Newcastle Knights.

    Asia Muhammad holds a WTA doubles ranking of 44th in the world. The Las Vegas resident started playing tennis at the age of nine and hasn’t looked back. Her tennis idols include Andre Agassi and Serena Williams. Her older brother Shabazz plays in the NBA.

    Ishe “Sugar Shay Smith is a junior middleweight boxer and IBF Light Middleweight and USBA Welterweight title holder. A Las Vegas native, Ishe works closely with the city to provide community service. In fact, February 23rd is named “Ishe ‘Sugar Shay’ Smith Day” by the city. Ishe is the father of six and helps coach youth football.

    Rajeev Ram holds 10 ATP tour titles. The former University of Illinois standout started playing tennis at the age of four with his father. He has reached the doubles quarter-finals of the Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon. When he’s not on the tennis court you can find him on the driving range or working on his charity, EntouRaj For Kids!

    Joe Frank was chosen to be a Navy Seal candidate and was in Seal training in 2007 when he was hit head-on by a drunk driver. He would spend the next several months in a wheelchair with two broken legs. During that time he remembered how much he missed being an athlete. Fast forward to 2018 and Frank is in full training as a professional distance cyclist. On June 12th he will begin the sports most challenging event, The Race Across America. Staring in Oceanside and spanning 3,000 miles until the finish in Annapolis, Maryland, the San Diegan will use Vitalyte along the way to keep him fueled.

    Congratulations to all of these athletes who excel both on and off the field. Look for future stories on more of the athletes who use Vitalyte.

  • Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement Formula is Proud to Support MissionCleanWater

    Mission Clean Water

    James LeitnerTo James Leitner water is more than just hydrogen and oxygen. Water represents hours of long travel and the difference between life and death. The 24 year old is the founder of Mission Clean Water, a non-profit organization dedicated to help those without clean, accessible drinking water. Growing up in Scotch Plains, New Jersey, Leitner had an “ah ha moment” his junior year of high school. He learned in class many people didn’t have easy access to clean water. With New Jersey being the Garden State, all that green was fed by a consistent abundance of water so why couldn’t everyone have access to this vital element? He started fundraising for several non-profits and in 2014 he traveled to Tanzania with the Philadelphia Serengeti Alliance to learn more about the well systems people maintained there. In September of 2017 this environmental science major started on a 143 day journey that would take him from New Jersey to San Francisco. He walked a marathon each day while pulling ten gallons of water behind him. The ten gallons represented the average amount of water a small family needs in Tanzania for daily needs. The distance coast to coast Leitner walked symbolized the total amount a person in Tanzania walks in one year just to get water. Even though his walk is completed, his journey is not over. James will travel to Kenya to personally visit The James Leitner Rainwater Collection System at Kaliini Secondary School. The collection system was donated by UPS’s “Delivered Wishes” campaign as a way to recognize James’ cause. Vitalyte electrolyte replacement formula is proud to support MissionCleanWater’s upcoming fundraiser on March 25th. They will be hosting a virtual run in honor of World Water Day to raise awareness about the need for clean water. For more information or participate please visit

  • Team Vitalyte Announces its Newest Members Hunter and Yates Johnson

    Hunter and Yates Team Vitalyte Vitalyte is proud to announce Hunter and Yates Johnson as the newest members of Team Vitalyte. This up and coming American doubles team has been playing tennis since they were old enough to hold a racquet. Born in Taos New Mexico, the twins participated in many sports when including skiing, hockey and baseball. At the age of twelve, the Johnson family relocated to Phoenix so the boys could have the advantage of playing tennis year round. While in Arizona, Hunter and Yates won three consecutive state doubles titles before moving to Texas for their senior year. During the final year of high school, the twins added another state doubles title to their collection of victories before setting their sights on their college career at SMU. While playing for the Peruna’s, the boys set a school record for the most doubles wins and were ranked as high as 12th in the nation. Since graduating from college in May of 2017, the team has risen to 390 in the ATP doubles rankings with seven tournament victories. Hunter and Yates started using Vitalyte as their electrolyte replacement drink of choice when they were fourteen years old. They were introduced to the product when they were ball boys at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells and haven’t used anything else since then. These rising stars “believe in the product” and “are committed to becoming the next great American doubles team.” They have trained with the legendary Bob and Mike Bryan, “It’s a twin thing,” as the boys put it. When Hunter and Yates Johnson aren’t on the court they enjoy hanging with their dog, sharpening their ping pong skills or finding some time to wake board. Vitalyte wishes them the best this season and will be cheering from the sidelines as they Electrolyte It Up!

