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Vitalyte Testimonials

I have been using the Vitalyte™ every day and in both those events with great success. Almost all my workouts I’ve been using the drink during and also weighing in and weighing out and then replacing my sweat loss with Vitalyte. My recovery and ability to train has greatly improved and my muscles feel much better. I’ve also started really monitoring my carbohydrate intake so the combination of monitoring fluids and carbs seems to have really done the trick.

The best part is that in the last 50km I had no stomach distress at all. In the race at about 17km I was feeling a bit out of it and figured I had not kept up on fluid intake so took in 17 oz on one lap with no problems at all and felt better by the next lap. I’ve determined my sweat rate to be up to 2.5 liters per hour so in-taking large amounts of fluid is pretty important and will likely be more important in summer events. Vitalyte Citrus has worked great as it really goes down easily. So I just wanted to forward you the latest results and let you know how well things are going. I am drinking a lot of the product, so after this weekend’s race I am almost out of powder. Oh, which also reminds me — two cross country flights and no illness – drinking 32 oz plus onboard fluids each flight segment has also really helped the last two trips.

Anyway, thanks so much for all your help and for helping me get back on track. I plan on making Vitalyte a permanent part of my training/racing strategy as it has worked wonders for me. Thanks, Curt Clausen


US Olympic Race Walking Team, U.S. 50 km Walk Champion, U.S. 15-km Walk Champion

I find that when I drink Vitalyte™ before a competition that I can compete at a much higher level. In addition, after competition I recover more quickly. While training in the Californian desert Vitalyte was the only thing that could keep me hydrated in the intense heat.

I use Vitalyte during competition, training, and daily life. Living at altitude dehydrates me very quickly, but Vitalyte for me is the best way to stay hydrated. I also prefer the flavors to other sports drinks and/or plain water.


2004 Olympian Mens Fencing Team; #1 Rated US Men’s Epeeist; Double World Cup Medalist

Since trying the product several months ago I’ve used Vitalyte™ during all my competitions and training sessions. I’ve been really impressed by the results. Staying hydrated is simply more comfortable and easier with this product. I especially like the absence of artificial flavors and colors, things which have turned me off more mainstream sports drinks in the past.


2004 Olympian Mens Fencing Team; #1 Rated US Men’s Epeeist; Double World Champion Finalist

I just started using Vitalyte™. I was amazed at how fast my body recovered from workout to the next while drinking Vitalyte. What impressed me the most was how good I felt after a 2-hour workout. Normally, my legs are sluggish and my energy is very low.

With Vitalyte in my system I feel as though I can go longer. I recover easier and I don’t worry about bonking during the workout. As an Olympic rower I stress my body daily. Our International races last a week in duration. It’s crucial that I am able to recover from one race to the next. I treat Vitalyte as my equipment — I wouldn’t train or race without it.

I am a lightweight rower, which means on race day my partner and I have to average 125.5 lbs. Neither one of us are that low naturally. So we diet pretty hard, and then sweat off a couple of lbs. the morning of weigh in. We weigh – in 2 hours prior to our race. Which means that I have to re-hydrate in a hurry. For Olympic trials I drank a quart of Vitalyte right after weigh in and then after racing. It was amazing how well I felt.

Thank you again, Lisa Schlenker


2004 Olympic Team, Lightweight Double Indoor World Record Holder, 8 Time National Team Member

We each drank at least a quart of Vitalyte™ each day…none of our team members ever experienced muscle soreness (even with 100-lb. packs) and we all had good adaptations to hard work in oxygen-rarified atmosphere at 20,000 feet. Vitalyte also played a vital role in the rescue of a survivor of another expedition … he would never have made it if Vitalyte weren’t an ‘Oral I.V.’!


Mt. McKinley Expedition

Breathing the dry air in a SCUBA tank used to leave me really dehydrated and with a splitting headache. Now I drink Vitalyte™ before and after dives and finish the day not at all dehydrated, much less fatigued and I don’t have the usual headache afterward. Diving is sure a lot more fun now!


Scuba Diver

We have been using your drink on all of our raft and hiking trips for many years. We don’t have to carry as much water with us ‘because our clients satisfy their thirst faster and end up not drinking as much. And they feel really fresh the next morning … lots less fatigue and sore, aching muscles!.


