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Welcome to the Vitalyte Sports Nutrition store! Here you will find our top-selling natural sports drinks, chia energy gels, chia energy bars, and our various sports and gym-related accessories. Our products are created from cutting-edge scientific and nutritional research, and are specifically formulated to keep you working at your best. We use only the highest-quality natural ingredients in our products, and we skip the fillers and sugary additives that other companies in the fitness industry typically include. Vitalyte strives daily to provide the top fitness foods and beverages, enabling our customers to achieve their highest potentials in their sports and fitness activities of choice.

Our Product Line

Our nutritional fitness products include various types of natural sports drinks and chia-based energy gels and energy bars. Among our sports drinks is Vitalyte’s Electrolyte Replacement, which is a glucose-based natural hydration drink that is the most efficient and best-testing hydration drink on the market, without any of the unnecessary junk that many drink mixes in the industry contain. Our Complete Recovery drink addresses glycogen and electrolyte depletion, as well as muscle, joint, and tissue damage, and oxidative stress with optimized ingredients such as Superoxide Dismutase and Beta Alanine.

Another natural sports drink we offer is our Tri-Phase Endurance, which features a potent blend of amino acids, electrolytes, and strategically chosen fast and slow acting-carbs to help you throughout the competitive athletic process. The Tri-Phase drink provides higher performance and a quicker recovery, as well as a sharper mental focus at practice and in competition. All of our sports drinks come in various kilo containers, and we offer quick-serve sticks for your convenience.

Our chia-based energy bars and energy gel utilize the power of chia seeds which provide maximum energy, aid in hunger management, encourage weight loss, and help control blood sugar. Our chia energy bars deliver a much-needed burst of energy while delivering essential nutrients, and our Chia Surge energy gel delivers Palatinose for energy, Beta Alanine which helps buffer lactic acid, a carefully chosen blend of aminos, and the nutritional benefits of Chia Seeds themselves.

Finally, our store offers Vitalyte-branded apparel, gym bags, towels, and even an ergonomic sports bottle to enjoy your favorite natural sports drink with!

Our Company

At Vitalyte, we love athletes, and we love seeing athletes reach their highest potentials by pushing themselves to their limits. It is why we developed our natural hydration drinks, energy gels and bars, and other fitness products. We believe that athletes deserve the best ingredients available, with every ingredient used for performance, nutrition, and taste. All of our products are specifically formulated to help athletes perform at their best.

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Shop our selection of the fines natural sports drinks, energy gels, and energy bars now.Discover for yourself what has been driving us for four decades, and experience the benefits. We strive to achieve the top nutritional fitness products on the market, so you can achieve your best on the field and in the gym. Shop now.

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