  • Vitalyte Electrolyte Replacement Drink; What Do You Get with Beau Treyz

    beau treyz

    Professional athletes are sometimes wrongly said to have “an easy life,” where all they have to do is “travel and get paid for playing” a sport. Media portrayal often doesn’t reveal the gravel road many athletes take in pursuit of their goals. The desire to have fans see “behind the scenes” of the free-throw making and ace serving individual on the court is what drives Team Vitalyte member Beau Treyz to produce his podcast “What Do You Get” ( ) . The 2014 Big Ten Doubles Champion had an experience while playing tennis for the University Of Nebraska that got “his wheels spinning.” The Husker tennis team and the basketball team shared time at the weight room. Naturally the teams got to chat in between sets at the bench press. Beau met Tai Webster, a 6’4” guard from Auckland New Zealand. Webster was a four star recruit who had gained international acclaim as a teenager when he represented his country at the FIBA World Cup and Olympic Qualifiers. Of course there was pressure on him while in college. As Beau and Tai talked and the tennis player got to know the basketball player, Beau wished “there was a way he could get the fans to understand that there’s a lot more going on on-court. There are math finals and sometimes you are sick. It’s just not what you see.” And thus What Do You Get was born. Fans got to be a different kind of sixth man and get a feeling for what do you get when you’re a high-level athlete. What are they feeling? What are they experiencing? And what Beau has concluded from producing his podcasts is that “No matter where you are in the world people are making the best with what they have.” The basketball player on the court is making the best with the pulled hamstring while the restaurant owner down the street is making the best with having a packed house when three employees called in sick. While sports viewers may see two tennis players battle over a tough game, take a break, sip on an electrolyte replacement drink, and change sides, it isn’t always just that easy. They aren’t seeing the hours in the weight room, the countless flights and connections, or the frustration of an injury. Beau is changing what is being seen, and his guests are loving talking!

    “Usually when I meet with someone to interview I am thinking they are going to be able to give me ten to fifteen minutes of their time and then we will be done. But I am finding we will sit down to talk and an hour later, we are still talking.” Beau’s guests include Rich Gannon (former NFL MVP), Rajeev Ram (career high 11 in ATP World Rankings in doubles), Richard Muscio (philanthropist, WTA tournament owner) and Guillermo Canas (former 8th ATP ranked tennis player in the world). Treyz, who handles all of his own production, says of his podcast, “It is the most fun thing I do besides tennis and working out.” And this Florida native is well aware of the gifts his podcast has provided him. “I learn something from every podcast. I have come to realize that there is a lesson in every interview. Doing the podcast has helped me handle the frustration of my own tennis injury better. I know a lot of others athletes have dealt with being injured and I’m not the only one. I have learned all we can do is make the most of what we have.”

    Beau said one of his guests, Guillermo Canas, who beat Federer twice in a row and rose to eighth in the world, shed a lot of light on the situation of the professional athlete. The Argentinian said his goal was to get in the top ten in the world. It was so tough for him to crack but when he finally went from thirteenth to eighth, he thought a lot would change but nothing really did. It was the same players, hitting tough forehands and training hard. Just because the goal was reached, the work continued. The journey to the eighth spot is really what it was all about. That ranking was to Canas as getting a promotion from manager to director is to the marketing employee. And according to Beau, that is exactly what he enjoys about his podcast. He is learning what you do get, from life.