Canyon Expeditions

I have been rescued and literally brought back to life numerous times thanks to Gookinaid Vitalyte™. I was diagnosed with Addison’s disease four years ago and I’m anemic. Before this diagnosis I was told I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My exhausted adrenal glands were causing my severe fatigue. If I get an infection or the flu this really throws off my electrolytes. I hope to help others discover the benefits of Vitalyte. In Canada. as well as the USA, it appears to be very difficult to diagnose Addison’s disease. Doctors don’t seem to check your adrenal glands. Big thanks to Dr. Carol Ann Ryser in Kansas City, Missouri at the Health Centers of America who strongly recommended your product and has treated me very well. I was truly blessed. I was wondering if you will be introducing a Vitalyte product for those who have sugar sensitivities? I would love to see a Vitalyte product with no sugar, as I am cursed with yeast infections and can have little to no sugar in my daily diet. I only wish I could buy your product in Canada. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and have yet to see your product anywhere.

Thanks for such a wonderful product. Sandy Dow



Hi Gookinaid!

I just wanted to tell you that you saved my Mt. Whitney trip! Our first night at 10,000 feet, I came down with horrible altitude sickness. For a while there we thought we were going to have to descend and six months of training would be down the drain. Luckily, my hiking buddy brought several packets of Vitalyte™ with her. I ended up drinking the entire packet, not realizing there were four servings in it, and after about an hour I felt so much better! Needless to say, our ascent continued and we summitted the mountain two days later. Thanks so much for such a wonderful product. I am now an avid fan!

Shelley Sizemore, Los Angeles



On Friday, July 13, 07, (my 75th birthday) my 13-year-old granddaughter Cassy and I hiked 6.5 miles into Humphreys Basin over Piute pass (11400ft.) in the Sierra Nevada range in California. We carried about 20 pounds each. We also both carried 2-liter water bladders with Gookinaid Vitalyte™ and fruit juice. At 75 years old I never could have done this without the Vitalyte. I also donate Platelets every 2 weeks at “City of Hope” cancer center in Duarte, Ca. The day before going there I drink Vitalyte to make sure I am well hydrated. Thanks to Bill Gookin for developing this product.

Russ Anderson, Sierra Madre Search and Rescue Team


Search and Rescue Team My family and I have been using Gookinaid E.R.G.™ for many years.

Just wanted to send a quick note and thank Vitalyte™ for all it’s done the last 9 months (and more)! It has been very helpful when I had morning sickness and now that I am nursing my baby, it works awesome! I used it pre-pregnancy while running and training for the NYC marathon. I also occasionally work at a local running store, where I recommend your great product. Thanks again and feel free to add a new use on the container-for pregnancy and lactating!

Thank you. Erika Mitchell


Runner and New Mother

I never drink anything other than Vitalyte on the court anymore. It tastes great and keeps me really well hydrated in practice and in all my matches. On the court I feel great because of Vitalyte.


Ranked in the top 25 in the world for doubles by the ATP

I have tried a number of different electrolyte products throughout my career, and I have found Vitalyte to be the best product to replace all the fluids I lose whilst on the court. Vitalyte also gives me the nutrients I need to play for extended periods of time.


As a pro athlete, I am constantly reminded that my body is my machine. Fueling my body properly is imperative to my success and development. I use VitaLyte before and after workouts and games to hydrate and rehydrate. Keeping properly hydrated has always been a struggle for me but VitaLyte provides me with just what I need, and nothing more. I like to know that I’m putting quality products into my body and I know by using VitaLyte I’m doing just that.


Professional Soccer Player

I have used Gookiniad Vitalyte™ for years … my legs ache less when I use it… I drink it most in the summer to replenish the fluids and electrolytes I lose in my training and racing. Based upon my experience, I believe that Vitalyte is the best of the electrolyte replacement products.


