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Vitalyte Tri Phase Endurance Fuel

Your day starts at 5:00am, coffee, push-ups, some stretching then out the door for a six mile run. The rest of your day is just as crazy busy and between business meetings, scheduling the baby sitter and finalizing plans for the family vacation, it's 7:00pm and you are still at the office, and you are dragging. It seems as if your nutrition isn't quite keeping up with the pace you are setting. Trust us, we have heard this story many times over and the versions all have the same theme, nutritional implosion! Somewhere in the hustle and bustle of your daily living, your nutrition is getting pushed to the side. Okay not to just the side but more like to the back of the line. And yes we aren't talking about the kind of nutrition your mom used to quietly lecture you about when she insisted that you "start your day out with a good breakfast!" We are talking about the kind of power-laden, bootie kickin, tough stomping kind of nutrition that will not only run with you stride for stride but actually challenge you to a race! Nutrition that addresses the key components of burnout. Nutrition that addresses stress. Nutrition that will leave your hectic schedule in the dust.

Our Tri Phase Endurance Formula is that kind of nutrition. Built to help sharpen mental focus, supply you with sustained energy, increase endurance and decrease muscle fatigue, this pre-workout formula will give you the advantage over those days that would make most people want to crawl under the desk. Formulated with b-vitamins for energy, branched chain amino acids for muscle fuel, beta-alanine to buffer lactic acid and Palatinose for sustained sustained energy, our unique formula for endurance will help you shut the door on stress and fatigue and get your through your day like the champion you are!

Endurance Fuel