  • Improve Your Hydration in 2018, Trade Your Vintage for an Electrolyte Replacement Drink

    improve hydration electrolyte replacement drink

    You swear every year this IS the year you WILL stick to your resolution. In the gym by 6am, sugary foods are a thing of the past and you are going to improve your hydration by trading your favorite vintage for an electrolyte replacement drink. You have taken the oath in front of golden retriever so you have witnesses. You mean business! So why with all this great intended effort do 92 percent of all new year’s resolutions fail? Unless you have a personalized licensed plate that reads “8prcntr,” it’s likely your favorite furry friend will be reminding you just eight weeks into 2018 you aren’t living up to your end of the deal!

    So what is behind this astonishing attrition rate? After all, your mother always told you to keep your word. You are on time to work everyday, you never miss your friends’ birthdays, and there isn’t a dinner reservation that has ever slipped your mind. You are the Brett Favre of reliability to show on game day. Well we have a few theories on why the luster of these whole-hearted intentions loses its shine.

    The Focus On Negativity

    If you think about it, many of the resolutions we make are formed in a negative connotation.

    • “I have to lose weight”
    • “I don’t want to be stressed”
    • “I have to stop spending so much money”

    The negativity in turn becomes stressful in and of itself because you are focusing on things you “can’t” or “don’t want” to do. Remember when your parents told you “you can’t be out past 10pm.” Didn’t it make you a little upset and tempted you to force the envelope a little? So instead rephrase your goals to sound something like this:

    • “I would like to get in better shape”
    • “Being stress-free is what I’m shooting for”
    • “It’s easy to save money”

    Resolutions Are Too Strict

    Making resolutions that are too strict is a sure way to set oneself up for failure. Being in the gym at 6am may not be realistic every day. Instead set yourself up for success by taking your situation into consideration. If you aim to get into better shape, give yourself the freedom to get your exercise in when its reasonable. Also, don’t force yourself onto a fitness timeline. Studies show that people who lose weight over time as compared to those who crash diet and crash exercise, keep the weight off longer. There’s something to be said about slow and steady winning the race.

    The “Why” Behind The Commitment

    If you can find the reason why you are making a resolution, chances are you will devote yourself to the goal longer. Having some “skin in the game” or a sense of true personal commitment definitely motivates one to stick to something longer. For instance if your goal is to get into better shape find out your reasoning why you want to become more fit. Is it to look better, do you want to feel better, or do you want to live a healthier lifestyle? If you can be honest with yourself regarding your motivating factors, chances are you can make a deeper commitment. After spending some time talking it over with yourself you might realize your desire to “look better” is fine, but your desire to be good to yourself and live a healthier lifestyle is even stronger. That commitment to oneself is what will motivate you to the finish line!

    We hope 2018 is a great year for you whether your resolutions are carried through to December 31st or not. If you’re an “8prcntr” congratulations! And if not, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and the Italians sure know how to live the good life: A little wine, great food, good friends and plenty of R & R!

  • How Electrolyte Replacement Drinks can Help Holiday Stress

    avoid stress with electrolyte replacement drinks

    You’ve read so many articles on how to “manage stress” during the holidays you can’t bring yourself to gaze over one more. It is very similar to how you feel when it comes time for pumpkin pie after the massive plate of turkey, potatoes and green beans you devoured-you are simply stuffed! But you manage to make room for just one more article because maybe this time you will actually come across something that helps. This is our version of how to beat holiday stress. And when we say beat stress we are not talking about the kind of “if I am nice to it, it will go away” approach. We are talking about an all-encompassing approach that provides insight into stress triggers and provides proven coping methods, nutrition pointers, tips on staying hydrated with an electrolyte replacement drink, and much more.