World Record Holder, Multiple Winner of The Boston & New York City Marathons

I am Staff Sergeant Battaly, a squad leader in the 101st Airborne Infantry Division (Air Assault), currently serving in northern Iraq. A friend of mine, Sergeant Rutledge, recently shared a few packages of your product with my team. We were immediately impressed with Vitalytes’ performance during combat operations. Unlike Gatorade, and most other sugar based beverage mixes, Vitalyte™ provided immediate energy and fluid replacement when we needed it the most. The only problem… we want more. With temperatures soaring above 110 degrees daily, our newest enemy in Iraq is energy loss. The eight members of my team can go through a package a day each. It’s now the middle of June, and we’re looking at being here at least another 2 months – OUCH! Vitalyte is a proven leader… Thank you.


Squad Leader, 101st Airborne Division

I work for a National Guard Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Civil Support Team, and we spend quite a lot of time in Level “A” protective suits sweating like race horses. Some of us discovered Gookinaid Vitalyte™ at our local REI when we first started 4 years ago, and have been using it religiously to ward off dehydration on the job, as well as during our extra-curricular athletic endeavors.

Thank you. William Yeo


Training Coordinator/ Decontamination NC01C 103rd WMD Civil Support Team

I had morning sickness so bad that I couldn’t keep anything down until I’d been sipping tea and nibbling on crackers for several hours but, after a glass or two of Vitalyte™ in the morning, I could even eat scrambled eggs! It was the only thing the doctor would let me drink during labor and I had no trouble with it at all. I felt a lot better than any of my friends, even though I was in labor longer.

~ Carol Smead


Mother of two and wife of marathoner Chuck Smead

I like the taste of Vitalyte™ because it doesn’t leave an aftertaste and doesn’t leave a sticky feeling in my mouth. Vitalyte doesn’t sit in my stomach and slosh around. We are in the heat a lot in the daytime and it keeps you hydrated better than Gatorade™.

When I get Vitalyte in the mail I don’t get much of it because I pass it out to everyone that likes it and I don’t have much after they‘ve taken what they want. I did a survey and out of 35 people in my platoon. 28 said it worked better than Gatorade™, 5 said it kept them hydrated really good and didn’t make them thirsty like Gatorade™, and 2 people said… they would drink it because it is better than water.

~ John Blyler


Army Rangers, 82nd Airborne A Co. 1/505 2nd Platoon

I came down with heat exhaustion last week so bad the medics were called. We were on patrol and I’d been drinking water but it was sitting in my stomach and I guess that I didn’t drink often enough. I got dizzy and had a headache, started staggering and then just collapsed. Before the medics got there the Sgt. gave me some of his Vitalyte™ drink and I started feeling better. He made up some in my canteen for me and I’d finished it off and was up getting my gear on when the medics got there. I can see why the Sgt swears by this stuff. Most of the unit has been using it but I was new and didn’t think it would make a difference.

Believe me, I’m a believer now. Everyone does much better with it and the Sgt. Says that I’m the only heat exhaustion case they’ve had since they started getting the Vitalyte; he says that I’ve ruined their record. Never again!

~ Cpl. Tim Blakely


Army Rangers, 82nd Airborne, A Co. 1/505 2nd Platoon

Whenever our kids come down with colds or the flu, I give them Vitalyte™… it stays down when nothing else will and almost right away they aren’t as feverish; they perk up and have more energy even when they have diarrhea. They drink it after school instead of sodas… and I use it whenever I start to ‘drag’.

~ Mary Williams


Mother of four

It’s been more than twenty-five years since I’ve seen or tasted Gookinaid and I’ve missed it terribly. Formerly known by me as Gookinaid E.R.G. during my serious cycling years in Dayton, Ohio in the mid to late 70’s, this excellent elixir was prominently displayed on the shelf at the bicycle shop where I turned wrenches and wheels and gears all day long. I probably drank more of the stuff than water considering all the riding I did. Whether it was my during the 7 mile trip to the shop from my off campus house or on one of the great 150 mile days around southwestern Ohio, the Gookinaid was always in my water bottle with an extra pack or two in my jersey pocket next to the bananas and bagels.

