Vitalyte’s electrolyte replacement drink formula contains the perfect combination of glucose and electrolytes that gives Vitalyte an absorption rate faster than any other drink on the market, including water.


Tri-Phase Endurance is the World's FIRST 3 stage endurance fuel formulated for MAXIMUM results. With a healthy mixture of amino acids, electrolytes, and our unique blend of fast and slow acting carbs, Tri-Phase keeps you going mile after mile.


Complete Recovery redefines what recovery means post workout or competition. Complete Recovery provides fast acting muscle recovery, glycogen and electrolyte replacement, advanced joint recovery and immune support.


It doesn’t matter what sport you are engaged in or whether you are challenging yourself or competing against others: You have to have fuel in order to give it your all. Although there is an unlimited number of energy and sports drinks on the market today, they simply don’t meet the needs of many athletes who need to replenish their bodies quickly. The electrolyte replacement drinks from Vitalyte are made specifically for the athlete who needs a boost of energy to perform to their maximum potential. The fast absorption of Vitalyte has proven to be so effective, it has led to the production of the highest quality sports gels, endurance drinks and sports nutrition bars available today.
With more than a forty year history of success to its credit, Vitalyte has provided many athletes with outstanding results. Based on an in-depth understanding of the needs of an athlete’s body and the ever-present need to take it to the next level of performance, Vitalyte has given athletes a better choice in an electrolyte sport drink that does more than replace electrolytes at the peak of their performance. Athletes looking for the best way to replenish their electrolytes have more success with Vitalyte electrolyte replacement drinks than with any of the other drinks available today.
The difference in Vitalyte electrolyte sport drinks is that they have the ideal isotonic exchange rate that releases nutrients into the body more quickly. Another important difference in Vitalyte is that all of these products are made with all of the essential elements required by athletes without the additives that other products on the market contain. Vitalyte never contains additives or caffeine since they can only add to your dehydration and loss of electrolytes. We also avoid the sugar that, like caffeine, can lead to highs and lows that will interfere with your performance. Unlike the average energy and sports drinks sold to athletes today, Vitalyte is made only with the ingredients an athlete needs, without including the ones that can lead to undesired results or health issues later on.

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