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Triabetes began in 2008 as a documentary project featuring twelve type 1 diabetic athletes as they trained for and competed in an Ironman triathlon. The team was composed of men and women from coast to coast, ages 25 to 60, students and professionals, experienced triathletes and committed rookies, all united by their desire to inspire and educate the diabetes community by achievement and example.

This year, Triabetes grew its original cast of 12 to 15 team captains, who are currently in training for the 2009 Arizona Ironman. In addition to racing, Triabetes team captains are program ambassadors in their local communities. Their goal is to introduce fitness as therapy to diabetes patients and medical professionals, and encourage anyone with diabetes to join the greater Triabetes club team. Club team participants are managing their training and health together on Triabetes’ online training network, and participating in endurance events of all distances throughout North America.

The Triabetes team features Bill Carlson, the world’s first-ever diabetic Ironman (1983); Mt. Everest Conquistador Sebastien Sasseville (2008); 4-time Ironman Anne Findlay; Marathon Legend Jerry Nairn; and 2009 Kona-hopeful Casey Boren.



Q & A with Triabetes Captain Casey Boren

How long have you being playing/participating in your sport?
I took up triathlon 6 years ago, and completed my first Ironman in 2005. 
What is your earliest memory of your sport? And, what is your best memory?
My earliest memory is seeing Ironman on TV and just being amazed at the event. My best memory has to be my 3rd Ironman. This was the first time everything just came together–blood sugars, nutrition, hydration, and pace. 
What is your favorite place to play/participate in your sport?
Ironman Canada
What are some of your favorite things to do outside of your sport?
Hang out with my wife, go to movies, travel, camp, anything outside. 
What is your favorite thing about Vitalyte?
I like that there’s pure glucose in Vitalyte. It’s a common misconception that people with diabetes should always avoid sugars, but our muscles need energy too (that’s why we take artificial insulin). And when it comes to predictable metabolism, glucose is the best form of sugar.
What is your favorite flavor of Vitalyte?
Natural Lemonade.  
What is playing in your iPod right now? What kind of music do you listen to while training?
I enjoy a variety of music and tend to be more of a classic rock guy.
What is your training regimen and any advice for those out there to help improve their game?
My weekly training regimen varies from 14-20 hrs of swimming, biking and running. I would say for people with diabetes, the closer you keep you blood sugar levels in the normal range the better athlete you will become. I also think consistency will give you the best gains.
What is your favorite quote?
“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re probably right.” ~ Henry Ford
What is your favorite movie?
Old School, I’m a sucker for comedy
If you could meet anyone who would it be and why?
Lance Armstrong. I enjoy listening to people talk about racing and I’m willing to bet he has some great stories.


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