I eventually left Dayton and returned to my home in Pittsburgh frequently lamenting the loss of my favorite drink which no one back home had ever heard of. And then, during this year’s family vacation, I found the long lost juice of my youth at the trading post located at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon on June 30, 2006. (Yep, it’s that memorable a day!). There it was, in all its Gookin’ glory, just as I remembered it. Sure, the E.R.G. denomination was gone, but the same great product was still there. Of course, my boys, 15 and 12, were rolling their eyes and moaning at Dad’s rantings about, “This is the greatest stuff in the world! It’ll be perfect for your soccer practices and games and your lacrosse practices and games! It’s great for cycling! It tastes really good and immediately quenches your thirst! It’s not sickeningly sweet like the “sports drinks”! It’s been around as long as I have!!!!! Yeah, they knew Overly-Excited Dad was at his ranting best again. And then they tried it…. and liked it….. and wanted more. “Nuf said. Still “Overly-Excited Dad but with a bit more credibility. I’m placing my order tomorrow and wondering tonight why there isn’t someone selling it in Pittsburgh? We have lots of great bike shops and some pretty serious cyclists that cavort about the hills and ridges of our fair city.

Thanks for keeping the faith while I’ve been away. It will be nice to have your outstanding product, and the fuel for so many of my early adventures, back in the water bottle.


Mt. Lebanon, PA

Hi There, I just want to share with you guys how great I think your product is for hydration. I am 6 months into breast-feeding my 6 month-old daughter and your product is the only drink that helps me keep my body hydrated during the demands of nursing. It is so difficult to keep the fluids high enough to support 2 bodies, but your product really makes it a lot easier and it tastes great too. I first discovered Gookinaid Vitalyte at REI and purchased it for a grueling backpacking trip in Yosemite and I have been hooked ever since. I would recommend it to any new mother. Thank you Gookinaid! Sincerely, Blayney White


Hiker and New Mother

Just a few words of praise and thanks for a such great line of products I used your Gookinaid E.R.G.™ back in the 80’s when I was a serious runner. Recently, I ordered a case of 6-kilo cans and sent most up to my daughter in Tobermory, Ontario where she is doing a field study of snakes — hiking into various random plots to do surveys. Knowing how well Gookinaid Vitalyte™ worked, I insisted she have and make it as her rehydration fluid.

I kept two cans for my own use, and found it to be a godsend these past few days as I’m doing a re-roofing project in 90° heat. Last summer, I was doing similar work and using watered down Gatorade, and my stomach was still doing handsprings…terrible heartburn. After three days of having about a quart of Gookinaid Vitalyte every hour or so, I am pleased (but not surprised) to report not the least bit of stomach distress or heartburn. Keep up the great work.

Regards and thanks, Charles Ihrig


Gookinaid Vitalyte™ Loyalist to the Core Bill Gookin,

Hi There! Writing to thank you about making a great product. A ranger gave some Gookinaid to my dad when he was in trouble on a hike in the Grand Canyon in the mid 80's. My family has done this big Grand Canyon hike since 1979, but didn't know about electrolyte replacement yet, and it absolutely saved him. According to family lore, by the time he got into trouble on the hike, he would take two steps and then curl up on the ground and fall asleep. When the ranger found my family's hiking party and found my dad in that shape, the ranger recognized his problem as electrolyte imbalance and gave him Gookinaid. Apparently my dad was fine almost immediately and was able to walk out of the Canyon. Incredible! We've continued to do the hike since then, and we have extreme brand loyalty - to the point of superstition! Since that incident, we've never done the hike without "Vitalyte". Thank you!


Avid hiker

My story:

Lifetime backpacker since the early 70’s due to my dad’s involvement with a Liberal Arts College in AZ. In the last 20+ years, I’ve ventured into the Superstition Desert Wilderness in Arizona almost every year. As the years went by, my trips got longer, and I opted to go solo because I could no longer stand my fellow hiker(s)\ singing TV theme songs because they couldn’t handle the silence of nature.

As I got into my 40’s, I started to believe that, despite my experience, it was silly to make a 5-7 day solo journey in the Wilderness. My friends are still convinced that one-day they will proudly pronounce that dreaded “I told you so”.

