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Vitalyte’s Chia Surge Energy Gel provides your body with all of the energy you need to power through an extreme workout or athletic event, and it all comes in a portable packet of gel that you can take wherever you go. This is the first energy product that combines the extreme energy benefits of Palatinose with the unrivaled health benefits of chia seeds to give you an energy gel that is as great for your body as it is for your performance. Our chia seed energy gel comes in packs of 4 and 24, so you can have a quick boost on hand, or a generous stock that is always there when you need it. Choose between our delicious raspberry and pineapple-orange flavors.

What is In It?

As mentioned above, our Surge Energy Gel contains the key ingredient Palatinose, which provides extreme energy that lasts, as well as chia seeds. Surge chia seed energy gel also contains Beta Alanine, which serves to buffer lactic acid, and a meticulously selected blend of aminos that will prove just right for your workout. Additionally, the gel contains no caffeine and no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

What Does Surge Energy Do?

Our Surge Energy Gel is an excellent source of energy in a convenient single-serve packet, which you can consume whenever you require. The Palatinose in our chia seed gel enters the bloodstream at a slow rate, so that peaks and drops in glucose and insulin levels are avoided, which allows for an even and sustained supply of energy. Because the Beta Alanine in our gel helps buffer lactic acid, you will have less soreness in your muscles as a result of the workout. Essential aminos are included to help with your body’s metabolic processes.

The Power of Chia

Chia Seeds are known as a superfood for good reason. They are high in antioxidants, offer a great source of protein, and contain healthy omega-3 oils. Chia seeds also promote weight loss, and they help balance your blood sugar by introducing a combination of soluble and insoluble fibers to slow your body’s conversion of starches into sugars. Our chia seed energy gel makes good use of this incredible ingredient to ensure that your energy gel packs real nutrition.

Suggested Usage

Our convenient chia seed gel packs are easy to take with you to the gym or the athletic venue of your choice. The single-serve package contains the dosage you need for extreme energy and increased performance. If you want to get the most out of our gel, we recommend a dosage every 1.5 hours, during extreme workouts and competition.

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Browse our selection of chia seed energy gels to grab the flavor and package size that suits you most. We’re confident that once you taste our product and feel its effect on your workout, practice, or competitive events, you’ll be hooked. Order our Chia Surge Energy Gel today.

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