    Stress triggers do vary from person to person, but during the holidays there are triggers that tend to affect the majority of us. The most dreaded events include:

    • Crowds
    • Waiting in line
    • Fear of going into holiday debt
    • Traveling
    • Meeting holiday obligations
    • Having to attend parties/gatherings you don’t really want to go to
    • Trying to “do it all”

    Other items that seem to be on the “not so fun list” for some of us include:

    • Holiday weight gain
    • Having to spend time with “certain relatives”
    • And just simply “having to be in a good mood” when you’re tired and stressed

    So after you finish squeezing your SUV into a “compact” space of the over crowded mall parking lot, take a deep breath because there are solutions to all off the above stressors. Experts have found that a few small changes can greatly change how we respond to the things that frustrate us most during the holidays. Here are some of our favorite stress-busting reducers.

    Give Up On Perfection

    That’s right it’s time to hang up your angel wings. Chances are they need a little refresher! All that rushing around and worrying about pleasing everyone can put a crink in even the most perfect pair of flyers. There might be a few people who will be disappointed you didn’t bring your famous layer cake to the office party. But believe me, your body would prefer you spend the time doing something relaxing instead of trying to score an A plus in everyone’s book!

    Change Your Outlook

    Once you realize people are still going to like you even if you aren’t perfect, changing your outlook on situations is easier. Suddenly RSVPing “Won’t Attend” to a holiday function doesn’t riddle you with guilt like it might have before. Also, it is easier to maintain a positive outlook when the world isn’t resting on your shoulders.

    Focus On What You Can Control

    Experts know our anxiety decreases when we feel we have some control or say in a situation. You may not be able to control how your in-laws get along at the holiday dinner, but you can control your response to the situation. For example, if the typical arguing ensues over who cooks a better roast, instead of feeling your head start to pound and hoping that everyone would just “get along,” take a deep breathe and know this situation is between only those engaged in the arguing. You can’t control their reactions but you can control yours.

    Don’t Worry About What Things “Should Be”

    If you find yourself spending a lot of time hoping your co-worker doesn’t bring their annoying spouse to the holiday party, you may want to re-think your mental “energy spend.” The holidays are a period where we come into contact with many people we normally wouldn’t chose to spend time with. Worrying about how things “should be” only adds to the stress many people experience from November through January. Instead, shift your effort from focusing on the negative (Why do I have to spend my evening with Cynthia’s annoying husband) to ways you can make a positive impact. Spend some time volunteering at the local animal shelter or donate food to a nearby food bank. Just shifting your “energy spend” can help those who really deserve the attention this time of year.

    Support Yourself Nutritionally And Physically

    Yes between gift shopping, additional grocery runs and your daily work obligations, the holidays can stretch you physically. However, skipping your spin class so you can finish sending out the party invites isn’t going to help you in the long run. We all know exercise is a proven stress reducer. So why skimp on this powerful tension buster? Usually it’s because people run out of time during the holidays and consider working out a “luxury spend.” Well time to stop that thought process in its tracks. Your priority during the holiday should be to ENJOY the season. Make of list of what helps you enjoy the holiday? I bet “being in a bad mood because I didn’t get my endorphin high” is not on that list. So this holiday make sure you get to the gym or lace up your tennies for a brisk walk. And don’t forget to stay hydrated. The colder dryer weather means you need an electrolyte replacement drink to keep your cells fighting the good fight.

    I hope you found some nuggets in this article and you enjoy a simpler, more relaxed holiday season. Oh, and if you think about reaching for those angel wings, I think they are happy hanging right where they are!

    - Milena Glusac is the VP Of Marketing for Vitalyte Sports Nutrition. A former world-class distance runner and freelance sports broadcaster, Ms. Glusac learned a long time ago you can’t be perfect and trying to do so is exhausting.