Then, my life changed. I saw the light. I found ‘powered Vitalyte™’. No more calf cramps, dehydration headaches, not too much sugar taste (á la Gatorade), easier to carry, and more of what my body was in desperate need of-whether it be hydration, potassium, sodium, electrolytes, or a good ol’ fashion cool quenching.

And then there’s the stomach relief my son had during a couple bouts with the stomach flu – the only liquid he could keep down that re-hydrated him to health.

God love you Bill, “John the Yak” Dougherty Phoenix, AZ


Lifetime Backpacker

I recently converted from Gatorade to Vitalyte™. Here is my first epic story. I was just in Senegal, West Africa in the southern Sahara with daily temperatures of 115°F and nighttime temperatures of 95°F. I was with a medical volunteer trip so simply functioning and feeling well enough to work was the challenge. The difference between those who were drinking Vitalyte and those who were not (or were drinking Gatorade) was very clear. The first day I used Vitalyte at about 1/3 the recommended concentration and was sluggish. Once I started to use Vitalyte full strength with every bottle of water I was soon back on my feet and stayed strong for the rest of our stay. Others were obviously fatigued. Like most people, my friend was not on top of her hydration game so I made sure her water was always dosed and even put Vitalyte in her water glass at a restaurant. At the end of the trip she said that she thought the Vitalyte was the only reason she felt as well as she did. Also, I didn’t have a bright red mouth from artificial colors… I’ll be in Europe for a month this summer so even as I plan to pack light. I’ll have to take at least two tubs to stay strong through all the partying in the Mediterranean! I also am a big road and mountain biker here in Colorado with many hot and dry days in summer and plenty of sweating while teleskiing and snowboarding in winter. Thanks Vitalyte! Brook Stableford Boulder, Colorado


World Traveler

I have been using Gookinaid™ products for about seven years now, and I will continue to use them for as long as I can drink from a glass. One instance stands out in my memory, when Gookinaid Vitalyte™ kept me going.

I was involved in Special Forces Parachute training in the desert Southwest in August. We had completed four combat equipment jumps, starting at 3 am, when the instructors decided to take us for a ten mile run. It was now 2 pm, and the temperature was hovering around 105 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun was beating down, the air very dry, and guys were dropping out left and right. I managed to stay with the instructor, without cramping up, mainly because I had Gookinaid Vitalyte in my Camelback. When my supply went dry, I lasted about a mile more, then I started cramping up. Luckily, that was the end of the run. I immediately replenished my supply, and even passed the bottle around to help others rehydrate.

I fully believe Gookinaid Vitalyte sustained me through that evolution. I remained clear headed, hydrated, and energized. This is only one of many times it has kept me going. I have also used it in adventure racing, with the same outstanding results. I will be using Gookinaid Vitalyte for the rest of my life.

Thank you very much for putting forth a product that performs as advertised. Sincerely, Jason Helwig U.S. Navy SEAL


US Navy Seal

Since receiving your original email about the Brand Ambassador program, I added Tri-Phase Endurance to my fueling plan (so about three weeks now).

My pre-workout fueling plan on Tue/Thur had consisted of a protein shake, and, then I’d sip on an iced BCAA drink while lifting weights/before run training or spinning. I replaced the BCAA with Tri-Phase, but, now I start sipping Tri-Phase on my drive to the gym so it powers me through lifting & my run/spin.

The addition of Tri-Phase is the perfect pre-workout fuel for me. After lifting weights for an hour, I do my speed training and tempo runs.

My split times have become more consistent, even as the runs have gotten longer. My speed has improved session over session.

The best description I can give is that Tri-Phase provides sustained performance throughout my workout. It’s added to my strength, power and speed.

Pat Barrett-Grandmother, business woman, 4-time Ironman finisher, 6-time Boston Marathon finisher


Grandmother, business woman, 4-time Ironman finisher, 6-time Boston Marathon finisher

I wanted to find a product to help maintain our football team’s energy level through out the game and also minimize cramping. Vitalyte did the trick. Our players loved the taste and it performed as advertised. Thanks Vitalyte Sports Nutrition!!!



A big part of the modern game of golf is keeping your body in good shape. I have really enjoyed using the pre and post workout drinks, as well as the electrolyte replacement drink. Using all the products consistently has helped me speed up the recovery time between my workouts and my practices. Which is allowing me to give my full effort each and every day.