  • Causes of Dehydration; Electrolyte Replacement Drinks Can Help

    causes of dehydration

    Just because the calendar month says October and the temps are starting to drop doesn’t mean we can let up on the oh so important 8 glasses a day! You’re probably scrambling to find a Halloween costume that serves dual purposes, warmth and the spook-factor. So while you’re out shopping you may want to pick up some electrolyte replacement drinks. We all know that when it is hot outside our chances of becoming dehydrated significantly increase. However, there are many other causes of dehydration other than just warm climate temperatures. Here are some to be aware of:

    Air Conditioning:

    The dried air pulls moisture from your lungs as you breathe, similar to desert temperatures. The relative humidity of air conditioned air is lower, making it dryer. As much as it feels good to crank up the AC in the office, make sure you’re doing something to combat the effect of the indoor tundra your co-workers hate you for.

    Airplane Travel:

    Low air pressure in airplanes combined with air conditioning during flight is a serious combination for dehydration. So if you order that rum and coke on a long flight make sure you have your water bottle close at hand.

    Antihistamines, Decongestants and Prescription Medications:

    We know that the fall can stir up airborne allergies. Plus those nasty colds that come with the changing temperatures may send you searching the aisles of the drugstore for some cough medicine. Antihistamines and decongestants tend to dehydrate the cells and can make us feel drowsy. If allergies and or a bug are keeping you up at night, you’d be wise to listen to your mom and have that extra bowl of chicken soup. The broth liquid will do you good! Oh and remember prescribed medications can also be dehydrating because many act as diuretics or have dehydration as a side effect.


    You are really looking forward to your snowboard trip. You’ve trained hard in the gym and you’re a lean mean fighting machine. You’re determined this time you will conquer that bunny slope! You might go a little easier on yourself once you hear this. When you’re at altitude your heart rate automatically increases and your breathing increases in order to cope with the decreased oxygen levels. No matter how hard you train at sea level, once you get up to altitude your body will need time to adjust. So while you’re working a little harder than expected to ride your toe side edge, don’t worry. But do make sure after you grab an isotonic sports drink when you’re in the lodge.


    Sometimes showing up in the form of “Joe,” “Matcha,” “English Breakfast,” “Pop,” or the almighty “Macchiato,” caffeine provides us with one of those love/hate relationships. That beloved kickstart in the morning is my favorite part of the day. Oh but the slight headache after the second or third cup while at my office is not so nice. Yes we all know that caffeine is a diuretic and causes us to lose fluids. So if you like to indulge then do your kidneys a favor and increase your water intake. Ideally 8 ounces for every 4 ounces of caffeinated beverage you consume.


    I hate to tell you but your favorite concoction does have a dehydrating effect on the body. So if you’re looking to improve the look of your skin, stave off mental dullness and have better overall energy, you might want to consider drinking 8 ounces of hydrating liquid for every alcohol drink you consume. And no the cranberry juice you add to your vodka does not count as a hydrating liquid. Think water, think broths, and of course we want you to think Vitalyte. But seriously, get hydrated after a hard night out. Alcohol pulls water from the tissues and directly affects the stomach, liver and brain. And we want you to keep that grey matter functioning on all twelve cylinders!

    Low-Carb Diets:

    When you eliminate carbs from your diet you tend to lose weight. Well here’s what really happens. Carbs and fluids are stored in your cell. So when you take out the carbs you tend to lose water as well. Plus often times on low-carb diets people decrease their intake of fruit, which offers a good source of liquid. We’re sorry to break it to you but if you are following a low-carb diet you will want to surely increase your liquid intake. While a few pounds might go back on the scale, it’s just water and that is a good thing!


    It’s great for lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and combating your risk of diseases such as diabetes. But before you hit the trail, court or studio, make sure you bone up on H20. Not only does the sweat you’re about to have account for water loss, but so does the engine rev you’re about to give your body. The increased demand on your muscles, heart, lungs and cells all call for fluid, fluid, fluid. Oh and don’t be so quick to grab a green juice or freshly squeezed fruit juice to help you cool down post-workout. The high potassium and high sugar content doesn’t create the isotonic environment your cells need in order for fluid to be rapidly absorbed. We suggest spring water, distilled water with electrolytes added, or ideally Vitalyte.

    Well there you have it. I hope you’re motivated to keep hydrated. If you’d like to know more about our formulas please visit And do have a safe and fun Halloween!

  • Staying Hydrated with Vitalyte’s Isotonic Electrolyte Formula

    Vitalyte Isotonic Electrolyte Formula

    Whether you are a seasoned professional, rising star or just learning the game, golf is a sport that leaves its enthusiasts hooked and even its masters intrigued at times. Of all the sports I have played in my life, nothing offers reprieve from a long work day like golf. It is also my ideal way to spend a sunny Saturday! I think the balance between artistry and athleticism, calmness and confidence is what makes the game so interesting to me. One small adjustment in your grip or a slight change to your stance can be the difference between a stellar drive or the dreaded, belted out, “fore.” And the pros make it all look so simple! So unrehearsed. So fluid. But as with any virtuoso, even the best have off days. The paint colors look drab on the canvas. The notes sound harsh. The hook carries everything into the rough. Sometimes that balance between beauty and brawn, quiet and conviction seems to swing too far in one direction. And it could be the smallest thing that throws the equilibrium into a tailspin. A bad night’s sleep, slight dehydration, too much mental chatter or that pesky cold that’s been knocking at your door can all be factors. And when you’re at the 19th, reflecting on the recent round, sometimes you just can’t pinpoint why you couldn’t keep the slice at bay. That’s the great thing about golf that makes us all come back for more. The slight allure you just can’t put your finger on. I think for me it’s the lesson in knowing sometimes it’s ok to not understand why things didn’t go the way you wanted them to. I know I simply enjoy playing and will continue to do so.

    Milena Glusac is a 3 time US National Champion in running. She also played tennis at the University of Oregon, where she graduated with her Master’s Degree. She is the VP of Marketing for Vitalyte Sports Nutrition, has written columns and blogs for on-line sporting publications, and provides color commentary for track and field on television. And when she’s not working, you will find her staying hydrated with Vitalyte’s isotonic electrolyte formula so she can play a good front nine!

  • Triphase Pre Workout Drink was Designed with Three Stages in Mind

    Triphase pre workout drink

    They say there are stages in our life we will go through. You must remember them well. The frozen yogurt “addiction” that made you stop every day on your way home from work. You had memorized every topping the shop offered. That period of time you used so much gel and hairspray in your locks your mother forbade you to enter into any drugstore within a fifty mile radius. And you surely can’t forget the grunge phase. All you owned were torn t-shirts and you almost dropped out of college to move to Seattle. Well we like to think we have a more balanced “phase” to throw your way. Triphase pre workout drink was designed with three stages in mind: Muscle prep, sustained energy during workout, and amino acids to begin the recovery process. While these steps are a far cry from a medium berry vanilla swirl with chocolate chips on top, we are pretty confident you will be happy if you make this phase part of your routine! Vitalyte is packed with essential electrolytes to assist with hydration and made in two flavors, Mandarin Orange and Watermelon, these additive-free formulas may not make you want to buy a ticket to the Great Northwest, but they will help you get your workout kickstarted. And that my friend, is a phase you can actually be proud to admit to!

  • What Kids Electrolyte Drinks are on the Market that Taste Great and are Low in Sugar

    kids electrolyte drinks

    As the summer winds down and thoughts of warm days on the beach shift to packing school lunches, Vitalyte wants to remind you that our electrolyte replacement beverage is the perfect substitute for juice or high-sugared sports drinks. You have probably noticed there aren’t many kids electrolyte drinks on the market that taste great and are low in sugar and sodium. Vitalyte is proud to offer parents a formula you can be confident giving your child. Free from anything artificial and made with non-GMO ingredients, our formula is great during soccer half-times, while doing math homework or anytime your child needs to increase their hydration. So while you are placing that red delicious into the lunch sack, don’t forget to add some Vitalyte to the mix. While we can’t guarantee straight A’s on the next report card, we can assure your kids will love our healthy formula!

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