Vitalyte Team Member and PGA Hopeful

I was introduced to your product on a rim-to rim-to rim Grand Canyon hiking trip in 2015. It was my first time doing that trip, and the family that invited me on their annual trek includes two doctors (mother and son), with all three of them being big-time runners. They would not allow me to drink anything other than water with Vitalyte on the trip. The longest hike of the trip is 15 miles in distance with over a mile gain in elevation. After acclimating to the elevation, I did not feel like I had done anything strenuous at all, and I was not in good enough shape to make that claim. I can only attribute this to your product.

I have introduced Vitalyte to my senior softball team, with great success. The guys are believers after outlasting other teams when the schedules have us playing four or five games in a day. While the other teams were wilting we were still going strong!


Outdoorsman and Softball Player

I was at an out-of-town conference and wasn't feeling well. The time change and a lack of sleep caused me to experience high levels of fatigue. I obtained a sample of Vitalyte from their sponsor table and added it to my water. I noticed an almost immediate change in my energy level, without the shakiness that can come from other products. The product also tasted great. The samples were grape flavor. I am so thankful the VItalyte sponsored this conference and sent samples. I will definitely be a customer.


Travels for Work

My wife has an imposing disease of Arthritis and she has tried many different medicines. Over the years she has been given 13 different treatments that did not work. She is now on Rituxin that is delivered via infusion which takes 8 hours to deliver in one sitting. Because of the amount of liquid and meds in the infusion, it causes her to get dizzy. For several weeks she carries with her a mixture of Vitalyte in water. When needed she consumes small amounts at a time and recovers her balance. I just wanted you to know the benefits of your product and the trust that we have in the quality you supply.


Devoted Husband

I have used Vitalyte for many, many years as medical director for volunteer rescue squads, mountain rope safety courses and bike races because I can hydrate someone faster than I could do it with IV fluids. We are often out in the woods and even though we carry IV supplies and meds, I have not had to use them with Vitalyte.

​We have been using Vitalyte at Tennessee Camp for Diabetic Children (TCDC) for 7 years now. It is a residential 2 week camp held every summer for Type 1 Diabetic children. We have no air conditioning and the kids are running all day long. The activities include riding bike trails, swimming, field athletics, canoeing, paddle boarding, as well as sports in an open air gym.

My first year at camp was 8 yrs ago and the summer heat was intense. The campers love being there and throw themselves into all the activities with a lot of enthusiasm. The nursing staff was used to doing IV fluids for hydration either from the heat or when they are in ketoacidosis (DKA).

When I became the medical director for the camp in 2012 I started ordering Vitalyte to have on hand. We keep several 5 gallon coolers on the porch of the infirmary and campers frequently stop by just to get a drink. Two of the coolers have a sugar free flavoring and one is filled with Vitalyte. On a hot day with a full camp we can go thru 50 gallons of fluid just at the infirmary. Since we started using Vitalyte I have not had to do any IV fluids for hydration for either the heat or for DKA. Because they are Type 1 Diabetics, we have to take into consideration the glucose that is in Vitalyte. If I need them hydrated for DKA we bolus them with insulin for their current blood sugar and for the glucose we are giving them in the Vitalyte. They are hydrated much more quickly and get the electrolytes they need. No-one likes to have an IV done. They are able to return to their friends and activities sooner and don’t feel like they are missing out on a lot. The glucose also helps keep them from blood sugar bottoming out as they run from one activity to another. When they have a campus wide relay race or evening dance we keep a couple of Vitalyte coolers available to prevent dehydration and avoid hypoglycemia.


Medical Director

Before taking Vitalyte, I always had a really hard time drinking enough water and staying hydrated. Adding Vitalyte to water it makes it so much easier to stay hydrated! I have been drinking Vitalyte during rounds as well as after rounds. I have noticed that I feel a lot more energetic and less sluggish during rounds. I also recover a lot faster than before. This is also true with my work outs. When drinking Vitalyte during workouts I have a much quicker recovery and can do so much more in the gym! So many flavors too! I’m so glad Vitalyte is part of my daily training routine!